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SPRING: Gary Bigeni 11/12

label Gary Bigeni
season Spring/Summer 2011/2012 at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week

It seemed that a bit of relative softness wasn’t only reserved for the Lo Sordo show. Gary Bigeni lends me to believe that more than one designer in Australia has caught on to this sort of neo-minimalism trend that has been popping up lately and has decided to run with it. Draped, belted, and powerful with the color, the collection is entirely utilitarian varying from striped tunic dresses to a leather skirt. While things did seem a little fuzzy for a moment with the layering(like the leather jacket, and a few other looks although I did love the leather pieces) Bigeni’s show was a strong one and his voice on Australian fashion is most certainly one to be heard. Bigeni’s sponsor, Spanx must have been pretty pleased as though draped and beautiful the pieces, the wearer would need a pretty fine body for the pieces to hang and look exactly as they were meant to.

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SPRING: Michael Lo Sordo 11/12

label Michael Lo Sordo
season Spring 2011/Summer 2012 at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week

Though I did happen to start off my RAFW coverage with a bad review, it most certainly isn’t all bad. Michael Lo Sordo makes a strong, if soft, statement for the week with a collection of looks that while simplistic, are never bland. Utilizing geometric shapes, a keen minimalist eye, a dash of print, and more than his share of chiffon, Sordo creates a collection that leaves more of an impression than anything else, a lasting impression on the viewer wherein the spirit of the collection is found. To be completely honest though, it may have been those ballerina esque knife pleats that enticed me coupled with the long-sleeved, night gown like dress that seemed to ripple off the model. I’m a sucker for femininity, grace, and discipline, and these are the qualities that will be required to pull of any number of these looks.

SPRING: Karla Spetic 2011/12

Fashion weeks other than the Formidable Four do exist. You may be happy to know this but fashion shows continue throughout the year, various designers showing their wares for buyers, editors, and even just crowds of the masses who are eager enough to purchase a ticket. Rosemount Australian Fashion Week just happens to be one of those weeks.
With a show schedule that’s a bit confusing, RAFW began yesterday. Unlike in other weeks where designers are showing Fall/Winter 2011, designers in Australia are showing Spring 2011/2012. This is the 16th year of the fashion week and they still have yet to shake the negative connotation that has been attached to them. I’ve been told, even from Australians, that designers that show are mainly known for blatantly ripping off the designs and aesthetics of mainstream houses.
I normally don’t start a post off so negative but while looking over the Karla Spetic collection, I couldn’t help but narrow my eyebrows. I saw what was clearly was a regurgitation of the last few seasons in Milan, complete with Versace and Gucci. The cut outs, the coloring, the silhouettes, all did nothing but evoke a Miranda Priestly moment within me, “I’ve seen all of this before.” The draped dresses, with their midriff flounce did not remind me of anything else though and I enjoyed them. It showed that there was something there but I would only hope that Spetic would delve more into her own design aesthetic and shun the outside influences less they remain overtones in her collections and not the undertones they should be.

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REVIEW: "The Infiltration" by Keys

Cover Art for Keys mixtape, The Infiltration
So, there hasn’t been much posting going on but hopefully things have been put in place that will compensate for that. Anyway, while at first I was waiting for some questions to be answered by Keys, the artist of YouTube fame who has just recently dropped her debut mixtape, I’ve decided to go ahead and do my formal review of The Infiltration. And really in truly, after listening to the mixtape as many times as I have(I’ve even gone so far as to burn it onto a CD so I can listen in the truck) one can clearly see that “Keys is here, The Infiltration has begun Michelle… The Infiltration has begun…”


See our review below the clip

A mixtape of 17 tracks without any collaborations, besides the addition of the audio of three different YouTube videos, The Infiltration serves sort of like an announcement to the industry. With tracks like Four, I Am, and Radio, Keys makes it clear what she’s coming into the industry to do. Citing predecessors like KRS-One and Lauryn Hill Keys stays true to statements she’s made about going back to what she lauds as “real hip hop.” She even goes so far to tiptoe around the fact that her music won’t be for everyone; that it has a depth, and requires an intellect that those into the frivolous raps like “Bottle of Chris on that, Gucci this, Louis purse,” won’t be able to get into her rhymes but she’s not into the industry for them.
She also basically sends out a proclamation in tracks like Aint Over, Hit Em, Butterflies and Bellies, as well as Ether that some of the people in the industry will need to be ousted. Tracks like this make up the meat of the mixtape and hold within a confrontational tone. The difference is that it’s not because of their success but instead because they have “set us back.” She begins to reveal their faults in an attempt to cleanse the industry. For anything to get better there has to be a cleansing in of the old before bringing in the new.
Other tracks like Sponsor also hold life lessons and show that Keys is really and truthfully does have morals and that it’s not a front. In the song she shows how at first she was looking for a “sponsor” and after a while she sees that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. She finds that her intelligence is detrimental in this situation and finally she finds that she should just sponsor herself and find the right man for herself.
All in all, the mixtape has a wonderful storyline and a very direct message. My only detraction is that I would have hoped that there would be little to no mention of Nicki Minaj(the actual Nicki Diss didn’t make the mixtape). I felt that there were a little to many allusions to her but other than that I really feel like it was a good project. While at the offset it was for purchase, you can now download the mixtape from here.

Shy’s Music Box

Sorry I haven’t been around for a min. Busy in the outside world 🙂 Life is never slow for a girl like me. But in the music world, I do have exciting news. Idk how many of you are familiar with the band Paramore, but the group happens to be one of my all time favorite bands. Last year I almost had my heart broken when they released The Final Riot & the world freaked out saying that the group was breaking up. *tear* Sorry, that still makes me emotional. But I am happy to announce that the band is still together and have a new album on the way, Brand New Eyes. I’m not sure what the whole inspiration is behind the album title, but who cares? It’s been said to be an amazing album, & I for one, am super excited. It’s a tad bit tamer than our usual Paramore favs, but still awesome. The album release date is set for Sept. 29, 2009, and I’m looking forward to being the first in line to cop this one =].

This is the new album art for cd. It’s very artsy, and I’m a passionate lover of butterflies so it automatically gets 5 stars in my book 🙂

Well that’s all inside the Music Box for today. I’ll be updating more with my fav musical artist, putting up a view links and streams. I’m going to a local band concert on the 19 of August, && I’ll be sure to put up pics and reviews.

Peace,Love,& Nail Polish 🙂

"Louis Vuitton: New Way of Suiting" in 10 Men: A Splash of Color

So, I’m trying to save some pictures for an original post I thought up, and I’m getting side tracked like normal, you know, going off into other blogs. I found one for 10 Magazine and then my computer does the unthinkable and… closes my window. I’m furious because I hadn’t saved my post, but I decide to put that one off till tomorrow and do this one tonight, because well, I did just learn of it.

THE FASHIONISTO brings us an editorial entitled “LOUIS VUITTON: New Way of Suiting” in 10 MEN styled by DAVID VANDEWAL.

These eyes, under all that paint are what stopped me in my tracks. This picture caused me to want to see the entire post, which caused me to write my own. I was intrigued by the contrast of the paint colors with the monotony of the actual clothing choices. The textures and planes contained in the picture blow my mine really and truly. Maybe I”m just weird, but I love the picture!

Now in this picture, the model and the clothes pop. My eyes immediately go to the lack of tie, and then down to the hankerchief/pocketstuffer. Last my eyes get lost in the paint on the model’s face. In my opinion this editorial isn’t really focused on like amazing peices, or crazy design, it’s the texture and the color of these peices that make them unique. In this picture though, I don’t see much that’s unique.

Heres another picture that I adore because of the color palette. The green background makes the entire photo positively pop!!! I like the tie, with what seems to be a feather-like print on it. Whatever it is, I like it. alot. The shirt looks to be the same from the first photo, and the jacket from the second. His face is clean but.. is that red in his hair? Ohhh I like!!!

Velvety jacket. Same feather tie. Those are the two things I notice. Texture, and print. Then I”m up and at the paint. I’m in love with it all. I feel really serene like whatever that model’s feeling is like seeping out of the picture into me. The material of the jacket gives it a soft, rounded feel instead of sharp and hard.

This is the last picture of the editorial and I like it because the hair and the hankerchief pop. While they pop in color, the jacket pops in material with it’s subtle sheen, and so does the tie. Even though none of the articles are the same color they still all gel, and make for a pretty good look in my opinion.

Business Week: Loosely Packed

Take Palmetto Boys’ State, mix in a heavy dose of Wachovia Business Scholars, and then add in some of the leaders in the Business World in South Carolina, and you end up with Business Week at Presbyterian College. One week that causes leaders to arise quickly. Within 24 hours, the companies that have been arranged by the staff, randomly before the camp begins find themselves with a CEO, one round of decisions made about their business, and one skit completed.
The camp works with a speed, efficiency, and smoothness that allows for a lot to get done while not feeling packed. During the week there are speakers that discuss subjects from diversity, personal finance, to personality types, and one week long business simulation. The simulation is a competition that simulates the real business world, requiring participants to determine price, production, advertising, and the purchasing of raw goods for a company that produces 2 goods that require different types of raw materials. Dilemmas are also introduced that require the companies to answer ethical questions as well as professional.
Each company is afforded with CA’s and the chance to interact with industry leaders, and are also allowed to tour a plant. This year, we toured Fujifilm. Teamwork is of the utmost importance during the week because of the ongoing spirit competition. Also because of the time invested in various meetings, participants find themselves linked with their companies if not with everyone else who attended camp.
Because grade level is from rising 10th graders to rising college freshmen it is very interesting to watch how these leaders interact. The applications are vetted heavily and those who attend represent the best that South Carolina has to offer. The Board of CEOs meets for lunch once along with an Advisor and basically have a discussion on leadership. As my company’s CEO I was privy to this and I found it very interesting. All in all, the camp pulled out qualities in me that I wasn’t quite sure I possessed.


Youth Leadership Retreat: Invisible Fence

It’s Sunday and right now I have on 65DaysofStatic’s The Fall of Math album playing in the background while I type. I’m in the dining hall of the YMCA in Lexington, South Carolina, and as I look around I see 4 teenagers, and 3 adults working together to fix breakfast for about 38 people. My stomach is grumbling at the smells, but my brain is grumbling a tad louder, because it knows that we won’t be able to partake in this particular meal.
From Thursday night until this morning I’ve been here at the Y with 29 other teens from the church I attend, Right Direction Christian Center, for the Youth Leadership Retreat. I can really and truly say that this program has been the most set apart from all the leadership camps/retreats/seminars that I’ve attended. I’ve attended Palmetto Boys’ State, SCASC district rallies and conventions, the Dupont Leadership Academy at the National TSA conference, and Wachovia Business Scholars, just to name a few, but this one is by far the one that may make the most impact on me.
It took me about an hour or two of being here to find that out. It’s never happened before, but within that two hour span I said, “I don’t want to be here any more.” As I look back at the weekend I think I know why.
In my other camps, on a general basis, the participants have been vetted. PBS is a fierce competition, and so is WBS. Student Government activities have those who’ve chosen to run for office and have been deemed by their peers to be competent. This camp was, pay and you go. Pay $75 and you can go to the Leadership Retreat.
Personalities as always clashed, and as I take a glance back, the weekend was what it became because of the group dynamics. PBS is a camp of controlled chaos, the same with district rallies from SCASC. It may seem chaotic, but it’s chaotic with an eerily serene calm that underlies every action and activity. I didn’t sense that here. I could liken the situation to having a pet dog in a yard.
It’s kind of like the dog is in the yard with a fence. He knows he has the freedom to roam, but there is a physical barrier always there, that he can see, and is tangible. He can come right up to it and he knows where is the area that he can’t go because he can see clearly the gate. Now take that same dog and put him in a yard with that new Invisible Fence concoction. He’ll see the edge of the yard and no fence, and he’ll roam in the yard for a while but he’ll wonder, “What if I go out of the yard… the fence is gone. What would happen?” He’ll make a dash for it and receive his shock.
Depending on the dog, he may receive the shock and resign himself to the yard, just roaming around. Or, he may roam for a while, regaining the courage have a go at the fence again because, it looks that maybe he can get out. Maybe just once he’ll beat the system. So, he continues to run at it, repeating the procedure until he is to injured to do it again.
That is how my view of this camp is, one of the Invisible Fence. In saying that, I do want to point out that leadership is still taught and one part that stood out to me is even though it wasn’t expressly taught by word of mouth, group dynamics, in my opinion in is one aspect that is crucial in the entire camp. This go round we had very strong, and at times domineering personalities, and also some passive aggressives. Of course we had some who were quiet and just followed but, I really and truly saw leadership potential in them all.
The staff was very approachable, and not at all condescending. They gelled easily into the group and sometimes it was hard to differentiate staff from participant. All in all, it was a new, but at the same time educational experience that I am excited that I had the opportunity to participate in


Sasha Fierce is High Fashion and Choreography in Sweet Dreams

BEY IS BACK!! Well, not to say that she ever really left for a long period time. It’s just that well, her new video is out, getting her one step closer to finishing the entire playlist of I AM SASHA FIERCE… This is her sixth single and video off the album and it characterizes Sasha as a crazy, mechanical dancer with side kicks that come in a pair and rotate.
Written by Beyonce, Rico Love, James Scheffer and Wayne Wilkins, I heard the song first when I saw this video on youtube created by Didn’t Invite Me:

This choreography received mixed reviews on YouTube but was alot different than the actual choreography(I can’t seem to find the choreogrpahers name but I’ll keep looking). I thought the video was a nice progression. I’m seeing that “Sasha Fierce” has a very unique style that includes the mechanical component and high fashion mixed with choreography and I love it. I really think I like this video more than Ego overall because, Sweet Dreams, entitled Beautiful Nightmare when it was leaked before the album, wheras we do have black and white and 3 dancers, well, it’s interwoven with other components of the video. It’s not just 3 girls in leotards running around in black and white. We get color, we even get dresses!!! And is that… oh no, is that a green screen I spy? Wow.

I LOVE the fashion for the video, but there are a few things I don’t love. For one, I’m not a fan of the editing. It looked choppy, like something I would do. It also looked frankly, elementary to me. I’m just not for having the frame copied and then juxtaposed beside itself to have two Beyonce’s walking away from each other. And then you go from Beyonce swinging the fabric around her while walking straight into a clip of her in the same walk, sans the swinging? Not a fan…

Lastly, I wasn’t a fan of the fingerwaves or that golden mechanical leotard. The hips on that thing… don’t do anything for me. I’d been tempted to post when I saw the picture above but I held my tongue. But now I just want to state, for the record, that I’m not a fan of…hip pads.

Enough of me rambling on about it, take a gander at Beyonce’s latest video, Sweet Dreams.


Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week F/W 2010: Alexis Mabille

When I saw the schedule, I didn’t recognize the name. Then again, I’m not as into the fashion industry as I would like to think I am, so I did what any respectable apprentice of a craft would do, I began to research him. I found a few articles about ALEXIS MABILLE before eventually happening upon his website and biography. I found the picture above at HIGH SNOBIETY, and decided that it would be a good opening since before this show many pegged ALEXIS MABILLE as the bow tie guy, this Ken doll bow tie, being one of the many he designed.

Mabille’s biography a love of fashion, sparked by museums and attics. As a teenager, young Mabille got his first taste for design when he began creating theatre and party costumes, as well as designing for friends and family. After studying at Paris’ CHAMBRE SYNDICALE, he began partaking in apprenticeships at NINA RICCI and UNGARO before settling at CHRISTIAN DIOR. The nine years spent there created fine jewelry for JOHN GALLIANO and the DIOR HOMME line overseen by HEDI SLIMANE. He told VOGUE “I was an intern at the beginning when I started with Dior and I stayed for nine years because it was a great place to work. It was a crazy time, very fun: everything was open. It taught me that something not very beautiful, something from daily life, can be made amazing. I had a very good relationship with Galliano and with the label, but I felt it was time to follow my own vision,” about the time spent there. Mabille also told VOGUE that he would really love to dress the Queen.

Choosing pictures for this line proved a tad more difficult than for DIOR, but I did it. The following 4 pictures, I found at STYLE, where the entire collection and an accompanying article, can be viewed. Sadly, I couldn’t find the board for the models but that only means we can plunge right into the show!

I bring you this first dress because unlike my friends over at TLo, I like bows on a woman, if placed correctly. Whereas I do believe that there is a better positioning for this particular bow(which I saw by my “Best Dressed” winner’s dress for my prom this year,) I still like the look. It, like most of the collection, is kind of like wearable couture. It’s couture that really and truly, I could see a variety of women wearing.

For this next number, a tasteful sheer concoction, I will give you background. Style reports that Mabille’s story line dictated a girl waking from a night of fitfull sleeping to find herself entangled in her pajamas. Now these are not the flannels, that my family wears but apparently sheer, flowing, and silken pieces. They quote Mabille saying “I wanted it to look loose and casual-fitting, so she can wear things with the attitude of pulling on a T-shirt,” which is what I see in this look. It looks very comfortable and very fluid. To me it seems as if anyone wearing it would have the comfortability of a T-shirt while the look of something much more priceless.

This look, is just that, alot of look. Mabille rolls his many signatures into one look: the sheer fluidity and the bow tie leave me, hours after I saw it for the first time, still trying to decide if I like it or not. My mind wants to say somethings off but, I just can bring myself to say it, especially being a lover of movement like I am. The sheer material seems to create a visual aura around the model, and truthfully I’m still undecided.

Lastly I present you with this, a look that I am decided upon. This chic evening suit with it’s white scalloped edged peacoat Made me actually decide to post. The golden buttons, and what I’m going to bet is a black bow in the back make me smile. The sheer material cum scarf around her neck is an added plus and really and truly I’m not positive what makes the look so right in my eyes. Maybe it’s the clean and chic quality… I don’t know but I do know… I like… I like.

Mr. Mabille himself came out with a small bit of couture on his pants… probably just found it’s way there in all that hard craftsmanship.