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Why I’m Not Voting


I don’t do politics often… it happens about once a quarter. I sort of explain that in the video. But I’m pretty much saying why I don’t agree with campaigns that attempt to just get people to haphazardly vote. This was spurred by June Ambrose‘s tweet(she’s a big music industry stylist). I encourage voting but I believe that one should set in their mind and heart that they are going to vote weeks, even months before, and do the adequate research to be able to vote intelligbly about the issues. I will never vote for Congressman Joe Wilson though because of his past actions.

Joe Wilson’s Actions:

The House’s Response:


OPINION: Mr. Alvin Greene and SC Politics

So… I normally don’t go political on this blog. But I mean, my other blog is mainly fashion based and has an international appeal. Soo whereas I mean I technically can write this on the other one, I’ve decided not to… and with that said let’s talk about SOUTH CAROLINA POLITICS!

So… when people think of sheisty politics… Chicago comes to mind. For me… my home state does. Why, well because of things like Push Poll Politics, the way district lines are drawn, their attempts to thwart Obama’s campaigning efficiency, the Gov. Sanford SCANDALSSSSS, and most currently this. I’m still heated about the campaign against Obama. Did you know that one of the tactics was to tell Democrats that they were supposed to vote on one day while Republicans were supposed to vote on another? As far as I know… there’s only ONE DAY to vote! And guess which one happened to be on the right day?

Anyway, let’s finally get to this issue in particular. First let’s ignore the fact that he appears to be a bumbling buffoon, and that Mr. Olberman seems to be exhausted with how EXCRUCIATING this interview is. We’re going to address the facts. For one, let’s talk about money. It costs $10,000 TO RUN for this position. How in the WORLD does someone who’s unemployed, living with his father, and more than likely had a PUBLIC DEFENDER afford personally fund themselves to even submit their name? Long, lost, dead uncle. Oh he was rich… owned a farm that he kept his unicorns on… ohkay fine.

Secondly… how does he manage to get 60% of the vote? NO ONE KNOWS HIS NAME! No one was aware of him, he has no endorsements! He held a “couple of meetings” and people found out about him by “word of mouth?” If he had a grass roots campaign THAT organized, you would think that he would be able to atleast ARTICULATE what he was attempting to get across. You would think that the MULTIPLE political blogs here in the state would have said SOMETHING about him before but… not a peep!

I’ll try to keep this short so let’s move on to one last thing. Say we allow all the concessions we can. He was given the nomination, fair and square. Nothing backhanded happened and the Republicans did not in fact create a masterfully wonderful campaign that put him at the helm of the Democratic nomination. The fact still remains that your PARTY CHAIR ASKED YOU TO STEP DOWN! If your entire organization asks you to remove yourself from the nomination and you’re as loyal as you claim to be, then STEP DOWN! And with that… I end.

Aubrey O’Day was right: they are SMART!

So let’s do this really quick like so I can get to my homework.

Scrolling through Google Reader and see something on The Calvin Show. I scan the post he’s written and then I press play on the clip. Here’s what I watch.

Seriously I’m floored. I go on Google and type in a few things to see that the blogs are atwitter with the topic. I make stops at PerezHilton(I do NOT condone the use of this blog!), New York Daily, and The Blemish among others to see that everyone is blasting Aubrey. Again, completely floored!

AUBREY IS RIGHT, contrary to popular belief. She is ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY right! I was moved to even comment a few blogs. You don’t just become a ruler of a country by chance. And if you do, you do not retain that role for very long. You have to be very intellectual to do the things that Hitler and Fidel Castro did. Just because someone does something bad, Rabbi Chaim Cunin, doesn’t make them stupid.

Let me speak a tad about the Rabbi for a second if I may.

“When a woman like her uses public airwaves, with access to millions of wonderful citizens of America, and calls some of the most despicable, unspeakable hate mongers of history brilliant, then something is lacking with her intelligence.

This is a constant reminder of how careful we need to be when we talk about hate, because hatred is always present. We need to make sure we are careful and that hatred doesn’t rear it’s ugly head.

‘I’d like for her to think about some older Holocaust survivor having that comment beamed into their home while they are enjoying the freedom that this beautiful country provides and having to listen to her disgusting comments.”

Now Rabbi, being the intellectual you are, or that you should be because you are in fact advising your parishoners and ANYONE who looks to you for spiritual and/or natural guidance, how can you be so CLOSED MINDED! Something is lacking with her intelligence? Seriously? Basically the Rabbi is saying that only those who do things right can be considered intellectuals!!! What in the WORLD!! Your intellect is not decided by your actions but your ability to think! As a matter of fact some of the most intelligent people do wrong things because they KNOW how to do them. Some people are just too dumb to get away with things, so they don’t do them

Ugh, I got homework to do today, but I had to bring that up.


Slippery Slope Part 2: The FTC versus Fashion Bloggers

The post was about the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, beginning to set guidelines on disclosure in blogs. Whereas I’m all for disclosure, as I expressed in my reply, I don’t think the FTC has a place in this.

The other day I was posting about the FTC and their plan to crack down on the blogging industry basically. I got cut off because of camp but today I’ll finish. Well what I was saying basically was although I do believe that disclosure is the best, the FTC should have not right to tell us so.

My conception of the blogging industry, because that’s what it has become, an industry, is basically a market that is created by the people for the people. We set our own rules and we expect others to abide by them. If they don’t they are exposed for the phonies and fakes they are and we blacklist them, it’s simple. We don’t need a motherly figure coming on here and trying to boss us around. The situation makes me heated under the collar!

Hmm, anyways, yeah the reason you should disclose is well, it’s common courtesy to your readers. I do it, even though people aren’t sending me stuff. I normally start a blog off with, I was looking on my Reader, or I was glancing at this blog when I happened upon this. That is disclosure pure and simple. If and when businesses and brands begin to send me stuff then you’ll read, I was checking my mail to find this, or some friends at XXXXX shipped this over.

Furthermore the status of the item as being free should not compromise the review. The day I began the first part of this post during my research, I found that some people make it a blog value to not write negatively, and this practice is something I’ve adopted. Now a small, I don’t like this, may find it’s way into an article but I’m not going to base an article off of an item that I dislike. (P.S. Now comments are a free for all. If I am commenting anywhere you may find that I hate the entire thing so… well beware hahaha!) Because of this stance if I receive an item that I have qualms about writing a review about I will more than likely send the item back (if possible) with a not detailing this value. Wait, I’m not sure if that would be rude, to send the item back… I’ll think over that.

Anyway I have to go but I’m pretty much done with that… let’s break it down a little into a line or two.

The FTC has no right to legislate on the activities of a blogger but bloggers should have enough integrity and respect for their readers to disclose free items.


You are going out to check the mail and you notice a box on your front porch. You pick it up, notice that it’s a box from the postal service. After, going to the mailbox to grab the rest of your mail you retreat back into the privacy of your own to have a gander at what’s in teh box. For about a second you debate inwardly on which to open first, the box that you have no clue what it is, or the bills that can be paid any day, and you already know the outrageous figuires of… The box DEFINATELY!

So you rip into the box to find a brand new bag. The note that accompanies it says, “From your friends at XXXXX XXXXX a new start up fashion line in your area. By the way, we love your blog!” You immediately snap a photo and sit down at you computer to begin typing on your fashion blog that has garnered somewhat of a cult following since you started it. As you type, you rack your brain for the connection, how did you know these people. You didn’t remember the name. As a matter of fact you knew you had never seen it before because you would’ve written it down. You stop typiing to tap on your teeth before you realize, this is the first time you’d ever been exposed to the line.

Why I wrote all of that, I don’t know but I was in the writing mood. Anyway, the point is today… we’re talking about FREEBIES!! Recently I’ve discovered, created an account for, and have begun devouring the Independent Fashion Bloggers site. Well today I was presented with a title, “FTC plans to crack down blogger freebies…and what that means to you”. And immediately began to read. In concordance with my normal internet usage as I read, I clicked, link after link after link eating up as much information as possible about the situation. I even commented on it saying..

Now whereas, I do believe that it should be disclosed whether one is receiving and… incentive to blog about a certain person, I don’t like the FTC telling me that. We got into blogging because we were tired of the press right? We were tired of the rigamaroe and we were tired of the regulations. We wanted stories told to us from another individual without the influence of some corporate entity. And now, with this possible legislation, the government is beginning to infiltrate blogger land. I don’t like it and basically I say it’s… even though I don’t really like the term… it’s a “slippery slope”!

I’m going to blog on this now actually… at my blog on http://www.markese91.blogspot.com

The post was about the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, begining to set guidelines on disclosure in blogs. Whereas I’m all for disclosure, as I expressed in my reply, I don’t think the FTC has a place in this.

I have to jet but I will be back to finish this!

Tell me that I’m reading this incorrectly.

Al-Fuqra. Islamville. Al-Queida. York, SC. Assassination. Scam. Terrorist. For the past hour, this is what I’ve been reading and digesting. I’ve written absolutely nothing, I’ve just read, and digested, and now I am to expound.
I happened upon the issue when WLTX was airing a commercial that detailed an investigation that was to be aired. It looked interesting, but I wasn’t going to be home to watch so I put it on my list of things to research. Well today, I saw another clip and was convinced that research was needed. What I found…stunned me to say the least.
Islamville is a Muslim compound in York, SC. It is a place affiliated with MOA(Muslims of America) which is not affiliated with the Nation of Islam. MOA is affliated with Al-Fuqra though.
The stated reason for Islamville is a place for Muslims, mostly of African-American descent, to live peacefully, without those urban, sinful tempatations. It is to be a financially independent cohabitation for these people that functions as their community. What brings up suspicion is the rumored activites that go on there.
Islamville has been called a paramilitary outfit also. Guards stand at the only road that leads into the community and I’ve read in numerous accounts, that these guards are indeed armed. Furthermore one of the authorities at Islamville stated that a function of the community was to instruct Muslims in the ways of self-defense, because of the tense relations with Christians and other Americans. Lastly, neighbors of the commune have reported hearing gunshots from the compound frequently.
The commune isn’t alone though. In total, I have read of five communes that are set up through out North America: one in Virginia, another in California, a third in Colorado and another in the headquaters of Al-Fuqra in Hancock, New York. The South Carolina commune, in my research hasn’t been mentioned much, except as the site of a community, but the others pop up frequently.
Al-Fuqra, “the impoverished”, has been named as a terrorist organization by many articles, and even by a goverment agency, although the sect has not made it onto the US Terrorist Group list. As per my research the organization is made up of 5 cells atleast and owns these 4 compounds, one of which encompasses 101 acres and also has relations in Pakistan. Whereas the organization is silent now, at it’s beginnings, it showed it’s global reach.
Although Al-Fuqra itself has not claimed any acts of violence or terrorism there have been many attributed to the name. Acts include but are not limited to a Portland bombing, the murder of an opposing Islamic leader, and involvement in the bombing of the Twin Towers by one, Clement Rodney Hampton-El. The latter act is the one that nods to inter-sect collaboration.
I’ve read of Al-Fuqra having ties with multiple terrorist organizations and actually training their members. In the latter years as the group has taken a back seat to actually acting, they have begun supporting other organizations, morally, and financially.
Finances bring up another interesting point. The man accused of starting Al-Fuqra vehemently denies it on his the website of IQOU-MOA(International Quranic Open University) and I read his rebuttal with full hopes of my mind being settled. When I began reading his rebuttals I found what I beleive to be a bunch of red-herrings. He says the land that he bought to house Muslims was because he didn’t beleive that Muslims should live on welfare. I was all for this. The thing is, he says that the proof he doesn’t run this terrorist outfit is because the other organizations that he’s started help the United States. That’s like saying I didn’t take the cookies because I was in the refrigerator, so I couldn’t have done it. Furthermore the organizations that he proclaims to be the reason for his non-involvement are among those listed as front organizations for Al-Fuqra.
I beleive I got off, I was supposed to talk about finances. He said that he wanted to take the Muslims off welfare but it’s been found out that Al-Fuqra participants set up dummy companies and scammed some $330,000 off of the government in workers’ compensation claims. Did he remove those people from government assistance so they could take the money from the government instead of having it handed to them?
These stories aren’t adding up to me and I want to delve deeper into this story. If you want to hear more comment and I’ll continue on and if you want the sources I’ll list them, but even if you don’t want to hear I’ll proabably keep researching just for me…