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OUTTAKES: Yuri Pleskun by Shannon Sinclair

Model: Yuri Pleskun
Photographer: Shannon Sinclair
Styling: Michelle Carimpong
Grooming: Mark Anthony Edio
So you guys know how I GUSHED over Shannon Sinclair and Yuri Pleskun right? Well it would only be right for me to seek out atleast one of them right? Of course! So what did I do, I tweeted Shannon and from there we began to discuss a few things. Lucky for you guys, I return bearing fruits.
See more outtakes below the clip

These images are an outtake from an iLOVEfake shoot that Shannon conducted with Yuri. The reason I feel comfortable showing this even though I not too long ago shared an editorial from the pair is because this shows an entirely different side. The feeling, mood, and even lighting is not the same. It’s an entirely different editorial, with an entirely different point and these outtakes, to be honest, didn’t leave me in a dazed, tranquil like state but instead, my sister and I laughed, and smiled while viewing them.

If you are familiar with our Facebook, you’ve seen the editorial in it’s entirety already. You also understand that the styling, which has Yuri coming off comfortable and relaxed while still a little unorthodox, (take for example the hoodie: a hoodie, no one would blink at but this seems to be made from a trash bag of some sort… a tad off kilter) was done by Michelle Carimpong while the grooming was done by Mark Anthony Edio.



Photographer: Shannon Sinclair
Model: Yuri Pleskun
Publication: FIASCO Magazine‘s Face Issue
For those familiar with my twitter account or my tastes here on 803, it is probably no surprise that I’m covering the editorial shot by Shannon Sinclair and styled by Jamie M. Rosenthal. for FIASCO magazine’s latest issue, The Face Issue. While I do plan on eventually posting about the issue generally, I did want to post this editorial in it’s entirety just… well because I love it! You can say it’s just Yuri, and that may be partially true but I’d like to believe that there’s a fashion aspect to it that I like as well. That my love for the Red Dawn editorial extends beyond Yuri’s youthful and yet seemingly maturing face, and into items like the gorgeous jacket that he sports for his cover, and it’s accompanying collar!

See the rest of our commentary as well as the editorial below the clip

The photography, styling, and even the facial expressions that Yuri portrays for this editorial exude one thing to me: softness. Well that’s untrue they exude alot more, but there is this soft overtone to the whole editorial that is very peaceful, and very calming to me as I flip through the editorial for what may be the 93rd time since first viewing it. From the material of the scarf that Yuri wears, to the particular green, and yellows that are utilized in other garments, everything evokes a sense of tranquility in a way that I really don’t see many menswear editorials accomplishing it. So kudos to Jamie.

In addition to tranquility there is a youthfulness. Whether it be the shots with the minimal chin hair or the shots without any chin hair at all, Yuri seems to be in the stages of maturation during the photoshoot. While it doesn’t seem that he is maturing before our eyes, it does seem as if we have caught him, and encapsulated the in-between stage. While many of the menswear shows were filled with either prepubescent boys or brawny, hardened men, it seems as if Yuri is a happy medium between the two.

Shannon shoots BEAUTIFULLY. Whereas I know I’ve been heaping the praise on Yuri and a little bit on the styling, one can not deny that Yuri could model all day but if Shannon didn’t know when to take the shot, how to set everything up… if she had no clue of what were the best angles, and the correct distances to capitalize on the emotions… this would be a run of the mill editorial. She captures everything with such clarity, and such a distinctiveness… she is the reason that it feels as if we’ve encapsulated an essence… because she has indeed taken these bits out of the ongoing timeline.

Photographer: Shannon Sinclair
Model: Yuri Pleskun(RED)