Modeling should be an art so POSE!!!

So today’s post is all about the model!!! I am sick and tired of opening up a magazine and seeing a model just stare back at me from an editorial, a little slouch, and what, oh, you can squint your eyes? Bleh! I’m tired of it. Maybe I’m old school with my love for runway shows, the stomp walk, the fierce eye, and the amazing pose that requires hours of work and perfection, but I like what I like.

To me, modeling is not only a label, it’s not just a job, it’s an art form! I want models to find that new angle, that new pose, to find that if I turn my face just this way the light will hit it just right, or if I extend my leg a tad more I can make the dress move this way and show it off more. That’s what I want to see… MOVEMENT!! On the runway I want that signature walk, and I want to see that twirl! Make the garment move, make it speak to me please! I don’t want you to just walk down the runway like your mom just woke you up, gave you two seconds to dress in heels that are 3 sizes too small, I want to see fierceness in your eye! I think that’s what you girls are trying to portray but it goes deeper than face value, it’s an emotion!

Maybe I’m not explaining it right, so let’s look at that little spread I created really quickly.

The first picture actually is the signature couture pose. It comes from the blogger named ELYOO. You say give me couture to someone on the side of the road and they put their hands on their ribcage and push, while bending akwardly. This gives me angles with the arms, and also hopefully it’ll crush your ribcage in which makes an angle which has a cusp at your waist. It’s the classic couture! There are slight variations and things you can do to give more angles but I mean, like I said, it’s a classic.

The second picture, the one with SALEISHA from ANTM, is one that I loved when I watched her shoot. As a matter of fact I also love her runway walk. But anyways, back to the picture. You see the angles, and shapes she creates with her body positioning and her bent leg? Love Love Love!!! I also just noticed that alot of couture poses are a 3 quater profile… but that’s neither here nor there.

Next is Miss Tyra Banks herself, posing for Harper’s Bazaar I believe. Again angles angles, and I don’t know about you but my eyes are drawn down the leg and right into that 3 quater. That’s the thing about a good model, you give the staff lines to work with to point to a headline if need be but that also make sure you’re shown in the shot. Amazingness in my opinion!

Now this last one, is my least favorite of the bunch but we still got angles, and shapes. I’m not a fan of cutting off part of a hand or part of a foot in a shot, it makes the picture weird in my opinion. It also looks like in this picture that her right leg is amputated at the knee, but still like I said, angles, shapes, lines, give me something girls!!!!

Enough of that, I got stuff to do tomorrow, so I’ll be back sometimes afterward.