Fashion to Columbia

I’ve been absent, this I know.

It’s really weird how it happened, just sort of all at once. I was blogging here and then opportunity after opportunity began to knock, and responsibility after responsibility began to submit itself and before I knew it, Musings of a Gallivanting Boy had been put on an unofficial hiatus and about a month ago went to a full, official hiatus.

While it sucked abandoning the child I’d birthed and reared, he had completed his assigned task. The point of the blog was to give me a platform from which to launch into other work… and that I’ve most certainly done.

As of now I’m a writer, PR person, and part editor. All of this comes in addition to being a student. Easy tasks they are not but, they certainly are preparing me for a future in this industry. I’m not the only one maturing in fashion though.

It seems that the entire Columbia fashion industry is maturing, and progressing. This past week alone the city was privy to an exclusive Tibi Fall/Holiday Fashion Event as well as the kick off of the Urban Outfitters: Store on Tour pop-up shop. Both events were tasteful, targeted directly to the right individuals and well executed. I really did enjoy them.

Because of the many obligations there’s no way I’ll be able to pour into this blog all of what I once had. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to be able to. But I’m not leaving.

As I never did do show reviews for the Spring 2012 shows – and can we pllllleaassee discuss all of the insane scheduling problems that are cropping up for next year – I do plan on going back and taking an in depth look at some of the collections, so at the very least there’s that to look forward to.

There are other ideas for content but I was once told that if you keep your mouth shut about things, people can’t hold you to your word… so I’m going to try to employ that tactic.

But until the next post.