RESORT: Rag & Bone 2011

Marc Jacobs isn’t the only one manufacturing cool behind closed doors. Two other Superlative winners, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville(they won best Menswear at the CFDA), the duo behind Rag and Bone, are creating their own type of coolness. One that comes complete with leather, short skirts, and a dark color palette. Oh and I can’t forget to mention those heel-less high heeled boots. They, along with all the other pieces from the 17 look collection, are GORGE! It is evident though that the Rag & Bone crowd isn’t one for St. Barths. It seems more UES circa one Jenny Humphries/Taylor Momsen. Soo look out girls, I believe your new uniforms have arrived.

See the rest of the collection below the clip

Model: Teyane Leao