The Tale of Ophelia

Her name is Ophelia
Three were called, but one was chosen.
Once upon a time there was a Gallivanting Boy. One day, after months of frustration over what he had become in his own personal style, the boy took a journey to a small concrete jungle named 5 Points. In search of a new look, a new proposition, the Gallivanting Boy visited store after store, trying on this piece, and that piece, looking for the right fit, the right color, and the right shade.
Along the way, our Gallivanting Boy stumbled upon 3 animals: a silver leopard, a golden owl with perfect green jeweled eyes, and a silver eagle. Startled and taken by all three, but short on time, the Gallivanting Boy promised the animals that he would return later on in the week in order to become better acquainted.
The next day when the boy woke, he couldn’t get the thought of his three animal friends out of his head. He decided that due to a few new resources at his disposal, he would return to the jungle, search out his friends, and take them home with him. Upon return to the concrete jungle our Gallivanting Boy found only one of his buddies, and as he retreated home with her, she whispered her name: Ophelia.
Everyone welcome Ophelia to the family
(purchased from Sid&Nancy)