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Teen Top Debuts and MTV?

Remember the group that I mentioned the other week? Well they finally made their debut and seem to have caught the attention of a lot of people, even here in the US. An upcoming MTV program called ‘Vice Guide to Everything‘ has served as a judge to decide on the group’s capabilities in music, and their possibilities of success once they officially enter the field. They also put the spotlight on Korea’s training system on different groups by visiting the country.

click below to read more about them and watch their new music video

T.O.P. Media revealed, “This program, which introduces Teen Top for the first time, will include in-depth evaluation on the training process the boys have gone through, including dancing lessons, vocal lessons, foreign language lessons, mime lessons, and etiquette lessons. Interviews with people in charge of casting, training, producing, and marketing will also be shown in the program.”

It seems that MTV’s producer Jessie Juke had a lot of interest in Teen Top, that he decided to go back to Korea and film the group’s activities once they debut. His intentions at first were to only capture what they had to go through prior to debut but now they seemed to have peaked his interest even more.
Vice Guide to Everything will begin its promotions U.S. wide starting this summer and will be broadcast starting from August on MTV.
Here’s their full mv, I must admit that I love it even though it’s on the sad side. enjoy~

New Korean Boyband

There’s a new boyband called Teen Top consisting of 6 members going by the names Cap, Niel, Riki, LJoe, ChangJo, and ChunJi. They are all still teenagers hence their name. Though I’m still a bit eh…about the name since they won’t always been teens. Also I hope they don’t end up like some groups not making it big because they sound like someone else. Even though their album cover is already reminding me of 2pm and the mv is reminding me slightly of a lot of other groups that have come out years before them. Hopefully we’ll see more of them. They haven’t made their official debut yet, so I can’t wait to see where this all goes in the future.

Here’s the mv teaser, enjoy~