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Haider Ackermann for Dior(Fall 2012)

haider ackermann 023

Where exactly do I begin?

There is no doubt that Haider Ackermann is currently a favorite of the entire fashion industry. Uncle Karl even has been quoted in an interview saying that his replacement of choice, should he choose to step down from his throne at the house of Chanel, is the Columbian-born, Haider Ackermann. It’s on record that the house of Maison Martin Margiela offered him the position of Creative Director, which he turned down and if you think about it a little even Anna Wintour has given her seal of approval via the Spring 2011 Fashion Issue of Vogue Magazine when she selected Lady Gaga dressed in a gown by the Antwerp-trained designer as the cover. Should he really need any more accolades?

Hamish Bowles of Vogue and Haider Ackermann(in Haider Ackermann) at CFDA.

So of course it came as no surprise that his name was tossed into the ringer for the Dior job after Galliano’s untimely – or well in this case timely – demise. It was quickly swept away though, as the rumour about Riccardo Tisci at Dior took on a bit of steam, carrying behind it a move for Ackermann to Givenchy to replace Tisci – which would have put Ackermann as next in line for the Dior seat, at whatever point Tisci decided to retire.

But with that job position still open, only being temporarily filled by Bill Gayten, the former assistant of Dior, talk has begun to focus elsewhere though there is a little chatter about candidates for the job.
haider ackermann 025
But if ever there had been a collection that Haider proved his worth for the House of Dior, it was this: Fall 2012. Ackermann has always seemed to craft organic garments, that seem to grow like beautiful flowers, blossoming before our eyes as they move across the runway, reacting to movement and wind.  It’s this aspect of Ackermann that assures me that he will and can keep the central tenets of the house alive. But it’s the dark emotion, and innate talent that assures me that Ackermann can push the house forward.  And with Raf Simons, Marc Jacobs and Riccardo Tisci all apparently out of the running for the Dior job, who else is there?


Seeing Santino

It happened, I met Santino Rice at NACA 2012.

To be quite honest, it was fairly easy to spot him in the crowded CAMP floor. I mean standing at well above 6 foot, he was head and shoulders above most of the attendees. While I can’t admit to have chatted him up, and provoked him to drop any new kernels of knowledge – you guys do know how I get around anyone relatively famous in fashion – I will admit that he knew me… well kinda.

The weekend was a long one. listening to bands, speakers and comedians, all hoping to be scheduled into Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 programming listings and more importantly, the budgets. Had Santino not visited USC a few years ago he would have been fair game for us, but alas no go. Who knows though… there’s always the USC Fashion Week Symposium for 2013 put on by Fashion Board at USC. And as a side note, this year we’ll be having Hunter Bell of Hunter Dixon.

Atlanta Shoe Market, a visit. Fall 2012

DSC 0004
Last weekend I was invited to go on a Fall 2012, late shipment of Spring 2013 buying trip to Atlanta Shoe Market. As I had never really been to market, I sort of jumped at the opportunity, snagged my camera and took the 4 hour trip.

What I thought would be a hectic day with congested walkways, turned out to be rather calm. Though the place was by no means deserted, foot traffic flowed nicely, and we were only occasionally accosted by a salesman pushing his wares upon us.

It took only a few seconds to realize that height was in and nude was out for Fall 2012. Besides one heel-less heel that we spied, the vendor demonstrating how easy running around in a pair was, the nude platform stiletto that seemed ubiquitous a few seasons ago was nowhere to be found. In its place where a section of color blocked, and even some patterned, chunky heels.

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Chris Benz to South Carolina

Word is out: Chris Benz, or @cmbenz if you’re tech savvy, will be making 2 appearances here in the humble state of South Carolina. And if my circle of friends are any indication, we can’t wait.
The past few months have been spent in meetings, on email, and sadly in class. It left me little time to blog, and even in some cases even tweet about what was going on – ok maybe time wasn’t always the issue… some things are to be kept quiet as we all know. So when a friend told me that Chris Benz would be showing at Charleston Fashion Week, to be quite honest I was shocked. Shocked enough to immediately tweet the details, not quite, but shocked all the same. The news was followed by a tidbit that was just as exciting but sadly has still yet to be released. Watch this space in the coming weeks for more information on that.
Last week at NYFW, Benz’s collection was all about old world glamour. Presented as a presentation as opposed to a show, there were sequins, caps, jackets, and hair aplenty, in a palette that consisted of neutrals as well as a bold red. It will more than likely be this collection that he will show in Charleston as a part of Fashion Week after his duties on the Fashion Panel – where he will be joined by Anne Slowey of Elle as well as Fern Mallis – for the Emerging Designer Competition have ended.
But that won’t be his first foray into South Carolina for March 2012; the former CFDA award winner will be showing at Girl’s Night Out in 701 Whaley, here in Columbia on March 1.

I’m going to let that sink in for a second.

If you’re calm I’ll continue on with the details. According to a press release, Benz will showcase his Spring 2012 collection at the tenth annual Girl’s Night Out presented by EdVenture Children’s Museum and Coplon’s. The event is the signature fundraiser for the museum and tickets – general as well as VIP are already on sale.

Now tweet that.
Opening photo: Chris Benz adjusting a model at his Fall 2012 presentation

Zoe Saldana and that Givenchy Haute Couture at the SAG Awards

zoe saldana white gown beaded
It was the case of all that right technical ingredients, but the soufflé falling while in the oven.
Zoe Saldana, and her team as we all know this is rarely a one person show, snagged a Givenchy Haute Couture Spring 2012 gown for the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards red carpet. The dress, which was straight from Paris – there were even reports that Riccardo Tisci, who is still at the helm of Givenchy, was in New York personally delivering the gown – and as such should have been an immediate winner. I mean Zoe Saldana has an amazing body, with a brand on the tip of everyone’s tongue… there should have been no reason for it not to be the best dressed. But there was something just off.
The top half of the dress, while safe in comparison to some of the other choices from the same collection, was fine. It had an elegant and mature feel that while a little upscale for the SAG awards, and for some a bit too mature for someone as young as Saldana, still read very well. But it’s after the embellishment that things seemed to get a little… clunky… and even a bit DIY. And of course not in that cool, “everyone is trying to pull off that effortless DIY” type of way but instead, in a kind of “I have an old skirt that needs jazzing up so let me hang some costume jewelry off of it” way.
While I have to hand it to her for having the courage – and clout – to pull such a look, I’d have to say that a Givenchy RTW Spring 2012 look could have served her so much more.

Versace returns to Paris Couture Spring 2012


Donatella is back and you girls will deal
xo GB

Donatella Versace has returned the Atelier Versace presentation to Paris and under the consent of la Chambre Syndicale, been listed on the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week schedule. While some decry it as a coup, I have to admit I needed something in my life considering what Bill Gatten has decided to do at Dior.
What other way would you expect Donatella to make her entrance than in grandeur? The images from the presentation convey nothing but gold, from the stairs to the pieces with their metallic embellishments evoking of a cyborg suit. In these cyborg adapted gowns – and even short sets – models like Karlie Kloss descended on to Paris in the only way Versace can, classily but with a side of trash.
To be disrespectful, the comment was not. But seriously take a look at a Versace collection, whether it be the latest menswear which gives some sort of “rent boy chic,” or one of the latest H&M collections; they all have this undercurrent of gaudy, and teeter on the edge of cheap looking. While Donatella hasn’t always kept herself just on that brink of class and.. that other world, she safely does so in this collection.

Raf Simons goes dark for Jil Sander Fall 2012 in Milan

Jil Sander FW12n
Eyes are on Raf Simons this season more than ever as his name was the last tossed into the ring for the Dior job, with Marc Jacobs officially out of the running. So the dark collection playing on textures amongst other things could possibly be the Belgian’s last at the brand, and as such is a potentially significant one.
Raf’s was last in the spotlight last season when word got out that there was a problem with funding for his namesake label The fact would actually play in the favor of the LVMH group as they could extend financial backing for the label with the hitch that he agree to take the helm at Dior.
The Fall 2012 collection was a bit Calvin Klein meets Raf Simons. Under a dark – of course not ever to be confused with gothic – veil that has already begun to blanket Milan menswear as a whole, Raf explores youth and texture. It wasn’t only the darkness by way of palette nor youth by way of brown paper lunch bags, that Jil Sander held in common with many of the other shows for the first day of Milan menswear fashion week Fall 2012, there was also a selection of dapper, sharply tailored suits throughout the day.

Emma Stone chooses Gucci to kick off Red Carpet Season

It’s been a long time…

Apologies are due, and extended but will not be repeated. I’ve tried to sustain you guys in the best ways I know how but it’s always in the back of my mind that I just need to sit down and write something out.
Amongst all of the other things starting up there’s red carpet season.
If we hadn’t ended last red carpet on such a high note with amazing showings by Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett, I wouldn’t be eagerly anticipating the upcoming one. I made it a point to flip through the looks from the People’s Choice Awards red carpet and while there were a few cute moments it was Emma Stone in this chic green sharply tailored Gucci suit that got me. Effortless, with a geometric twist – accompanied by a gold clutch – the look is one in a growing gallery of stunning looks from the actress. She gives me hope for the rest of the season.

Cookout: Lunch in Columbia


So its funny because before about two weeks ago I didn’t know what Cookout was. Since then though I’ve found myself informing many of my friends about the spot that comes with a Rush’s style menu at a McDonald’s like price.

Well today – the first full day their Columbia location was open mind you – I scheduled a little lunch date with a New York transplant who was home on break, Jennifer Ghelardini.

As novices neither of us knew about the amazing Cookout Tray deal and instead ordered quesadillas and milkshakes – which comes out to $6 even.

It was a decent meal for the price, definitely an acceptable replacement for other fast food spots. In the future though, unless I’m hard up for cash, on Wednesdays and Thursdays I’ll stick to the Artisan BBQ Buffet at The Big Apple

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Ports 1961 Pre-Fall 2012

Ports 1961 has recently been having a certain moment. With Fiona Cibani now pushing the creative direction – in lieu of her sister Tia – the brand is having a bit more fun in exploring colors and prints with a few explorations in silhouette.

What was turned out was a collection bathed in the houndstooth, which seems rapidly to becoming a mainstay of the pre-season. Done in a variety of sizes and colors, the print makes for a couple of hits – like with the full sleeved column dresses, and a few misses as well.  Though there is a coherent story and progression for most pieces, some of the strongest pieces – like the knit that may actually be a houndstooth knit and the black full sleeve sheath dress that may become a best seller with its wearability factor – seem a tad disjointed from the rest of the collection.

model: Andy Arthur of FORD