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Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week F/W 2010: Chanel

FASHIONOLOGIE provided these pictures for this entire post… well almost, the last picture was gotten somewhere else. I started this post with that picture because well… those are some big perfume bottles!!!!

Here I will talk about how I got a tip yesterday about floating panels, and the background for this line, and other key bits of interest.

I found this picture a few days ago and thought it was pretty daring, yet hillarious at the same time. You can take a gander before diving into the Fab Four although, if you’re subscribed to many other blogs you’ve seen it.

I love this look and in it Mr. Lagerfield uses the “floating panels” concept, with the fabric flowing from the back. Cutouts done well are a plus for me, and so I love this!! The way that the skirt is made rocks my freaking socks! I love volume, and if you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of dark colors as well as bright.! The large belt and accompanying what I believe to be a leaf broach, set the look off!

Here’s another floating panel. The bejewled dress as well as the “floating panel” behind it strike my fancy. You can’t see just how much the panels move and “float” in the pictures I’ve selected but if you go to the gallery and Fashionologie, or if you get a chance to see the show footage, they will undoubtedly fly! I’m a fan of the shoulder caps, as well as what looks to me to be finger gloves…

I beleive this panel is connected at the model’s neck. No matter where it’s connected, the dress has me wondering. I’m undecided about it and I just figuired out why. It reminds me of in middle school when we used to take colored pens and make those circle things on our notepads. It looked just like that!! The stockings are lovely, and so are the heels. I’m just undecided about that dress, and to be entirely truthful, if I don’t like it, it can sway my view of the entire look…

This last look made my breath stop. I hadn’t seen a male model in coverage for this week YET! I was kind of saddened because hither to this week I hadn’t been as exposed to much couture besides in magazines and television, besides posing of course, and I always thought that male couture was out there, it was just something I’d never found.
Anyways enough about my troubles hahaha, now on to the picture. When I saw the picture, like I said my breath stopped. The guy get’s a line, because well, I’m a lover for a sharp clean chic suit! Oh, and as a subscriber to the dapper style I’m in LOVE with bow times… ’nuff said. For our lady, I love that her panel has become more of a train! I think the work done on this dress is to die for! Oh, and I do love those lace up ankle high boots! She has on some finger covers to, but I think I love this collection and pieces like this one in particular so much because at one point in time I wanted to design a line of dresses that were Victorian styled with short skirts like this one. I also wanted material to come out of the back but I didn’t want it to touch the ground, only graze it. In my mind I had worked up 3 such concoctions, in blue, green, and yellow, as well as a lingerie type one that was red and black. Those were back in teh days I thought I could be a designer though.

For the last picture of the post we have Mr. Lagerfield himself along with some of the looks… DASHING!


Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week F/W 2010: Christian Lacroix

So I didn’t want to start off my CHRISTIAN LACROIX note off on a bad note, like I said when I posted the quick outline the first time. Well, I found this picture on FASHION WEEK DAILY of Mr. Lacroix’s notecard for when he attended the Givenchy show. I’ll have to come back to write more though.

I didn’t want to start off my post on a touchy subject, but I searched for another picture to kick us off, but didn’t really come up with anything that I found was relevant. I’m going to check again but, well, it needs to be discussed anyways. I mean LACROIX, did file bankruptcy and is now apparently considering returning under the LVMH family since the company he’s under now has cut back his budget, leaving only 12 individuals on staff of over 200 and, reducing his label to a mere licensing operation.

I will give more background on that story at a later time, as well as on this line, that he had to produce on a shoestring budget.

Now we will jump into my favorite four, because I couldn’t find the words of wisdoms for the models.

This first look, a black lame(lamay not lame) dress, sparked an interest in me. I’m a fan of the bunching and gathering that give the chic off the shoulder garment a restrained sort of feel. The bows and crossing thin strands of ribbon subtly contribute to this mood. Wheras I’m not a serious fan of the lace collar, I still like the look overall.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week F/W 2010: Givenchy

At GIVENCHY, FASHION WEEK DAILY reports that musicians played atop boxes. Now, while the article doesn’t explain whether the musicians had to play during the hour long interim between the scheduled time of the show and the time the first model actually graced the runway, I’m not sure, but they were seen playing with those intriguing instruments.

Back ground information will be written later.

Jack and Jill teased me with these pictures depicting designs being displayed in the Givenchy boutiques, these on AVENUE GEORGE V.

The models were greeted with this lovely note before stepping onto the note, brought to us by JACK AND JILL @ THE POP. Afterwards, we plunge straight into my favorite four thanks to FASHIONOLOGIE, who has the entire collection..

Reminiscent of the kickoff post in color. Seems like the red is slowly filtering up through the garment. Love the many accessories on the arms!

As with ALEXIS MABILLE I still like the sheer material. What makes this HAUTE is that the jewels are still sparkling and amazing beneath the material! Heels are to die for and I kind of want to see the look behind her, which I don’t think I’ve found on Fashionologie.

Another look shrouded in sheer. I just realized that it was this look that was behind the one I just posted. I’m in love with the movement, and the jewels, and frankly, I’m reminded of some of the DIOR numbers. Check that last look, with it’s sheer and jewlery dripping take. The difference though is whereas in DIOR the dress was large and more than likely had little movement, this is sleek when motionless but once the air gets to it, it will undboutedly WRITHE!!!!

I will admit up front that I have problems with the placement of this dress on the model. Really and trully I think that it makes her chest look saggy, and it is pulling her down. That being said, to take it for the couture piece it is, I like it! The entire look seems to be all of the small themes that were in the show all rolled into one, sans the sheer. There were golden masks, and facial pieces that were shown in this post but were a part of the show that seems to be worked into the dress. Also the crown is now on full display, not obscured by any fabric.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week F/W 2010: Alexis Mabille

When I saw the schedule, I didn’t recognize the name. Then again, I’m not as into the fashion industry as I would like to think I am, so I did what any respectable apprentice of a craft would do, I began to research him. I found a few articles about ALEXIS MABILLE before eventually happening upon his website and biography. I found the picture above at HIGH SNOBIETY, and decided that it would be a good opening since before this show many pegged ALEXIS MABILLE as the bow tie guy, this Ken doll bow tie, being one of the many he designed.

Mabille’s biography a love of fashion, sparked by museums and attics. As a teenager, young Mabille got his first taste for design when he began creating theatre and party costumes, as well as designing for friends and family. After studying at Paris’ CHAMBRE SYNDICALE, he began partaking in apprenticeships at NINA RICCI and UNGARO before settling at CHRISTIAN DIOR. The nine years spent there created fine jewelry for JOHN GALLIANO and the DIOR HOMME line overseen by HEDI SLIMANE. He told VOGUE “I was an intern at the beginning when I started with Dior and I stayed for nine years because it was a great place to work. It was a crazy time, very fun: everything was open. It taught me that something not very beautiful, something from daily life, can be made amazing. I had a very good relationship with Galliano and with the label, but I felt it was time to follow my own vision,” about the time spent there. Mabille also told VOGUE that he would really love to dress the Queen.

Choosing pictures for this line proved a tad more difficult than for DIOR, but I did it. The following 4 pictures, I found at STYLE, where the entire collection and an accompanying article, can be viewed. Sadly, I couldn’t find the board for the models but that only means we can plunge right into the show!

I bring you this first dress because unlike my friends over at TLo, I like bows on a woman, if placed correctly. Whereas I do believe that there is a better positioning for this particular bow(which I saw by my “Best Dressed” winner’s dress for my prom this year,) I still like the look. It, like most of the collection, is kind of like wearable couture. It’s couture that really and truly, I could see a variety of women wearing.

For this next number, a tasteful sheer concoction, I will give you background. Style reports that Mabille’s story line dictated a girl waking from a night of fitfull sleeping to find herself entangled in her pajamas. Now these are not the flannels, that my family wears but apparently sheer, flowing, and silken pieces. They quote Mabille saying “I wanted it to look loose and casual-fitting, so she can wear things with the attitude of pulling on a T-shirt,” which is what I see in this look. It looks very comfortable and very fluid. To me it seems as if anyone wearing it would have the comfortability of a T-shirt while the look of something much more priceless.

This look, is just that, alot of look. Mabille rolls his many signatures into one look: the sheer fluidity and the bow tie leave me, hours after I saw it for the first time, still trying to decide if I like it or not. My mind wants to say somethings off but, I just can bring myself to say it, especially being a lover of movement like I am. The sheer material seems to create a visual aura around the model, and truthfully I’m still undecided.

Lastly I present you with this, a look that I am decided upon. This chic evening suit with it’s white scalloped edged peacoat Made me actually decide to post. The golden buttons, and what I’m going to bet is a black bow in the back make me smile. The sheer material cum scarf around her neck is an added plus and really and truly I’m not positive what makes the look so right in my eyes. Maybe it’s the clean and chic quality… I don’t know but I do know… I like… I like.

Mr. Mabille himself came out with a small bit of couture on his pants… probably just found it’s way there in all that hard craftsmanship.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week F/W 2010: Day One

For Day One of the Paris Haute Couture F/W 2010 Fashion week our schedule dictated,

Monday, 6 July
ALEXIS MABILLE 10.00 am L’Académie – 14 rue Royale – Paris 1er
STÉPHANE ROLLAND 11.00 am Palais de la Découverte
CHRISTOPHE JOSSE 12.00 pm Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine – 11 avenue Albert de Mun – Paris 16e
CHRISTIAN DIOR 2.30 & 5.00 pm See invitation
ADELINE ANDRÉ 6.00 pm To be confirmed
ALEXANDRE MATTHIEU 7.00 pm To be confirmed

Yesterday, I did extensive research, looking for any picture that I could find, before going to lunch. While there I hoped that my Google cache would fill itself with pictures. Then I found out that we were going out of the state and wouldn’t get back until late, so I wouldn’t have the time to check on any new developments. This morning I rushed to my reader to find that the bloggers had not let me down.

JACK AND JILL were first up. I looked in their Paris Fashion Week category to find this picture. I was salivating at this bit of roadside couture that resembled a white rose dipped in blood. I apologize for the visual, but that’s what it seemed to me. For me, the large golden ring only added to the splendedness of the look. I found the French manicure and purse to be, small and unneeded. I think the dress is DIOR though… maybe it was outside of the DIOR show though.

Next I was presented with these, GIUESEPPE ZANOTTI sandals worn by ALEXANDRA GOLOVANOFF, a French TV personality. Being one who adores a rightly placed buckle, I was positively floored!
So after seeing those, and a few other pictures of interest, I moved back to the Reader to find a FASHION WEEK DAILY reports, detailing a crowd outside of the DIOR show, all awaiting, MARION COTILLARD, who arrived late.

The reports also spoke of the editors and other show attendants hitting up a carnival in the Tuileries, pictured below, in their spare time between shows.

My overall research of the day ended with a sneak peak of the CHANEL show. Well it wasn’t so much a sneak peak as it was a revelation. KARL LAGERFELD revealed to a select few editors that the inspiration of the couture show, which will be held today, was “floating panels.” I found the tidbit on KARL LAGERFELD.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week F/W 2010: Schedule

Thanks Style Bubble, for the schedule!!!

Monday, 6 July
ALEXIS MABILLE 10.00 am L’Académie – 14 rue Royale – Paris 1er
STÉPHANE ROLLAND 11.00 am Palais de la Découverte
CHRISTOPHE JOSSE 12.00 pm Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine – 11 avenue Albert de Mun – Paris 16e
CHRISTIAN DIOR 2.30 & 5.00 pm See invitation
ADELINE ANDRÉ 6.00 pm To be confirmed
ALEXANDRE MATTHIEU 7.00 pm To be confirmed

Tuesday, 7 July
ATELIER GUSTAVO LINS 10.00 am Galerie Nathalie Obadia
GIORGIO ARMANI PRIVÉ 11.30 am Palais de Chaillot
CHRISTIAN LACROIX 2.30 pm To be confirmed
GIVENCHY 5.00 pm See invitation
DOMINIQUE SIROP 7.00 pm Hôtel Meurice
CHANEL 9.00 pm Grand Palais – avenue Winston Churchill – Paris 8e

Wednesday, 8 July
ON AURA TOUT VU 10.00 am To be confirmed
FRANCK SORBIER 11.00 am See invitation
ELIE SAAB 12.30 pm Pavillon Cambon Capucines – 46 rue Cambon – Paris 1er
JEAN PAUL GAULTIER 2.30 pm 325 rue Saint-Martin – Paris 3e
LEFRANC.FERRANT 4.00 pm Palais Royal
JOSEP FONT 5.00 pm To be confirmed
VALENTINO 6.30 pm To be confirmed
MAISON RABIH KAYROUZ 7.30 pm 38 boulevard Raspail – Paris 7e

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA july 7 & 8, 2009 – from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm & 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine – 1 place du Trocadéro – Paris 16e