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SM Entertainment artists’ new music videos

Lately there’s been a lot of new music videos coming out from SM’s artist:

  • BoA is back in Korea taking her place again after she has been here in the US for over a year with her American debut and in Japan taking her place there also.
  • Kangta, former member of the group H.O.T from the 90s, is taking on the Chinese market with his new song.
  • SNSD is in Japan moving up the Japanese charts and now have a Japanese version of their song Gee along with a new video that also stars MinHo from SHINee.
  • SHINee is out with another video called Hello that everyone started loving within a minute of it being released.

BoA’s new song ‘Copy and Paste’

Kangta 愛, 頻率’

SNSD ‘Gee’

SHINee ‘Hello’


TRAX & FT Island new mvs

I decided to do two posts in one. First off FT Island has another mv out called ‘Love Love Love’ which is basically a break up/heartbreak kind of song but the video is very creative and the lyrics are touching where people can relate and TRAX just released a new mv called ‘Oh My Goddess’ featuring SeoHyun from the popular Korean girl group SNSD, which is another love song, of a guy expressing his feelings towards the one he loves, It’s a mix of pop/rock with lyrics others can relate to. Both songs are catchy. So click below to enjoy both mvs.

note: They are with English subtitles so you can understand them if you don’t know Korean.

FT Island’s “Love Love Love”

TRAX “Oh My Goddess”