NYFW 2010:Seth Aaron Henderson

So I haven’t been keeping up with Project Runway for the past few seasons, my exposure is limited to the Tom and Lorenzo blog. Anyways at the beginning of the current season I saw the portfolio of Seth Aaron Henderson and subsequently posted the pictures as well as his video from PR. Anyways, since I haven’t been keeping up on the season, I don’t know why it seems that everyone is showing at Bryant Park. Oh wait I think I do understand, they are decoy lines so no one knows the final people. Anyways, let’s get to the pictures.

Ohkay so I…truthfully, don’t see anything new here. I don’t mean things that he’s done before because like I said, I haven’t been keeping up with the show like I should but, things that I have already seen in the industry. I mean, no offense, the structuring looks good but all in all… everything I’ve seen is just a little bit… old.