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EDITORIAL: Wild is the Wind

The rumor is that after you shoot for Steven Meisel it’s destined that you will become greatness. Well in the case of one Yuri Pleskun I think this is more of a confirmation than a declaration. Steven Meisel is known for telling a story with his photography and while I’m not positive of the EXACT story that he’s telling in this editorial, I’m positive of one thing. I LOVE IT!

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Models: Yuri Pleskun(Request), Cole Mohr(Request), Will Lewis, Berthold Rothas, Eva Herzigova(d’management), Tanga Moreau
Photographer: Steven Meisel

Make-Up: Pat McGrath
Styling: Marie-Amelie Sauve
Published in: Vogue Italia June 2010

VIDEO + OPINION: The Color of Beauty



It’s funny that of all days to possibly find this video I find it today. The day when i just previously posted about the Let’s Get Lost editorial is the same day I find a documentary about race. Just great. I watched part of the documentary twice, just because my internet began to act finicky and then shut it off, so I had to start the video over, but at first I had so much that I wanted to talk about. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to talk about the race issue in general, the problems with current casting in general, the various problems with the ages of models… or any of the other things that piqued my interest in this film but I finally decided upon race.

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I’m not quite sure how many of you are familiar with Vogue Italia and it’s Black issue. When you type in Vogue Italia on Google one of the top suggested searches is Vogue Italia Black issue actually. Anyways, the first issue of Vogue Italia that was a “Black Issue” was in July of 2008. The magazine was black models, front to back. In the US and in the UK as the documentary stated, the issue sold out in 3 days. The second issue, which came out a year later and also was “The Barbie Issue”, sold pretty well as well(whether there are any models used for the issue I’m not sure but all the pictures I have seen have been Barbies). Shortly thereafter a Vogue Black and Vogue Curve website was opened by Vogue Italia to cater to two new markets they saw.

Many applauded their efforts and the industry was allowed to pat itself on the back and say that they had leveled the playing field. I on the other hand have never agreed with it. Never a proponent of special treatment, I felt as if a “Black Issue” was giving the industry a right to not hire black models year round. There’s an Issue just for that. Furthermore, its as if Blackness were a trend, the spring issue, the personal shopper issue, and next month, the black issue. There must be a special occasion to utilize black models. Something just didn’t sit right in my stomach with the entire deal. But because I understand that I don’t have pictures to break up my writing I’ll wait for comments to see if anyone wants to discuss this matter, but I do feel as if it should be discussed.