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MAGAZINE: Vanity Teen #9

http://static.issuu.com/webembed/viewers/style1/v1/IssuuViewer.swfCover Model: Francisco Lachowski
Photographer: Marley Kate
Magazine: Vanity Teen Issue 9

So, this will be the second time that I’m writing this blog post but hopefully I will not loose any enthusiasm in writing it. I mean, I still love Vanity Teen and this issue. Even though they strung us along forever with a few pictures here and a backstage video there,(ohkay maybe it wasn’t forever but you know how as an addict, days seem to stretch into weeks) I was pleased when they finally put out and gave us the issue. Full of rippling muscles, fun, and indie fashion, Vanity Teen #9 in no way deviates from their established brand. If any thing it just promotes it with models like Francisco Lachowski and Arthur Sales appearing through the lenses of photographers like Marley Kate and Joe Lally(De Facto).

See screenshots from the issue and the rest of our collection below the clip.

Romeo & Julian interview (pg 50-51) in issue 9 of Vanity Teen.

After 4 delicious editorials featuring Vanity Teen’s signature dark yet relaxed editorial aesthetic, well of course excusing Francisco Lachowski’s fun, colorful, and fresh shoot, Vanity Teen brings us a feature on Romeo & Julian, a Germany based line that finds inspiration in Barcelona. Started by two men, the “boys fashion label” was created for “people who love fashion” and not just homosexuals, as some are led to believe. The line, which has been featured in Vangardist as well as on Small Town Boys, has been in production since the summer/spring 2007 showing season. They have 5 collections listed on their website: Same, Twin, Pure, Club, and Day. To me, the line is fun and refreshing. From the bright colors, to the cut of the pieces, it reads easy, breezy, youth. Check out their Facebook to learn more.

Paris Fashion Week Menswear spread(pg 78-79) in issue 9 of Vanity Teen.

After a pictorial centered around Arthur Sales and other models’ rippling abs, we arrive at a recap of some of the shows from Paris Menswear Fashion Week. Spotting drop crotch bottoms and Jesus sandals as must haves for summer/spring 2011, Vanity Teen quickly goes through the shoes that they had a chance to attend. The recap covers names like Juun J. as well as Damir Doma and says “It was a playful collection full of pears, florals, and plaids” of Walter Van Beirendock. They also attended one of my new favorites that I haven’t had a chance to cover yet, Songzio. Their commentary about that show is as follows: “[It was] a balanced collection, consisting of drapings and volumes resulting in an effortless yet fashionable look.” My sentiments exactly.

Manuel Bolano interview (pg 81-82) in issue 9 of Vanity Teen.

The issue pretty much closes with an interview with Manuel Bolano, the man behind the collection entitled “Why must everything be in pink?” Citing a combination of Lady Gaga, Helena Bonham Carter, and Eloisa Bercero as his muse, Manuel speaks of his inspiration as well as what he does in his leisure time. His evident is pretty evident in the collection but he speaks more to his background as well what may or may not be in his future.

MAGAZINE: Vanity Teen #8

So I’ve talked about Vanity Teen before, so this will be the second time blogging about it. This blog is about issue number 8 that came out earlier today. It may be a tad sad that I actually screamed when I saw the Facebook message but I don’t think you quite understand how much I love fashion. Anyways this issue unlike the other isn’t all male models. There are some females interspersed among the 6 editorials that make up majority of the magazine. You will need to make sure to pay close attention though because some of the guys have the androgynous looks going on.

See the rest of our coverage and flip through the issue below the clip.

Rocking Billionaire’s Boy Club, Doc Martens, Burberry and Lanvin Willy from Success plays around on the floor for Rosa Rendl. In the second editorial of the issue Vanity Teen offers up “It’s like I like you”. Long hair done by Chloe Mzimba using Mac and a mostly dark color palette styled by Sharmon Luck, the editorial strikes my fancy. In ways it’s very relaxed.

Irene de Santis utilizes La Perla, Dondup, and a couple of vintage pieces to give Vika from Women a high fashion yet still very relaxed look. Many times with editorials of this nature, models may seem overstyled but in this one, this is not the case. Vila certainly knows how to create the lines and angles for the shoot that optimizes volume.

MAGAZINE: Vanity Teen #7

So I got into Vanity Teen a little while back and I just recently got around to viewing the latest issue, which I downloaded for free onto my computer(you have got to LOVE modern technology). No, we’re not pirating magazines nowadays, although I have seen it done, but instead this is a free online magazine that from what I can tell focuses on fashion and different art forms, with a heavy emphasis on photography.

See below the clip for more coverage

This issue held 3 editorials from my count. “Lonesome Cowboys” features 3 male models,Ryan Bertrocke(REQUEST), Ram Beoneh(REQUEST), and Nick Riback(REQUEST), all clad in Levi’s. By no means should you discredit the relevancy of these models because they are doing work for a free magazine. They are still actual working models. For example Ryan Bertrocke walked for Jeremy Scott and John Bartlett in the pass runway season, is the boddy of the Frankie Morello fashion brand, and books numerous editorials and lookbooks. He’s featured in this editorial rocking a military green mesh tank, jeans, and a worn in set of boots, all from Levi’s.
As I said earlier, in addition to an emphasis on fashion, there is an emphasis on art, with photography as a focal point. “La Russe Eternelle”(The Eternal Russian) is one such feature. As a whole, the magazine isn’t afraid of the androgynous look, and this feature is no different. At points I’m confused at which of the two models in this feature is the male and which is the female. Lighting and color is used with an expert that is aesthetically pleasing. It’s more than pleasing it’s calming and serene to the eye. To be entirely honest… I want to frame these pictures.

“It’s not our fault you vomit to look like them” is yet another fashion editorial but that presents very different styling from “Lonesome Cowboys”. While “Lonesome Cowboys” did hold jeans and boots an entirely different feeling was procured. “It’s not our fault” created a punk feeling with the chains, patent leather, and dark colors.