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SPRING: Calvin Klein Menswear 2011

Backstage Photo
Sonny Vandevelde
Label: Calvin Klein
Season: Summer/Spring 2011(Milan)

So when the menswear shows came I told myself, I would not stress myself out over reviewing them. I would get to them in due time… I mean I do have until January before shows start up again. It is now November, and I’m beginning back in on them and first up is Calvin Klein. The most memorable part to most were the cropped tops, and to others, they were the shorts that David Abodji wore that left little to the imagination. To me, I wanted to see the shoes. Peculiar, yes, but I was just sort of in awe of this shoe that seemed like it was attempting to be a cross between a dress shoe and sneaker. It was even used as both in the show. So of course I went on a hunt for said shoe and couldn’t find it until I went to Sonny’s blog. There they were, sitting at the bottom of his images. I only smiled.

So I’ve arranged the 4 looks that I’ve decided to display on the blog in a very specific way. It’s all about the amount of skin shown. Awkward way to organize, I’m sure but I mean it was the first thing I thought of. The collection which is most certainly at least a tad inspired by activewear, is a new take on minimalism. While still retaining minimalistic ideals of mostly monochromatic pieces Itallo Zuccelli begins to rework very basic pieces by cropping them. Jackets nor tanks were kept from his shears. When I first saw the collection I immediately thought of football players, and I wasn’t too far off:

The inspiration of the collection is very graphic that’s why I had bold prints,
a lot of jacquard and the big check at the end, and I wanted it to be very
graphic also with the shapes, the cropped styles and the logo. It’s kind of
inspired by rugby actually, I put it on these very strong guys and it looks very
masculine and it’s quite sexy. It’s quite utilitarian, it’s kind of like a khaki
fabric and it was in blue and then it was in khaki also in the show with like
this new carrot pant, shaped like a carrot and a big shirt. I thought it was
like a sort of uniform for the city.

-Italo Zucchelli

If only I could wear this as a uniform… a boy can dream can’t he? Of course, I couldn’t wear it like it is displayed on the runway, as most are thinking of wearing these pieces. The pieces would look alot different with some sort of tank top underneath, mesh for me. Pieces like these in my opinion, look best layered, and that’s exactly what I’d do with them.

Open: Jakum Zelman
Close: David Agbodji

Exclusives: Brian Blank(NY Models), David Agbodji, Ryan Koning(Major)

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SPRING 2011: John Galliano

Collection: John Galliano SS 2011
Photos by: Jak and Jil

When I saw this picture of backstage at the John Galliano Spring/Summer 2011 show from the Jak and Jil blog, I knew that no matter how long it had been since the actual show, I had to post. Had I already admitted to myself, the love for the show?? Yes! Had I professed it on Twitter… I’m almost positive, but I had to express it to the masses in extended for. So with the assistance of the first image from Jak and Jil, the next three from Sonny Photos, and the smaller ones from Style.com, let’s delve into this show and the greatness that it brought.

See the rest of our coverage below the clip

Collection: John Galliano SS 2011
Photos By: Sonny Photos
So I saw the collection the first time and truly I said oh Galliano you devil. I love it, but I just kept going. I didn’t post about it. And then when the Dior Couture show came and Mr. Galliano came out for his finale walk I kind of went insane. I LOVED it! Can I put my finger on particularly why? Maybe it was because within a matter of weeks we went from seeing it in a collection, in the conceptual mode to actually being worn in a more natural way. To tell the truth I wanted to rip the veiled boater off of Mr. Galliano’s head. I was ready to wear it to lunch. Actually I think that’s exactly the reason I loved it.

Collection: John Galliano SS 2011
Photos By: Sonny Photos
The collection featured belted jackets and drop crotch pants. Whereas skinny legged pants were the style in seasons passed, it’s time to…. “let the boys breathe” if you will. And why not do it in the luxurious and glamourous pieces from the John Galliano collection. There’s always something about a Galliano collection that strikes me as glamorous! Well not just a Galliano collection, but a Galliano production. Maybe it’s the glitter tans and drawn on abs that inject a side of sex with the glamour, but whatever it is, that same aura is in this collection as well.

Collection: John Galliano SS 2011
Photos By: Sonny Photos
Whether it’s a lush, luxurious haute couture women’s collection, or a a luxurious yet comfortable, and still relevant men’s collection John Galliano has an eye and hand for design… but who am I telling? His productions are astounding, his work for this collection is virtually impeccable… ugh… he must be a cousin right?
Collection: John Galliano SS 2011
Photos From: Style.com