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Pre-Fall 2010: Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli is a name I know and love, and this collection, only adds to that love. The Victorian Era fashions have always been of the ultimate interest to me: the structure, attention to detail… even the fabrics have always looked so scrumptious(ohkay maybe that’s not the word I’m looking for but you know what I mean) The style of goth was also of interest. All black, but not looking just l ike one large mass of black color was a challenge that I loved to watch people take on. Plus, I do have a thing for the sinister.

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So as you can guess, I of course took a liking to the Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2010 collection. It took two of the things I love and smashed them together to produce amazing clothes. It even went a step further, adding furs and skins to various pieces as well as giving us full length animal print red carpet looks. While the jury is still out on whether I personally would put someone in the dresses, I’m sure that come the next award season, someone will definitely be rocking Cavalli.

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FALL 2010: Roberto Cavalli

If I was only in Milan. I would have loved to seen this show in person. Roberto Cavalli did a nice job as always, the yellow checkers popped out of no where and the lace tank and tops with holes was very out there. His collaborations of prints worked well together and it allowed the observers eyes to look all over the ensemble and not just focus on one part of it. I see a trend in crushed velvet for Fall 2010 as it was in a few of his outwear pieces and blazers. It was nothing close dull all though the colors fell under a slightly dark color scheme. Blue hues and dark reds brought them to life. Plaids, stripes, and even an animal like print stole the show right along with the military style trimmings and private school boy appeal.

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