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Color for the Boys

Thomas Gibbons shot by Chris Petranis in GQ Russia

It’s always interesting to see the looks from the shows and then watch at how the various voices screaming for attention in the industry are interpreted to the masses by the various fashion editors and stylists. I could have told you when the shows were going on that for menswear it was going to be a colorful season. With heavy hitters like Prada, Raf Simons, and Calvin Klein all showing some type of color blocked collections for men, it was sort of a given. Sure enough, publications around the world turned out more than their share of color blocked stories featuring those candy colored striped sweaters that Miuccia sent down the runway and the bright trousers from Jil Sander. Here’s just a handful of images from those editorials as color makes it’s rounds on menswear.

Nicolas Ripoll shot by Takay in Velvet Magazine

Bastiaan Ninaber shot by Matteo Montanari in GQ Germany

Linus Gustin shot by Jason Kim for Essential Homme

Hadrien & Toon shot by Steve Beckouet for Blast Magazine

River Viiperi and Sebastian Sauve shot by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca for GQ Style Russia

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SPRING: Calvin Klein Menswear 2011

Backstage Photo
Sonny Vandevelde
Label: Calvin Klein
Season: Summer/Spring 2011(Milan)

So when the menswear shows came I told myself, I would not stress myself out over reviewing them. I would get to them in due time… I mean I do have until January before shows start up again. It is now November, and I’m beginning back in on them and first up is Calvin Klein. The most memorable part to most were the cropped tops, and to others, they were the shorts that David Abodji wore that left little to the imagination. To me, I wanted to see the shoes. Peculiar, yes, but I was just sort of in awe of this shoe that seemed like it was attempting to be a cross between a dress shoe and sneaker. It was even used as both in the show. So of course I went on a hunt for said shoe and couldn’t find it until I went to Sonny’s blog. There they were, sitting at the bottom of his images. I only smiled.

So I’ve arranged the 4 looks that I’ve decided to display on the blog in a very specific way. It’s all about the amount of skin shown. Awkward way to organize, I’m sure but I mean it was the first thing I thought of. The collection which is most certainly at least a tad inspired by activewear, is a new take on minimalism. While still retaining minimalistic ideals of mostly monochromatic pieces Itallo Zuccelli begins to rework very basic pieces by cropping them. Jackets nor tanks were kept from his shears. When I first saw the collection I immediately thought of football players, and I wasn’t too far off:

The inspiration of the collection is very graphic that’s why I had bold prints,
a lot of jacquard and the big check at the end, and I wanted it to be very
graphic also with the shapes, the cropped styles and the logo. It’s kind of
inspired by rugby actually, I put it on these very strong guys and it looks very
masculine and it’s quite sexy. It’s quite utilitarian, it’s kind of like a khaki
fabric and it was in blue and then it was in khaki also in the show with like
this new carrot pant, shaped like a carrot and a big shirt. I thought it was
like a sort of uniform for the city.

-Italo Zucchelli

If only I could wear this as a uniform… a boy can dream can’t he? Of course, I couldn’t wear it like it is displayed on the runway, as most are thinking of wearing these pieces. The pieces would look alot different with some sort of tank top underneath, mesh for me. Pieces like these in my opinion, look best layered, and that’s exactly what I’d do with them.

Open: Jakum Zelman
Close: David Agbodji

Exclusives: Brian Blank(NY Models), David Agbodji, Ryan Koning(Major)

See more images from the show in the galleries.

FIXATE: River Viiperi

So I felt a little weird showing Lowell and calling it a day. I mean don’t get me wrong, I think Lowell is a great model with amazing potential, but I felt it was a tad too easy on myself. Oh and plus, I’m doubting that you’d hate another model. River Viiperi is a model I’ve followed for a little while now. I mean I remember him back from his Guapo shoot(Wild River) and I also remember him from the Smalto casting that I blogged about. So when I began to think of who else I could spotlight that would require me to do a little extra work, the son of a model, was one of the first to come to mind. It also sort of helps that as of this moment he’s the only model I know of that has walked an international exclusive… yeah that probably helps.

Name: River Viiperi

Place of Origin: Ibiza, Spain
DOB: Aug 03, 1991

2pm (Copenhagen)

Soul Artist(NY)
Nous (LA)
Viva (Berlin)
IMM (Brussells)
Past Agencies
Why Not(Milan)


American Eagle Holiday 2010
Bershka Winter 2010(lookbook)
Bershka FW 2010
American Eagle Fall 2010


So when someone has an extensive editorial list(which most of my fave models do) I always make a disclaimer that says that I’m not trying to make a comprehensive list. We all know that’s a lie, I do try my hardest and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Here’s another swing at it.
Client Magazine(River Deep)
ilovefake(Fade to Grey)
FHM Collections Germany Fall/Winter 2010(Werkshatt der Emotionen)
Re-Bel Magazine
Men’s Health Espana(Road Movie)
Attitude(Rhythm of Love)
Dedicate(Final Fantasy)
Guapo Issue 3
Lutefisk (Jeune Homme Plus)
V Magazine(Ay Que Hombre)
160 Grams(Cover)
Citizen K International
7th Man(Dress Up)
Hercules(Let Your Whole Body Talk)
U Magazine
Contributing Editor(Tight Knit)
GQ Taiwan(Major Players)
Vanity Teen(Paris Under Fire)
Guapo Issue 2(Wild River)
Visual Tales Issue 2 (Animal Attraction)

Big thanks to my friends on The Fashion Spot thread for River Viiperi.
Also big thanks to River Viiperi himself for clarifying some things 🙂

CONTEST: Help Smalto CAST!!

River Viiperi for Smalto Casting
Soo… I’m not quite sure how I found out about this poll, but I did. I just know that I find out about alot just watching my timeline. It seems I have an uncanny knack for following important people who lead me to more important people… for example I just found out about a casting for the Shanell video tomorrow night… But I digress. This specific competition places US in the seat of Casting Director. As that IS one of the many things I’ve wanted to do, I know if the time comes for me to croak I can atleast pretend that I’ve done it!

See the rest of the information after the clip

Nicolas Bemberg for Smalto Casting

I’m not sure of all the specifics but Smalto seems to be allowing people on Twitter to pick the line up for their show. Anyway, I love just LOOKING at pictures from castings and pretending that I’m there so imagine how excited I was when I heard I got to vote! The top 5 were posted before I voted, the order being Nicolas Bemberg, Bastian Ninaber, Jakob Weichmann, Kevin Flamme, and ending with Adrien Brunier. Of course I’m saddened that River didn’t get put into the top five but I’m hoping that’s where my FRIENDS *wink* *wink* that means you *wink* *wink* will rally as citizens of 803 and atleast get him into the top 5.

Kevin Flamme for Smalto Casting

Enough talking, let’s explain how it works. Go on over to Systeme Diaries and check out the posts with all the casting photos in them. One is here and the other is here. Peruse ALL the faces(I wasn’t aware that there was a second page so when I saw two names that I didn’t recognize I searched them on Google, and used other pictures… this is not acceptable since you’ve been informed!) and select your top 3 or 4 and tweet them to Smalto. The people over there are REALLY nice and will send you a little confirmation back when they get your tweet. Don’t be like me and vote too quickly. Like right now I want to change my order of preference to the order they are featured here on the blog but… oh well.

Jakob Wiechmann for Smalto Casting