FALL 2010: Ruffian

In Ruffians eyes, there’s nothing wrong with a little embellishing, or alot. Especially if said embellishing comes with leggings, on some sort of outer wear, and is surrounded in black or some other neutral color. This collection of Ruffian takes us into the atmosphere, and we’re not talking the ozone layer. We’re in the Milky Way, looking at star constellations that have morphed into blouses and crescent moons that have become the embellished center of a shirt.
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Take these ideas, throw in the rigidity of peacoats, and a wool dress, and even a bow or two and you have the hodgepodge that is Ruffian. The collection seems to be taking classic ideas of strength, with hard, solid, appearing outerwear that includes some blocks of leather, and spicing it up with softer bouses beneath, as well as embellished pieces. All in all, it’s a look I like. Plus I could definitely see Blake Lively rocking it!

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