Rhythm at the River

Last week right before I went to the Man2Man event I went down to the RiverWalk and took in the Rhythm at the River event. Since I did arrive a little earlier I got to walk for about an hour or so with a friend. If you’ve never walked the RiverWalk before, it’s a long trail and you can quickly forget how long you’ve been walking and only realize how far you’ve gone when it’s time to turn around and come back. That’s exactly what happened with my friend and I.
After we finally did get back to the amphitheater we saw a local artist performing and a decent amount of people watching(half of which aren’t captured in my picture as they were on the other side. In the parking lot, artists had come and set up their works and I found myself gravitating towards that. Brian Pyle, Thomas the Younger, Joy Mullen, and Amanda Tatum were only some of the artists that I enjoyed. Thomas’s pieces with their interesting color choice and seemingly animalistic subject nature, were probably my favorites.

Brian Pyle
Thomas the Younger
Joy Mullen

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