PRE-FALL: Calvin Klein Collection 2011

model Simona Andrejic
Calvin Klein Collection
Pre-Fall 2011

Francisco Costa has been pushing minimalism and clean silhouettes for seasons now, so it’s no surprise that he’s done so pre-fall 2011. With a long, almost curveless silhouette, the 19 pieces look to be a shell around the Calvin girl, clean, fresh faces. Using very minimal neutral tones, the pieces come off as iconic and timeless. Viewers are left with an impression, silhouette first, shade later. It sort of makes me think of nuns.
And of course what a more suitable time to look back at the pre-fall collection, seeing as the rumors about the exclusives for the Fall showing are beginning to make their rounds. We know with a special certainty that the exclusive slot at a Klein show (especially an exclusive open or close-just ask David Agbodji who bookended the show before his explosion onto the scene) is coveted in the industry by agent and model alike.

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