Alexander McQueen

A procession of models in all back, followed by a newly renovated royal family feel describes Alexander McQueen’s 2008 Fall RTW runway show to a T. Starting the show off with Amanda Laine in a shoulder baring halter top, asymmetrical skirt, leggings, and boots all in black, the mood is immediately set. The models are done up in dark hair, a pale coat over their entire body, and a heavy brow, up until look 24 where our palette is revitalized with golds and fresh fabric. By look 29 we complete our transition into the royal family and we are presented with deep, rich colors, in thick fabric. Consisting mostly of tulle, the skirts are very full, yet short

The first image is Amanda Laine, in the first look of the show. The mood that McQueen has created for the show is severe and effective. Amanda seems to be evoking the tone with her prominent, and clenched jaw, and angry demeanor. Amanda is from Women Model Managagement. The second picture is Guinevere Van Seenus, the 18th look. I really do like this fitted knitted cashemere dress. I absolutely love the hood, but that’s probably because i am a hood person. The loose color, huge pocket, and skirt beneath to make the look have volume, and movement, only takes the already good design, and put it right on the edge of being over the top, making it a great look! Guinevere is from IMG Modeling. Siri Tollerød is the 29th look of the show. She is the beginning of the actual full fledged royal family feel. Head aloof, she doesn’t strike the same nerve as Amanda did, but commands the same attention. The dress is magnificent, just the right length, with just the right amount of movement. McQueen has taken old corpses, and brought them back to life. Vlada Roslyakova, also from Women Model Management, was the 32 look of the show. In this look, McQueen takes a not so simple dress, with a tulle skirt, and adds a royal blue jacket. Coupled with indian diamonds, and a model who’s nose is high enough that the front row can see her brain, McQueen makes sure to continue in his royal family theme. The last look of the show was, Alyona Osmanova, from Women Model Management. At first glance I am transported back to the movie, The Golden Age. It’s not the same color, but Alyona enovokes the same feeling, the same attitude. The vibrant red commands power, while the bejewled headdress commands attention. McQueen has surely surpassed all of his own, and other shows for this season.