PERSONAL: Meeting Court Members

Look from Givenchy Couture Fall 2010 (WERQ)

So I’ve finally finished! I have completely transcribed my interview with Keiko Limehouse from Mina/Mas boutique. It should be posted soon 🙂 BUT, I have something that I can bring you now!! They aren’t excerpts but while at the boutique I spoke with two of the interns that were present, members of the Columbia Fashion Court themselves. I spoke with Tara Lance, who is also a designer, and I spoke with Kayla Blake who models. In addition to the questions we spoke a little about some of the collections that just showed, thus the pictures 🙂 Here is a bit of what transpired.

Bouchra Jarrar Couture Fall 2010(This is couture??)

Me: So how has your internship experience been?
Kayla: I’m learning alot, I’m trying to figure out behind the scenes stuff of the shop. Like here with the whole behind the scenes we’re doing it not just asking
Me: Do you want to be a boutique owner in the future?
Kayla: I would like to own a boutique but I focus more on the buying aspect of it, working with the buyers and vendors
Me: Have you ever thought of going into buying specifically or are you set on your own boutique?
Kayla: I want my own boutique
Me: When buying, what stores would you be interested in buying for?
Kayla: A store kind of like Mina/ Mas

Raf Simons Summer/Spring 2011(I NEED THOSE PANTS!!)

Me: How did you get the internship? Did you know about Mina/Mas before?
Tara: Well I actually did a show with Taveon Meadows, it was a Kappa/AKA fashion show and Mina/Mas was one of the sponsors. Prior to that a client of hers… I was doing her hair and she said “You really need to go to Mina/Mas boutique. Keiko she’s my friend, she’s helped me out a couple times you should go meet her and go talk to her.” finally I got to come meet her and talk to her. Instant connection, instant. I loved what she was about, loved her establishment. Loved everything about what she was doing. Her main goal is to help people move forward in their goals. She’s not harboring any information, she’s not keeping anything from anybody, she’s not being rude and nasty about the stuff that she does, no she’s very open and very helping of everybody. Once I saw that and being the type of person that I am and you know I want to be in the type of position to help people, I was like “Ohkay cool, I’d love to work with you in the future.” She found out I designed, I don’t know who we got on the subject but I told her I designed and she was like “REALLY?” she got very enthusiastic about it and inspirational to me. Ultimately she came to the show and saw a pair of shorts that I had made, and those shorts were very near and dear to me, Kayla was the model. When she saw it she was like “I knew right then that you could, and are capable and there’s something inside of you.” and it just lifted me. When she said she wanted to work with me I was more than happy to work with her because I realized she was sincere, she was genuine, she was an inspiration. And she was trying to move me forward as far as getting me prepared for this industry.
Me: So are you looking to design in your future or what?
Tara: I’m very set on design. I do want to make a career out of it. But I am god driven so whatever god wants me to do with my life, whether he wants me to go down and serve at soup kitchen, it’s his will so I’ll do it
Would you rather design a line for someone else or do your own line?
I am very interested in doing my own line in the future. But as of now being young in the industry as well as numberwise I would like to be apart of someone else

As you can see, both girls are talented and have plans for their lives. I look forward to hearing and seeing more things that they are doing. Anyways I must run, MacQueesha is about to die… oh you guys haven’t seen her new case yet… I’ll get right on that!