The Tea on the Barbie

Ohkay… this post has been a minute coming. While I had been theorizing before, on December 7 I decided it had to made and went to do research. Then I got wrapped up in work but with Lil Kim stepping into the ring and drawing the line it’s time to dish. First let’s examine some pieces of evidence 🙂
Prosecution Item 1

Prosecutions Item 2


While I don’t condone using the word swag anymore, it’s going in the graveyard for 2010, I had to whip it out for this occasion. Nicki and her “barbies”, defined by some as “Broke *ss Retarded B*tch*s Imitating Everyones Swag“, seem to be.. only imitators. Of course the Barbies are biting off of Nicki who is in turn biting off of…well a bit of everyone.

Our Item 1 is a picture of the artist Tokyo Diiva(@tokyodiiva) from what I believe is last year, paired up beside Nicki. Tokyo was known for this style before Nicki jumped on the style and has maintained it well. While she says that she’s moving onto another style for 2010 everyone knows that Nicki is seemingly biting Tokyo… and HARD! They aren’t in the same genre really but*shrug* a bite is a bite. Check out an interview with Tokyo here.
Onto the next thing though. The artist that you may know: Lil Kim. Now according to Young, Black and Fabulous, our item 2 became the profile picture of Lil Kim’s Facebook page. I search for Lil Kim’s page and I found a couple but none of them had this as the profile picture. I obtained the picture the same day that Nicki went on 106andPark and wore those hideous A-Morir shades with a corset that resembled a 4 year old, “Sleeping Beauty” inspired arts and crafts project(yeah I was heated when I peeped that).
Anyways I have presented the case, negating any swagga jacking based on the woman’s flow or her nick names, you can do the research for that on your own… make sure you peep that T Magazine article(which is apart of NY Times) when you do. I want you to be the jury though 🙂


But maybe this is all the rave now… I mean Rihanna is biting Kelis… Don’t know what that’s about?? Peep this: