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MOVIE: The September Issue


Undoubtedly one of the more noted fashion industry documentaries, The September Issue shows the inner workings of American Vogue during one of the most demanding times, the makings of their September Issue. Billed as the January of fashion, September is when fall fashion makes it’s debut and really normally sets the tone for the rest of the year. Magazines put out their largest issues during this time so we see here as Anna presides over the fashion bible while interacting with such heavy hitters like Grace Coddington and Andre Leon Talley. Her influence and clout in the industry is palpable as they explain what she has done and we see how other industry personnel such as Thakoon as well as retailers, seem to revere her.

RESORT: Thakoon 2011

So, yes I am aware that the posting on the blog has been lacking… and yes I’m also aware that resort/cruise shows and presentations are going on. I’m also aware that my computer is conspiring against me to not make any new posts. Juggling two internships, while searching for a job and having a tempermental computer that likes to drop the internet connection when it feels like it isn’t the best way to get work done… but let’s get on to the fashions! When I first saw Sara Blomqvist, who’s represented by DNA in New York, in this dress I immediately thought about this editorial, and doing a female version. Now I’m thinking it may could have made the SATC 2 movie… which I have yet to see.

See more of the collection under the clip

Whereas I know you guys LOOOOVVVVEEE to click the link to be redirected to another website for the rest of the collection I’ve decided to spotlight four pieces and include the rest here. If you click on each piece, it should enlargen. Happy viewing 🙂