Day 1 Emerging Designers CFW

label Sarah Parrott
season Fall 2011 at Charleston Fashion Week

So on Tuesday, Charleston Fashion Week began. While I haven’t been able to go down yet, I will be running down on Friday and I’ll also be there Saturday as well. Sarah Parrott was one of the 4 emerging designers to show for opening night and happened to snag my slot for best show of the night. The color blocked collection featured crop tops, leather, and a sort of minimalistic edge that one wouldn’t expect with pieces in hot pink red and blue. Parrott also snagged the People’s Choice Award but sadly will not be showing the entirety of her collection on Saturday.

label Veritee Hill
season Fall 2011 at Charleston Fashion Week

It was the dark and artistic Veritee Hill collection that managed to get the Judges’ pick of the night. This means that the collection, along with it’s seemingly young Galliano aesthetic, will move on in the competition and will be show in it’s entirety on Saturday. With a bit of black and a bit of latex, Hill designed a collection inspired by Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal. It actually was the first look that interested me most, with it’s hand painted fabric, full skirt, and headpiece. The collection shows that Hill has the artistic ability and executing power to be a directional designer.

label Van Hoang
season Fall 2011 at Charleston Fashion Week

There was something soothing about the Van Hoang collection, soothing and ephemeral. From the dies to the flow of the garments, there was a calming sensation that seemed to sink right down into the models themselves. The pieces themselves were well versed: scarves, shorts, sundresses, and even a gown. Hoang would have to be my runner up for best show of the night because the collection presented was one that was very wearable, and seemed to be molded by a disciplined hand.

label Marie Cordella
season Fall 2011 at Charleston Fashion Week

There was something very London about the Marie Cordella collection. While not “quintessentially London” it most certainly seemed like the up and coming establishment of the city reminding me of designers like Jonathan Saunders and Mary Katrantzou. Cordella cites graphic textural and historical inspirations for her colorful collections that seems driven by a short silhouette. While maybe a little bright for fall, the collection most certainly shows talent.

source | fashionwirepress