EDITORIAL: Dominique, Santiago, Cyril, and Zak in i-D

As a brief interruption to the regularly scheduled Resort/Cruise posts I bring you this editorial that appeared in the Summer 2010 issue of i-D. Am I late? Yes. Am I aware… yes. The more important question, do I care? No. In my first three years as a blogger I felt that it was of the utmost importance to put out my information first. Even if I had no information to give, and only had pictures… post first and you get the hits. Maybe it’s maturity… or even laziness, but I’ve decided that what I like is going to get published when I want to publish it. So this delectable sportswear campaign with that puffa jackat from the first picture that I ADORE is posted now, as I take a second look at it.

See the rest of the editorial under the clip

Models: Santiago Peralta, Dominque Hollington(Red, d1), Cyril, Zak
Photographer: Karim Sadli