PERSONAL: Coffee with the Court

Look from Dior Couture F/W 2010/2011
If you can’t guess what the theme was about… there’s no hope

Soo… I had a small night out with a Duke and Duchess of the Columbia fashion court, Marquis Bias and Ashleigh Armstrong. It was fun times fun times but I want to talk about a few other things first.

So first thing… last week I was involved with two photoshoots. After a series of unfortunate events I struck out on my own and began dreaming up the universe, and how to translate it to fabric so I could do something with it to progress my fashion career. The first look I decided to send down the runway was that of model coach. I think I did really well with teaching the model how to walk. She has a decent runway walk now, and I would be remiss if I didn’t say I was a proud runway coach… the test shoot… we weren’t so pleased with although much of it was on my part. The photographer was great but I didn’t pick the greatest lighting conditions.

Look from Dior Couture F/W 2010/2011
“If you see me in the street with cellophane on my head and tell me I’m trying to be Gaga I will call you ignorant and uninformed”

The second photoshoot was bigger… but was STUNNING! Uhm 5 looks, 5 locations, one model… one photographer, one MUA, two designers, one boutique owner and four pairs of heels staring back at me that can’t be returned.(if anyone is size 8 1/2 to 9 and is in need of heels… CONTACT ME NOW!!) I feel like the photoshoot went well, really the only novice involved was moi. I hopefully didn’t make it look that way though. I feel that I contributed but then again… I’m kind of biased. I did see some of the raw images though… HAWT!

Other than that though I’ve been doing alot of grunt work, behind the scenes stuff for those projects and others. My enrollment status for next year is in question but it should work out soon enough. But let’s get on to tonight with the Duke and Duchess.

Necklace: Isabella Wolf Fang by Wendy Brandes
Sweater: Izod Lacoste

So, of course it’s Sunday so I didn’t expect to be doing much, but I got a sudden itch to do something, see someone, and preferably someone of the fashion species… After a few tweets I decided to run over to Starbucks to crash Marquis and Ashleigh’s work hub… ohkay that’s not what I actually meant to do but that’s what happened :/ sawwy. I threw on my new Lacoste sweater(ugh LOVE IT) along with a few necklaces around my wrist, and my sweats. For the last piece I slung the Silver Isabella Wolf Fang around my neck from Wendy Brandes(sssshhhh!!! I was meeting local fashion royalty something had to set me apart from the bums). The piece is a little small to be a statement piece if you have alot going on with your top, but paired with a simple top, like a sweater, button up, or cardigan… it sort of sets things off.

Gloves from Dior Couture F/W 2010/2011
If only I can get my hands in a pair…

Anywho, I proceed down to 5 points and into Starbucks. After ordering an original doughnut(ohkay I will confess, the only reason I ordered it is because I didn’t feel right just walking in using their Wi-Fi and walking out…), I settled into a corner and began to work. Marquis was one one side of the shop and Ashleigh was on the other. I wasn’t sure how to strike up a convo, so other than a small wave to Marquis… I was at a loss. It didn’t take long though… we were soon all huddled around Ashleigh’s computer watching the Dior collection… UGH! Those gloves… and that hat… I’m going to have to borrow this one Rachel, I die!!

The night proceeded with us discussing a few things… a little business, but most of all kilts. Once we were kicked out of Starbucks(they didn’t really kick, just kind of nudged) we roamed USC’s campus. And then… we were unceremoniously chased to our cars by troves of roaches. Gotta love The South right?

Featured Piece:

Isabella Wolf-Fang Necklace
Designer: Wendy Brandes
Price: $550