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Today was different… it was new… it was… why don’t we just jump into it and you can pick some adjectives. Well I started of taking the truck to Lexington and the rushing back to some friends, J, along with his girlfriend, W, and I(there were others but they are not more than likely going to be reoccurring characters) went kayaking. We put in down at Riverbanks Zoo, and after what I believe was only one wipeout by me(I had to take a little break afterwards) we got out at New Orleans Restaurant. In the process I saw a few people from… what did MP call it… The Nest, at least three of whom should have been taking classes, and one of whom had dropped out. What I did find out though was that apparently in South carolina tubing, and sunning on the rocks on the bank is the thing to do.

Anyways fast forward to night time, I met back up with J and his girl, as well as W, and a young lady for shagging at Jililan’s. No lie, I was a bit intimidated when I first walked in, but after leaving and coming back I made it through the rest of the night. Is it sad that I ended up learning the line dances but I’m still faltering on the actual shagging step?? Oh, and word to the wise… IT IS DOWN RIGHT RUDE TO ORGANIZE AN ODD NUMBER OF FRIENDS TO GO TO AN EVENT THAT’S BASED ON PARTNERING! I’ll come down from my pedestal now. But other than that, when they left they went to Sonic and I went to get change for the money in my wallet so I could go to Tabu. It seems that everyone is conspiring against me because everything was closed, so I just ended up walking around a little bit, seeing someone who stared me down who resembled TW(I actually need to text him) but I’m not sure if it was. All in all it was a pretty relaxed day, but still entertaining. Tomorrow night may prove to be COMPLETELY different.


MAGAZINE: W April 2010

So I subscribe to 7 magazines as of now, 5 of which have already come in the mail(I think the other two won’t start until the May issues). I’ve decided to add a component of the blog where we’ll talk about these magazines, the drama surrounding them and of course the fashions included! Each magazine is going to have a separate post and I’ll get to those later but right now there’s some covers I want to post and a few things I want to discuss!

See more coverage below the clip
The first to discuss right now is W. If you have seen the last two covers of W you may notice a distinct difference. Gone are the models and fashionable celebrities. Megan Fox covered March and a reader wrote in to the editor saying:

I love W because it is intelligent, sassy and a fantastic art and fashion magazine. But Fox is not fashionable, has a gigantic mouth that spews nothing but word vomit and is a flash in the pan. W is one of the few magazines that still puts models and authentic movie stars on the cover.

Fox is just a sad excuse for some publicity to sell magazines. Remember who your audience is: fashion and art lovers, not teenybopppers.

And to be completely honest, I agree with the entire letter, Mean Girl references and all. I subscribed to W because the magazine is high fashion and heavy on art. But March’s issue(although I never received it… yeah I still haven’t received my March issue) was a disappointment and so is April. April’s issue is the first ever Shopping Issue for W. SHOPPING ISSUE?? I thought I subscribed to W, not InStyle.

Speaking of InStyle, as you may know, W signed on a new Editor-In-Chief Stefano Tonchi, who was the Editor-In-Chief at T(alphabet soup I know but stay with me). I had hoped that these two last issues were just a fluke, just a departing editor making a shot in the dark at what might be possible with a dying magazine(W was one of the harder hit magazines in reference to ad sales). Well Mr. Tonchi is talking of

probably to just make it more of a general-interest style magazine, and less of a fashion-obsessed publication.

I’m not sure if Mr. Tonchi understands it but the W audience IS FASHION OBSESSED! It’s the reason we subscribe! We want to get artsy fashion editorials… edgy even, and be able to actually see them thanks to the oversized printing of the magazines. If I wanted an InStyle Deluxe, as The Imagist calls it, I would have subscribed to InStyle and be yelling about increasing the size of the pages.

So as you can probably tell, I’m not the HAPPIEST with the change in things but I don’t have more time to rant. I have French right now. I wonder if instead of teaching French my professor will decide to teach a class based more on “general-interest” in stead of being French -obsessed.

W 2009: The Fashion Issue with KATE MOSS

So, kidz we got about forty five minutes, and two posts to do so let’s get through this, Both of these posts have to do with the September 2009 Fashion Issue of W magazine… YIPPERS!

So I’m here at college and guess what… we have SCANNERS! Do you know what that means??? From now on when I want to show you guys something that I’ve found in print, not on one of the blogs, I can just can it in!! That also means I’m going to save alot of time trying to find something online that I already have tangibly.

Anyways, onto the issue!!! KATE MOSS covered this issue of W, and I love the glamour shot of her. It’s pretty nice, I just don’t like what she’s doing with her mouth. Makes her look like she has chicklets for teeth a little bit.

Now that we’ve done that we get to go into the POSH FOUR! Yes, like always I’ve picked four things to write about, but because the magazine is so huge I’ve divvied it up. I’ll do four ads I like and then on another post I’ll do four pictures from the editorial I liked the most. Onto the ads though!!

I’ve seen this ad before, it was all over my google reader. What I did not notice, though when i glaced at it on the computer, was the necklace. I DIE!!! (Sorry Rachel, I had to steel the term) I love the entire ad, but trends are large accessories, and gray. I love both. Oh, and I know you see my sticky notes and those will more than likely accompany scans. Just notes for myself but now I can share them with you guys!

I saw this ad and my breath stopped. I LOVE that coat! The colar, and teh use of textures and color, It’s insane in my opinion. Yeah yeah yeah, blame it on my fascination with jackets but tell me it’s ugly. Well it really doesn’t matter if you do because I still like it. A trend here is indeed texture. You want texture this season ladies! Look back up at the MICHAEL KORS dress… more texture!!!

No lie, I normally don’t like JUICY COUTURE that I see on the streets, but I normally ALWAYS love their ads! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the modern day debutante!!! Those stilletto boots kill, that jacket, AMAHZING!!!O hand the dress on your right… freaking lovely!