Today was different… it was new… it was… why don’t we just jump into it and you can pick some adjectives. Well I started of taking the truck to Lexington and the rushing back to some friends, J, along with his girlfriend, W, and I(there were others but they are not more than likely going to be reoccurring characters) went kayaking. We put in down at Riverbanks Zoo, and after what I believe was only one wipeout by me(I had to take a little break afterwards) we got out at New Orleans Restaurant. In the process I saw a few people from… what did MP call it… The Nest, at least three of whom should have been taking classes, and one of whom had dropped out. What I did find out though was that apparently in South carolina tubing, and sunning on the rocks on the bank is the thing to do.

Anyways fast forward to night time, I met back up with J and his girl, as well as W, and a young lady for shagging at Jililan’s. No lie, I was a bit intimidated when I first walked in, but after leaving and coming back I made it through the rest of the night. Is it sad that I ended up learning the line dances but I’m still faltering on the actual shagging step?? Oh, and word to the wise… IT IS DOWN RIGHT RUDE TO ORGANIZE AN ODD NUMBER OF FRIENDS TO GO TO AN EVENT THAT’S BASED ON PARTNERING! I’ll come down from my pedestal now. But other than that, when they left they went to Sonic and I went to get change for the money in my wallet so I could go to Tabu. It seems that everyone is conspiring against me because everything was closed, so I just ended up walking around a little bit, seeing someone who stared me down who resembled TW(I actually need to text him) but I’m not sure if it was. All in all it was a pretty relaxed day, but still entertaining. Tomorrow night may prove to be COMPLETELY different.