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VIDEO: Keys "Go Off"

“Pause, somebody better #TellemBoutMe” Baltimore artist on the rise Keys almost yells in her new single, “Go Off,” and apparently everyone has been doing exactly that. With over 19,000 views only hours after the release of the accompanying video, there is more than just a buzz that now surrounds the artist. Being managed by Violator West Management, Keys seems to be making all of the right movies in her career, from performing on stage with the one who most view as Queen of the Rap Game, Lil Kim, to limiting just who she gets on a track with.

See screen shots from the video as well as our coverage.
Keys makes sure it’s not about people in the industry that she’s collaborating with as she harnessed the power of her fans for this video. Very much like the official video for the now infamous “Nicki Diss” this video features alot of screenshots of her fans and surprisingly, she takes the time to show their talents as well as her own as some of them have dancing cameos. In addition to collaborating with her fans and the industry she even goes so far as to bringing in up and coming designers. SBShades, which are no stranger to 803, are featured in the video. From what I count there are definitely 2, maybe even 3 different pairs.
The concept of the video is very much in the vein of the image Keys is procuring and has created for herself. It’s very raw and there’s something about the black and white that speaks deeply into what she represents. It seems, atleast to 803, that Keys views the rap game in a very definite and distinct way, very defined. This relates to the color palette of the video and the rawness that it evokes. Whereas I was ready for the camp fire roast, I was happy to be able to rock out by it. I don’t really expect to ever expect to sit around and sing kumbaya though, and neither do any of the rest of the Spartans.
What Keys has in store for us next, I’m not sure but we’re ready for the ride. Although I haven’t heard much about it lately, earlier this quarter there was talk of a “Keys to Your City” tour. Also this single is available for purchase so maybe, just maybe that means that there’s an album in the works. No matter what she does, I’m almost positive that she’ll atleast keep us sustained with a couple of singles or features in the meanwhile, like this one off of Ron Shulant’s mixtape entitled Set it Off.

Check out the rest of Ron Shulaunt’s mixtape, When It’s All Said & Done here.

EVENT: Stevie Boi Malibu Launch Party

The cake.

If you love futuristic shades that make heads turn then you are in for a treat when you check out the photos I was able to take Saturday night at Still NYC. Stevie Boi along side others hosted an Event to launch the Stevie Boi Malibu Line of Accessories. The crowd was good, the music was good, but the fashion was even better. Take a look.

See the pictures from the event below the clip

The Boy Toy and I.
Stevie Boi and Paul.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Written by: Courtney Arnold
Images taken by: Courtney Arnold

DESIGNER: Stevie Boi "Malibu Barbie" Promo

So, I tried to pass the gossip along before, let you guys be the first ones in on the secret but if you haven’t heard already, you’re late. They are here, the Barbies and Kens have finally arrived. Stevie Boi’s new line, going by the name of Malibu Barbie, has finally… well it hasn’t quite dropped. But the promo has… and what deliciously YUMMY promo it is. Featuring a few celebs like Trina and Tiffany Evans, as well as female rapper Rasheeda, the line comes with the Stevie Boi stamp of approval. If for some reason you believed that it was to be all about the spikes, well you thought wrong. Dice, needles and bullets have been incorporated into this line making sure to tap all of our deadly sins. While the line doesn’t officially drop until June 12th, when Stevie Boi will be hold his launch party in New York, I’m already feigning for it! I wonder if we can get a shoot for you guys… hold your breath.

See the rest of the promo below the clip.

Oh, and dare I mention the tidbit that the line isn’t complete yet. Oh no, Stevie Boi has more in the bag… or should I say Barbie box for us. Did I hear something about… Gaga?? But you know the saying, “You didn’t hear it from me.”

Models: Names are featured on the individual pictures. The two barbie shots are both Stevie Boi.

Photographer: Michael Antonio
Hair and Make-up: Neon Fix

VIDEO: Stevie Boi "Malibu Stevie" Collection

This video was a preview to the Malibu Stevie Collection by Stevie Boi. Stevie Boi currently has a line out called The Cure. His first line, The Toxic found itself perched on the noses of such celebs as Lady Gaga(from her Pokerface Cover and live a few times), Rihanna, and many others. From what I hear Stevie Boi has been dropping shades on many others in the past three months. I’ve heard names like Teyanna Taylor, Gucci Mane(his new video that’s not out yet), Muffy(she was at the end of the preview), Khia(on her iTunes album cover) and Lola Monroe. His new line “Malibu Stevie” evidently is for all of the Barbies and Kens out there as he states on his Twitter. I’m not exactly sure if he’s serious or not but I heard something about SB Weave dropping on the 12th when the “Malibu Stevie” collection goes public. Oh and one more thing you may find of interest… I did hear that Stevie Boi Shades made it into Sex and the City 2. Were those the shades on that poster??

Whatever happens we know that Stevie Boi is here and he’s here to stay.
Check out his website here