White Shirt: J Crew
Navy Blazer: Winthrop & Wales
Chinos: LRG
Belt: Aeropostale
So today was a kind of busy day… not really busy just kind of busy. I mean I had to wake up and go to stuff related to my Alma Mater. While at the school I made a few rounds saying hi to teachers, hugging the littlies(that reminds me I need to text CS, I LOVE HER!), you know the usual thing. Projecting that sense of superiority because I’m all of 360 days wiser at the LEAST than they are.

After that I skipped over to la maison de S where I let her steal alot of my music from my iTunes. I have a very eclectic mix and so alot of the songs she knew before or she just got addicted to the beats. I mean I sleep on my own musical tastes but I was proud when she kept going through and like stealing songs. Then again she was my music guru for like… all of high school. Now I’m kind of grown up but I still go to her for up and coming artists.
Following that I was in 5 points for a meeting with a blogger. We did lunch at the Gourmet Shop, which is a MAHHHHHVEELOUS place for something relatively quick and sort of like a business casual way. It was as if everything was speeding around us but everyone was stopping in to rest for a second before going back out. I took the healthy way out when it came to orders, and grabbed a fruit bowl… sans cantaloupe.
Skip to an on phone interview(SCORED THE INTERNSHIP WOOT!), and then a few small errands before coming home. I’d been playing a game of TT since last night about the LBD party and so I continued this game while watching some of Valentino: The Last Emperor(he really DOES create beauty!) and then finally started pulling things from my closet to wear. It took me a second to realize that the male equivalent to the LBD is the GNB. I played it with a fashion flair and because i wasn’t sure whether or not it would be formal enough… I stuck a tie in my pocket.
The event was good, complimentary valet parking. It was actually funny to watch the valet guy literally SPRINT to get the cars. C, N, EGo, and EGr attended with me, and we pretty much ate and caught up for a few hours. There was a giveaway but we walked away empty handed. I ordered a Dixie Chicken Sandwich which was kinda bleh but it didn’t really matter, I was hungry. I think the highlight of the night would have been the story C had when she came back from the bathroom. Apparently when she went in some girl was on her knees puking… oh how it is to be back in the city.
This time I’ll leave you guys with a little song. It’s by an artist I know in passing named Muffy along with Shannell from Young Money. The name of the song is Lipstick Diva:

Oh and by the way, I have a new way of looking at going out… I work all year… I’ve earned this money… I can splurge on myself right? I haven’t gotten that way about clothes yet but God help my bank account if I do.