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Lola Maxwell’s Basik Edukation

So some of you may remember Lola Maxwell from the interview we conducted with her before. Well, Lola released a press release today stating that she would be dropping her newest mixtape entitled “Basik Edukation:The Mixtape”.

Get more coverage below the clip
The project is her sixth studio compilation and will be hosted by MATunes.net and Datpiff.com. Projects she’s done before include Studio 1206, Check the Rhyme,and From the Planet of the Greats and these are all available on Datpiff here


Lola Maxwell – “Basik Edukation” mxtp promo from Lola Maxwell on Vimeo.

Based in D.C. she says that Basik Edukation:

“It just fits my writing and production style. Back to the basis of when hip hop was all about lyricism and storytelling, no gimmicks. I completed it 2 weeks prior to the release date and I worked with the following producers: Banquo, Sinitus Tempo, BAM, Majestic Views, and Joe D. It was relatively easy producing this mixtape. The words just flowed right onto the paper as soon as I heard the beats. I could’ve had way more tracks but I didn’t do too much. My concept actually shifted”

She did provide us with a freestyle on Drake’s track “OVER” to hold us over which you can check out here. She says this about the track:

“Lol, Drake’s rapping and delivery will always be his way and mine will always be mine. Of course, I would say I like mine better, though ha-ha. It’s a version of my ideas and music thoughts to the “over” beat, nothing personal.”

Lola will be performing live at “Hard Rock Live” at The Loft DC on 411 Penn Avenue, NE Washington D.C. The show starts at 10pm and it’s 10 dollars at the door. Oh and this would be for the 21 and up crowd.


Shy’s Music Box

Sorry I haven’t been around for a min. Busy in the outside world 🙂 Life is never slow for a girl like me. But in the music world, I do have exciting news. Idk how many of you are familiar with the band Paramore, but the group happens to be one of my all time favorite bands. Last year I almost had my heart broken when they released The Final Riot & the world freaked out saying that the group was breaking up. *tear* Sorry, that still makes me emotional. But I am happy to announce that the band is still together and have a new album on the way, Brand New Eyes. I’m not sure what the whole inspiration is behind the album title, but who cares? It’s been said to be an amazing album, & I for one, am super excited. It’s a tad bit tamer than our usual Paramore favs, but still awesome. The album release date is set for Sept. 29, 2009, and I’m looking forward to being the first in line to cop this one =].

This is the new album art for cd. It’s very artsy, and I’m a passionate lover of butterflies so it automatically gets 5 stars in my book 🙂

Well that’s all inside the Music Box for today. I’ll be updating more with my fav musical artist, putting up a view links and streams. I’m going to a local band concert on the 19 of August, && I’ll be sure to put up pics and reviews.

Peace,Love,& Nail Polish 🙂