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The pictures from this show were posted before but we didn’t have the video coverage. I posted the video coverage just because there is no way that you can really understand the concept of this show without seeing the video footage. Oh and I love to watch model walks so, that was cool too. This show involved so much coordination and team work, it’s insane. I applaud them all, and especially Kristen McMenamy for walking with the… I believe it was 23 layers of clothing.

FALL 2010: Viktor & Rolf

So for you regular readers, you already know about the love/hate relationship with Viktor & Rolf, for you newbies… now you know. With this latest line, there’s no difference. I love the gusto of the line, the willingness to reach for the stars. An all black collection(yeah yeah yeah I know it’s not all black but it may as well be) is hard to pull off. Viktor & Rolf did it even if I don’t quite like every piece.

See more coverage under the clip

See the rest of the pictures from the show here.

FALL 2010: Viktor & Rolf

So I’m going to lay it out there, Viktor & Rolf and I are in a love hate relationships. I either LOVE what they do, or hate it! Normally though even if I hate it I love them for having the audacity, and wherewithal to go for the jugular. Anyways, the good thing about blogging here at 803 is that I only have to show 4 looks and in a Viktor & Rolf show there are ALWAYS 4 looks that I love.

See more coverage below the clip.

Looking at the collection I can tell that it’s about the details this season for the two. Whether it be the lapels, the cut or the sleeves, it seems that Viktor & Rolf are all about the details. Well, that and layering the looks.