Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week F/W 2010: Kickoff

You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this, and searching to make sure that I had in my Blogger cache, just the right blogs, so I would be able to get the pictures. I was desperate this morning checking the schedule, and then checking the clock, I even went so far as to pull up a Parisian clock, to see the local time. Then, I arrived at my Twitter to find,

womensweardaily:Marion Cotillard just arrived in a black dress – trailed by bellowing paparazzi – at Chrisian Dior, so the couture show can begin.

And rushed over to my Google Reader to be rewarded with this from THE SARTORIALIST.

I almost peed myself! But, because there wasn’t any actual show coverage, I held it. This is the beginning of the first, couture show if you check your schedule. So what do I do? I begin to research.

This post though, has been thought out since I saw the pictures for it last week over at Style Bubble. The couture designs were just what I would need to get the ball rolling on this series of posts.

The collection is called “Wound” and that’s what it had me when I saw it. For you conservatives, there’s nothing much to see here, but for anyone who is willing to go out into the artistic side of fashion with Marit Fujiwara(the designer), Susie(from Style Bubble), and myself, let’s go!

The only information that Susie provided us with about Marit is that “Marit Fujiwara is a BA Textile Design grad from Chelsea College of Art and Design.” That was not sufficient for me, so a simple Google run of her name, with a few clicks here and their brought me some more. Her commentary to the bloggers at Homework was, “To create a sculptural fabric, I am experimenting with the printing technique of marbling,in combination with embroidery,bonding and pleating. Applying these fabrics into fashion creates unusual and intricate fashion garments, ” when she presented her work June 20-24.

That was it though: No one else could give me more about the girl. I found her Facebook and Friend Requested but, that was it. On her IQONS account I could only find that she calls Rio De Janiero her home.

After that failed attempt I decided to stick with what I had! After reading reviews calling the line “Watercolor Couture”, “colorful moss over a treetrunk,” and a “reminder of rodarte,”. I’ve decided to let the amazing work speak for itself. I would like to point out though that the work is so tedious, and painstaking, that more than likely Marit, will have to udnersell it, becuase if sold for it’s true value, it will be something that we could only gaze at.

The color of the skirt and neckline in the picture that follows reminded me of the chocolate eclairs Mme. Quave fed us in the french honor society meetings. Or maybe they were puffs….



And my personal favorite!!! With it’s accompanying detailing!