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"The Septemberists" by Anthony Goicelea

There’s a special place in my heart for Thom Browne menswear. The Thom Browne suit is so iconic in it’s own way, so individualistic, that when you see it it’s unmistakable. Well the Thom Browne runway sample suit that is(I’ve been told that in stores suits are fitted to order which means they lose a tad of the signature aesthetic).
It was Alexander Fury that tipped me off to the film entitled “The Septemberists”. Fury is apart of one of the groups fueling fashion’s pursuit into film and so the stamp of approval by him carried a lot of weight. After that small trailer I immediately had to go to find the rest of the film
To say that I completely comprehend everything in the film would make me a farce. The thing is that most of the best Fashion Films have at least a touch of something that seems to be a bit incomprehensible. It’s because of how simple the film seems I believe. This simplicity causes a search for a deeper meaning and it’s this deeper meaning is what normally alludes me. It’s at this point that I’m reduced to watching the film and appreciating it for the beauty that it is.

SS11: Thom Browne

Thom Browne…Thom, Thom, Thom. So I’m flicking through the pictures and I think… Why do I get clownish vibes? And then I know, it’s the lips. Everyone else may laud it as chic, as pushing boundaries. Oh, they bring out the shades, which are feminine and an entirely different paragraph in their own right. A million excuses can be made, but to me we have entered into a zone with the lips that has pushed past art and is… frankly clownish. The gold streak in the hair, fine… I actually loved it, but the lips… it was a bit much for me.

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But I continued to flick and the next thing I thought was… Miu Miu for men!!! WOOT! Now, it’s bad that the part I see as good is good because it’s a man’s take on a collection that was already done but, I don’t really care. I LOVE that collection and so there’s really no surprise that I love this one as well. If only I were the male version of Tavi, I would try to get my hands on that suit and photograph myself, EVERYWHERE, and send it to EVERYONE. I would become a model. Because I thought that I was fit to be a model, no just because I wouldn’t want to let someone else into the suit… that’s how much I love it.

I will admit, the cut of the sleeves surprised me a little. During my upbringing my father would quickly have thrown a suit out had the sleeves fit like that on me. “That jacket is too small for you boy. That’s how it was made?? People aren’t going to know that they are just going to say you have a jacket on that’s 2 years too small!” I can hear him now. As I look at it more closely though, the jacket brings more attention to the pieces that men have taken pride in for so long but haven’t been able to showcase. Our cufflinks are sometimes hidden by our jacket sleeves, the richness of our shirts and the quality therein suffer the same fate. With this new cut, that will never happen again. Of course, if you buy the accompanying shorts, you can’t be afraid to bare your knees.