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"Louis Vuitton: New Way of Suiting" in 10 Men: A Splash of Color

So, I’m trying to save some pictures for an original post I thought up, and I’m getting side tracked like normal, you know, going off into other blogs. I found one for 10 Magazine and then my computer does the unthinkable and… closes my window. I’m furious because I hadn’t saved my post, but I decide to put that one off till tomorrow and do this one tonight, because well, I did just learn of it.

THE FASHIONISTO brings us an editorial entitled “LOUIS VUITTON: New Way of Suiting” in 10 MEN styled by DAVID VANDEWAL.

These eyes, under all that paint are what stopped me in my tracks. This picture caused me to want to see the entire post, which caused me to write my own. I was intrigued by the contrast of the paint colors with the monotony of the actual clothing choices. The textures and planes contained in the picture blow my mine really and truly. Maybe I”m just weird, but I love the picture!

Now in this picture, the model and the clothes pop. My eyes immediately go to the lack of tie, and then down to the hankerchief/pocketstuffer. Last my eyes get lost in the paint on the model’s face. In my opinion this editorial isn’t really focused on like amazing peices, or crazy design, it’s the texture and the color of these peices that make them unique. In this picture though, I don’t see much that’s unique.

Heres another picture that I adore because of the color palette. The green background makes the entire photo positively pop!!! I like the tie, with what seems to be a feather-like print on it. Whatever it is, I like it. alot. The shirt looks to be the same from the first photo, and the jacket from the second. His face is clean but.. is that red in his hair? Ohhh I like!!!

Velvety jacket. Same feather tie. Those are the two things I notice. Texture, and print. Then I”m up and at the paint. I’m in love with it all. I feel really serene like whatever that model’s feeling is like seeping out of the picture into me. The material of the jacket gives it a soft, rounded feel instead of sharp and hard.

This is the last picture of the editorial and I like it because the hair and the hankerchief pop. While they pop in color, the jacket pops in material with it’s subtle sheen, and so does the tie. Even though none of the articles are the same color they still all gel, and make for a pretty good look in my opinion.


Male Couture Pose

There was a post on The Fashionisto about The Infamous Couture Pose and it’s workability with males. Well I commented, and since the photos below had been taking I’d been searching for them. In one of my Google Reader tangents that I went off on, I found myself on the site Project Rungay for the first time, which is a blog about all of the reality fashion shows out there, and found that they had the PICTURES I’D BEEN SEARCHING FOR!That happens alot though, things just appearing after you’ve given up all hope. Any way below are both Jonathan and Sandhurst giving us couture!JonathanSandhurstWhat do you think about their pose?Oh, and here is the picture of Niklas that came from The Fashionisto.