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F/Homme Magazine Issue 1

So the debut issue of the menswear version of FIASCO Magazine has finally arrived. Inside you’ll find features on Vivienne Westwood, the Haus of Mugler, Rad Hourani and even the Spring 2011 Collections(by yours truly). A few photographers and included are cover models Mark Cox and William Eustace as well as Nicolas Ripoll, Joe Lally, and Justin Wu. Happy Reading.



Cover Model: Daniel Hicks
Cover Photographer: Beau Griely
Magazine: Agent2
Issue: 6
So some of you may remember that I like to read… alot. Sadly, I haven’t had alot of time to be reading with school and work going on, and the time I have been reading I’ve been spending on reading things by people like Malcolm Gladwell instead of the Derek Blasberg‘s of the world. Anywho, I need to get back into reading more fashion, especially since I am subscribed to a good many publications that just stack in my library, and so why not start with some online publications like Agent 2??

I’m not sure where I found out about Agent2, but I found it and subscribed to it. When I went to catch up on magazine subscriptions I saw that there was a new issue and so I flipped through it before perusing the website for a little while. I’m going to try to shoot through a quick runthrough.
  • complexgeometries, which was featured in the issue is a very nice label. I went through the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection and found myself mentally ticking off pieces I would buy and wear.
  • The article on David Koma was well written and I would only ask for more. Go in deeper, find something that I couldn’t find somewhere else. Try to either present the information in an interesting light, with a new perspective, or find something that hasn’t been found before. But the quality of writing was excellent.
  • The article on Rad Hourani… had me feeling unsettled. I felt content with the information given, but I had the nagging feeling that the questions were in a sense asking the same thing and Rad Hourani just was able to answer the question and still provide more information.
All in all I thought the issue was ohkay. I say this not to bash, but I have come to expect real creativity in editorials for an online publication, just because of the publications I normally read and this editorial fell a little short. For a 6th issue, I just encourage the Agent2 team to work hard. I do believe they have an eye for talent, as those who were featured in the publication are talented, but I wish that they could just improve their coverage of said talent.

Individual Innovation (Rad Hourani SS 2011)

Video PresentationModel: Tanga MonreauDirector: Rad HouraniLabel: Rad HouraniCollection: Spring/Summer 2011

So when I blogged about the Rad by Rad Hourani collection I said that I knew that there was also a Rad Hourani collection but I wasn’t sure about the differentiation. Well, with this new film, and the accompanying research I’ve done, I now understand the difference. A collection made of 6 pieces styled(by William Graper) and reinterpreted into 22 different looks, is what Rad Hourani has given us for his main eponymous line. Done in his customary color palette of black with the addition of white, the collection stays true to what Rad Hourani has come to mean: genderless, timeless, and trendless.

The film, which was directed and filmed by Hourani himself but edited by Kevin Collero, makes blatantly clear that there is another aspect at work in the Rad aesthetic; symmetry. The quick cuts, while maybe confusing to some, show almost absolute symmetry in the entire collection. The hair and makeup, done by Hung Vanngo, only serves to further invoke the trendless quality of the film, proving to be not a hindrance or distraction to the simplicity, and yet complexity of the garments.
The Six Pieces:
  • 3 Jackets
  • 1 Top
  • 1 Pair of Leather Pants
  • 1 Bag

These pieces all contain various zippers that allow collars, sleeves, and panels to be detached and connected, which gives the collection it’s versatility. The Rad Hourani aesthetic is one that I adore, and in my opinion is visionary. Since the Rad Hourani Collection #6 is supposed to be like a laboratory(as all Rad Hourani collections), I would look to be purchasing from the lower priced Rad by Rad Hourani collection. The easiest way to do that, of course, would be to try and snag a pair of the shoes that were designed. Three unisex styles of shoe, only 200 pair of each style, and they go on sale in February of 2011 on Rad Hourani’s website.

See the rest of the collection in the galleries.