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RESORT: Miu Miu 2011

Color is back at Miu Miu for the 2011 Resort collections, and Miuccia Prada is unapologetic about it. Describing it herself as “Fun, sensual, and insolent,” the lie nods back to the sixties and the retro glam found within. A lover of jewlery stacks, I found myself dying over the colorful stacked bangles. And even though I’ve never been one for eccentric hair and makeup, this ratted hair and cheekbone enhancing makeup strikes my fancy exactly. Whether it’s hearts, stripes, apples, or polka dots, Miuccia knows her way around a print.

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I love everything about the line really. It does one of the things that I believe the Prada family is best at: taking something from your grandmother’s closet and revamping it until it’s relevant for today. It’s in no way just the prints that make me say this but the cuts, the fit in some instances(alot of times it is the prints though).

One last thing I love about this line is that it’s about the entire look! It’s not just about those GORGE pants that are perfectly cut to hang right while teetering on those sky high heels. It’s about the bag, the jacket, the hankercheif AND the jewlery stack. The eyewear is even of importance. Now whereas I will admit alot of this can be chalked up to two AMAZING models, it also shows that Miuccia is invested in the entire line, and takes care to show the ENTIRE look. It’s not like make a dress and then accessories to go with it, but don’t spend too much time on them. I want the dress to be the focus. Instead it seems more like, create 27 complete looks for resort.

Models: Anais Pouliot, Lindsey Wixson


RESORT: Proenza Schouler 2011

So if you are searching for an unbiased, levelheaded, dry, post about the Proenza Schouler Resort 2011 Collection… GO ELSEWHERE! Although I am not a bag carrying member of the PS Cult, I’m a card carrying member and one of the MANY fanatics who want sooo much to be in the in crowd. In my mind the duo, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough can do no wrong and the only thing that I may be partially upset with them with is that there isn’t a mens line. No matter though…don’t tell anyone I said this but if I get my hands on a piece… I might wear it no matter the intended sex.

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I could never decide on what to call the Proenza Schouler style… never could find a name that I like for their aesthetic but after my first year in college… I’VE GOT IT! I don’t know if they’ve been called this before or if people will just shake their heads at me for saying it but the Proenza Schouler aesthetic is like an Art History major. No not an art major, but Art History. There’s a distinct difference between the two. An art major may create something like Le Lin Tiffany Tang created for her graduation show but, an Art History Major is the type of designer that incorporates the techniques more into the styling and coloring of the fabrics. Where have I heard this before… no where… It’s purely 803 Markese Street lingo 🙂

Models: Kate Kosushkina, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Fei Fei Sun

RESORT: Derek Lam 2011

So, while looking for the next show package to post I noticed that Elite Milan was up. I immediately thought, how appropriate. I love Milan Menswear… and the show package is soccer themed so why not… I’ll tell you why not. The package was 228 pictures strong! Now while I think it’s amazing that 113 models from one agency alone will shortly be descending on the city of Milan… uploading their pictures 5 at a time… isn’t going to cut it. And so instead we are here with Derek Lam and his collection for Resort 2011. A nice quaint, 16 looks :).

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Call me stuck up, call me whatever you like really, but there are certain things I adore in fashion and certain things I wish would just GET LOST! I mean Mr. Lam and I don’t have an ongoing relationship but looking at this collection I could TELL that if we did it would be a tumultuous one. I either LOVED a look or HATED it.
Pieces that I loved included reinterpreted basics, like the t-shirt above, and pieces that utilized draping, like the piece below. Mr. Lam, in my humble opinion, seems to thrive in those simplistic moments, while floundering helplessly in the more… ornate times. For example, the purple frock with the many ruffles… I’m not sure I can quite express my discontent with it. It’s too much, just too frivolous for my tastes and furthermore… FOR THE STATE THE ECONOMY IS NOW IN. You want to return to your staples, a return to minimalism… and I find that Mr. Lam flourishes when he does.

Models: Megan McNierny(IMG NY), Ksenia Kahnovich(IMG Paris)

RESORT: Rag & Bone 2011

Marc Jacobs isn’t the only one manufacturing cool behind closed doors. Two other Superlative winners, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville(they won best Menswear at the CFDA), the duo behind Rag and Bone, are creating their own type of coolness. One that comes complete with leather, short skirts, and a dark color palette. Oh and I can’t forget to mention those heel-less high heeled boots. They, along with all the other pieces from the 17 look collection, are GORGE! It is evident though that the Rag & Bone crowd isn’t one for St. Barths. It seems more UES circa one Jenny Humphries/Taylor Momsen. Soo look out girls, I believe your new uniforms have arrived.

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Model: Teyane Leao

RESORT: Marc by Marc Jacobs 2011

MARC JACOBS! Undoubtedly one of the coolest kids roaming the halls of fashion right now. I mean he just won Womenswear Designer of the year for Superlatives.. wait I meant for the CFDA Awards… you know that I was trying to say. Anyway, so what does he go and do? Well of course he goes and puts out outfits in his Marc by Marc Jacobs line, that are uber laid back and chill, and yet still chic and a tad quirky. Utilizing florals, small pops of colors, and draping, the Marc by Marc Jacobs crowd is at ease when on vacation but of course is always ready with any number of cocktail dresses to throw on.

See below the clip for the rest of the collection

And if you were wondering, the models are twins 🙂

Models: Kirby Kenny(DNA NY), Ann Kenny(DNA NY)

RESORT: Donna Karan 2011

The Donna Karan woman is an impeccably dressed one. She is always prepared in a very business chic way, and so when she goes on vacation, there is no difference. Whereas she doesn’t expect to be holed up in an office, she does plan to be out at events and her wardrobe allows her to be stylish as well as business minded. She packs with her all the required pieces, including a go-to LBD. Her wardrobe is very simplistic, with alot of draping, and on the whole outfits that are monochromatic that are given a spark of life by the large statement pieces. No matter what the Donna Karan woman gets into for her vacation(besides maybe mud wrestling) she’ll be atleast dressed the part.

See the rest of the collection below the clip

Opened: Constance Jablonski(ELITE, Marilyn)
Closed: Liu Wen(Marilyn, Select, d’management)

RESORT: Yves Saint Laurent 2011

Yves Saint Laurent is a name we more than likely all know, or atleast you’ve seen the letters, YSL somewhere. Most notably for me I think of the film that Bruce Weber did entitled Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing(WARNING: Male Frontal Nudity). Anyways, the line is back with their Resort 2011 line for women. The message seems to be pretty simple to me though ladies, it’s all about the legs.

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Opened: Ginta Lapina (Women)
Closed: Lindsey Wixson (Marilyn)

RESORT: Thakoon 2011

So, yes I am aware that the posting on the blog has been lacking… and yes I’m also aware that resort/cruise shows and presentations are going on. I’m also aware that my computer is conspiring against me to not make any new posts. Juggling two internships, while searching for a job and having a tempermental computer that likes to drop the internet connection when it feels like it isn’t the best way to get work done… but let’s get on to the fashions! When I first saw Sara Blomqvist, who’s represented by DNA in New York, in this dress I immediately thought about this editorial, and doing a female version. Now I’m thinking it may could have made the SATC 2 movie… which I have yet to see.

See more of the collection under the clip

Whereas I know you guys LOOOOVVVVEEE to click the link to be redirected to another website for the rest of the collection I’ve decided to spotlight four pieces and include the rest here. If you click on each piece, it should enlargen. Happy viewing 🙂