Coco and Breezy with Eye Couture

So out of my past ten posts, I think in two of them I have championed spikes and studs as an upcoming trend. I’m looking more into this actually because I think it’s part of a bigger trend and I might find enough evidence to support it, but until then we’re sticking with the spikes and studs.

Well what I decided to do was because I was pushing it I thought I could spotlight some up and coming designers who used them in their designs. Who better than Coco and Breezy, to spotlight??

The 19-year old designers are beginning to make waves in the fashion industry with celebrities coming after their shades. They were thrust onto the national scene when Ashanti rocked their shades to the Hip Hop Honors, and since her, Kelly Osbourne has been repeatedly spotted in them and I hear that Rhianna and Amber Rose are supposedly next in line for a pair.

With a distinction much like Haus of Gaga and the more tamer, Mercura, “Gemela Amor”, which is the name of the line, provides anyone with just the right balance of couture and wearability that allows them to be worn on the streets, albeit by one of your fashionable friends known for taking risks. The twins have been gaining a line of credits that many would die to have, having been featured on the W Magazine website, and having stylists calling in attempts to pull the shades for various shoots.

When speaking with them, I asked whether or not they were going to go into clothing as well as their accessory line and the response I got was “[You] guys can EXPECT clothing, but [probably] not till the 3rd collection of GEMELA AMOR, but our NEW COLLECTION will be DEBUT in FEBUARY”. I for one, am going to be looking out for thm but until then i’m just waiting until I can get my hand on a pair of the unisex shades.