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Shy’s Movie Box: Good Hair?

Aloha Loves 🙂 I know I typically do music, but as I’ve stated I am a devotee of the entire Indie Nation as a whole. So speaking of such, I am a lover of Sundance Films and am in love with this incredible documentary by comedian Chris Rock entitled Good Hair. After coming home to hear his daughters asking, “Daddy, why don’t I have good hair?”, he set himself on a mission to find out, what is good hair? His witty humor and satirical manner paired up with commentary from some of Hollywood’s best gives this film, in my eyes, 5 ubberly huge stars!

This is the official trailer. I for one, have already started making movie plans to catch this.
Well that’s all in the Box for today. There will be more to come, especially after the 19 and the concerts =]

Peace,Love,& Nail Polish,



Shy’s Music Box

Sorry I haven’t been around for a min. Busy in the outside world 🙂 Life is never slow for a girl like me. But in the music world, I do have exciting news. Idk how many of you are familiar with the band Paramore, but the group happens to be one of my all time favorite bands. Last year I almost had my heart broken when they released The Final Riot & the world freaked out saying that the group was breaking up. *tear* Sorry, that still makes me emotional. But I am happy to announce that the band is still together and have a new album on the way, Brand New Eyes. I’m not sure what the whole inspiration is behind the album title, but who cares? It’s been said to be an amazing album, & I for one, am super excited. It’s a tad bit tamer than our usual Paramore favs, but still awesome. The album release date is set for Sept. 29, 2009, and I’m looking forward to being the first in line to cop this one =].

This is the new album art for cd. It’s very artsy, and I’m a passionate lover of butterflies so it automatically gets 5 stars in my book 🙂

Well that’s all inside the Music Box for today. I’ll be updating more with my fav musical artist, putting up a view links and streams. I’m going to a local band concert on the 19 of August, && I’ll be sure to put up pics and reviews.

Peace,Love,& Nail Polish 🙂

&& this is She

Hello darlings! Thanks Mike for the lovely intro :)/ I know I was introduced as Asiah, but I revamped my name to Shy for social purposes. Too many ppl pronounce Asiah wrong. Anywho, a little about me. I’m a modern day Hippie w/ a fierce attitude && a love for realism. Free spirited to a fault && very opinionated. I speak my mind with no hesitation, && just live. I’m rude[so sue me], && very feisty about things i believe in, although i’ll be more focused on the musical and entertainment portion of my world through this blog. For my random rants of my personal life hit up my blog. Now on to my baby….

Music. I have this undeniable love for it, real music at that. Not that “shake ya booty on my groin you dirty trick” type mess, but real music with depth & meaning. I find most of my favorite artists and bands are underground indie artists who would rather talk about real things & stay where they are than sell out & commercialize their talent. I’ll be on here from time to time sharing my musical knowledge and of course my take on the world in motion.

Peace, ♥,& Nail Polish 🙂

You’re Hired: There’s a New Writer in Town

Soooo.. I was on my Myspace, you know doing my daily rounds of checking the many social network sites I’m apart of, when I noticed that one of my friends, Asiah, was on. I began talking to her, because well it’s summer time, and we hadn’t talked for a while, and the conversation quickly changed to blogs. Asiah recently started her blog, Yea Yea Whateva, and we were just talking about what I was doing, and why she was doing hers. I confessed that I was in the actual process of looking for some writers and then my mind started working.

Asiah is an independent, outspoken, creative person who knows music like nobody’s business!! She’s a leader and she knows how to get a job done. This is why I think she’ll make a great addition to the 803 Markese Street staff(oohhh that sounds so official hehehe). Well that’s enough of me blabbing, I’m going to let her introduce herself.

Asiah… take it away!