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Fashion to Columbia

I’ve been absent, this I know.

It’s really weird how it happened, just sort of all at once. I was blogging here and then opportunity after opportunity began to knock, and responsibility after responsibility began to submit itself and before I knew it, Musings of a Gallivanting Boy had been put on an unofficial hiatus and about a month ago went to a full, official hiatus.

While it sucked abandoning the child I’d birthed and reared, he had completed his assigned task. The point of the blog was to give me a platform from which to launch into other work… and that I’ve most certainly done.

As of now I’m a writer, PR person, and part editor. All of this comes in addition to being a student. Easy tasks they are not but, they certainly are preparing me for a future in this industry. I’m not the only one maturing in fashion though.

It seems that the entire Columbia fashion industry is maturing, and progressing. This past week alone the city was privy to an exclusive Tibi Fall/Holiday Fashion Event as well as the kick off of the Urban Outfitters: Store on Tour pop-up shop. Both events were tasteful, targeted directly to the right individuals and well executed. I really did enjoy them.

Because of the many obligations there’s no way I’ll be able to pour into this blog all of what I once had. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to be able to. But I’m not leaving.

As I never did do show reviews for the Spring 2012 shows – and can we pllllleaassee discuss all of the insane scheduling problems that are cropping up for next year – I do plan on going back and taking an in depth look at some of the collections, so at the very least there’s that to look forward to.

There are other ideas for content but I was once told that if you keep your mouth shut about things, people can’t hold you to your word… so I’m going to try to employ that tactic.

But until the next post.


My Birthday is Coming..

Small Spiked Leather Bracelet from Robot and Brucling
My birthday is coming up next week on the 7th…
Both of these pieces are acceptable.
Tweet me for the mailing address.

Uni Bracelet from Coco and Breezy

But really you guys should support the designers. Both of them have been worn by Beyonce before.

Musing Part 1

vintage ad for Ted Lapinus(1971)
“I Don’t Like the Vibe in the VIP” by ElectroVamp

It’s weird. I’ve pushed so hard to not just be a blogger. I’ve always pushed to write more to write coherent reviews of the shows, to actually write above all. And to be honest I think I have, I think that my writing has certainly improved.
The thing is.. in this last few months it seems that opportunities have been continually presenting themselves to me in one way or another. I haven’t really been talking to you guys about them(yet) but there are a lot of things in the works and even already happening that are calling for more of my time in addition to the events that I attend for the blog which oddly leaves not much time to actually cover things.
Of course there are some other reasons that I haven’t really mentioned but these are some major ones. And then seeing as I really do want a career in this industry and I’m not sure if my blog is the type that can give me that I continually have to decide which events I should cover and which ones to work.
Bleh that’s enough of that type of musing. The plan is to stay the course but make tweaks as I see fit(as I’ve always done). This summer could be a big deal for me and the blog so I can’t wait for it!

The Tale of Ophelia

Her name is Ophelia
Three were called, but one was chosen.
Once upon a time there was a Gallivanting Boy. One day, after months of frustration over what he had become in his own personal style, the boy took a journey to a small concrete jungle named 5 Points. In search of a new look, a new proposition, the Gallivanting Boy visited store after store, trying on this piece, and that piece, looking for the right fit, the right color, and the right shade.
Along the way, our Gallivanting Boy stumbled upon 3 animals: a silver leopard, a golden owl with perfect green jeweled eyes, and a silver eagle. Startled and taken by all three, but short on time, the Gallivanting Boy promised the animals that he would return later on in the week in order to become better acquainted.
The next day when the boy woke, he couldn’t get the thought of his three animal friends out of his head. He decided that due to a few new resources at his disposal, he would return to the jungle, search out his friends, and take them home with him. Upon return to the concrete jungle our Gallivanting Boy found only one of his buddies, and as he retreated home with her, she whispered her name: Ophelia.
Everyone welcome Ophelia to the family
(purchased from Sid&Nancy)

PERSONAL: Fusion Bowl


After a long show season I think it’s only right to treat yourself to a little meal. Well treat yourself is always relative, as my mother treated me(entirely her idea actually, although she never considered show season the reason). But anywho, mom called and I slid into a flannel, jeans, and a leather to tip out to Fusion Bowl where the music was oh so right.

“I am not Jasmine I am Aladdin”

Jasmine Tea– So with my meal I ordered a bit of Jasmine Tea. Came in a cute little pot with a cute little matching cup and I was only surprised that the water didn’t seem to be as hot as it should. The water was the same temperature that I would drink hot tea at, meaning that by the time I allowed the leaves to steep, poured it, and added my honey it was lukewarm… by the second cup it was tepid at best. Sadly, that seamed to be a theme of the night.

Miso Soup– I chose a little Miso Soup to start off with. I’d never had it before but I’m always up for something new. A little tofu, mixed with miso soup paste, seaweed, green onions, and scallions and it was certainly a healthy number. Not too hot, again just the right eating temperature when it reached me, which meant that by the time I was halfway done with the bowl, I could lift it and comfortable drink the rest… which I refrained from doing(till I reached too low for the spoon to scoop).

Main Course– For my main course I had Fusion Bowl Sushi, Seaweed Salad, Fried Rice, and Hibachi Chicken. While I forgot about the picture until I was mostly done with the meal I will not forget my impression. Sushi- good, Salad-I’ve only had seaweed salad twice before and it didn’t have lettuce with it, and certainly not brown lettuce. Fried Rice- not many ways to mess that up. Hibachi Chicken- while it was a tad on the dry side, I did like the baby corn and mushrooms that were cooked with it.

For $9.95 the meal was a good deal(early bird special til 6:30). While it most certainly wasn’t the best I ever had, it was good for the price we paid.

5166 Sunset Blvd
Lexington, SC 29072

The Tale of Orion

His name is Orion.
He is the cornerstone of my new look.

I traveled over the hills and through the alleys to a land called Devine Street in an attempt to meet Orion in real life after glimpsing a picture of him and his siblings on Shopping Savage. With the approval of a certain Duchess, I decided to walk about a mile each way in a thick v-neck and shoes that were definitely not made for walking because I thought Orion might be Just the Thing to start my new look.
When I tried him, he fit PERFECTLY! I actually tried him on in addition to one of his twins and their slimmer sibling, but in the end, it seemed Orion had chosen me as he wouldn’t loose my wrist. I walked out of the boutique with the knowledge this was probably the first of many purchases in a revamping of my image, but it was most certainly a step in the right direction.
Everyone welcome Orion to the family.
(silver piece all the way to the right)

Dressed to Depress

Model: Peter Bruder
Photographer: Markus Pritzi
Publication: Sleek Magazine

So I haven’t been around as often as I should, I know. I missed last week’s Model Monday and I also didn’t do the dance video. I’m not actually sure if I’m going to still do the dance video series but I do plan on getting back to the Model Mondays. The thing is I’ve been dipping in and out of this bout of depression and I felt that this editorial featuring Peter Bruder, styled by Isabelle Thiry and lensed by Markus Pritzi for Sleek Magazine, was the best way to segway into a blog for me to vent.

Well, I’m not really going to vent, although that is very much my style. I guess I just wanted to blog… do something a bit personal. I mean my personal life is sort of in the pits right now. LIke I said a while back, I was in a car accident and because of that I lost my job. My truck(which is now totaled) wasn’t completely paid off, but it will be in December and so I have to find a way to pay the other $550 that I owe on that, while not having a job. In addition to that I have a cell phone bill that runs me $30 bucks a month. I have all this to worry about and yet I work in fashion… people look at my clothes and think, he can’t be too bad off. They see the outward appearance and say, he say he’s struggling but it can’t be too bad. They just don’t know.

Anyway, other than that I did just do a project that I’m wrapping up. It should be surfacing on the internet soon so you guys will be able to see the work. After working on it I found that I really and truly take on the tastes of my client when doing work(and yes it was a client so that does involve cash… no matter how little). I mean while doing the project I was very much gungho about it and then afterwards I kinda stood back and was like, “Oh, I did that.” It’s not a bad thing, I just know now that while in the moment I can gauge my client’s reaction probably by mine, if I have a good handle on their aesthetic.

Anywho, that’s enough of that. There’s many other things to do. I’ve become very active on The Fashion Spot. I also have issues of Vogue and Interview I’ve yet to post… oh and I’m still waiting for some people to confirm that I in fact have gotten my hands on every image from the Vogue Paris issue that’s being edited by Tom Ford, and then I’ll blog that as well… My father has come back to fashion!

See the rest of the editorial here

Inspire to Influence


It’s probably every fashion person’s dream to atleast one day set your feet in New York. Well at least every American fashion person. Why, because that’s “where dreams are made and broken,” because “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!” But sadly, most will find themselves confronted by responses like the one above, although maybe in a different way(I just find an affinity towards this one). For some that response will send you running, right back to wherever you came from with complaints of “I’m just not right… I’ll never make it,” and excuses about there “not being that many minorities,” or that “the odds were stacked against me” or even, “it wasn’t all that great anyway!”

For others, you’ll sulk back home and climb into bed, curl up with your Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, and turn on Devil Wears Prada, or The September Issue, and say to yourself, “better luck next time!

But for a select few, it won’t deter you. You may have to go back to your car to give yourself a quick freshening up, or maybe sling on that jacket that you thought was maybe a little too over the top so you left it in the trunk. But you march yourself right back to the door and before long, you’ve found your way inside. Whether it’s because while you were putting on that jacket you texted a friend who knew someone who could get you in, or maybe because your confidence was just that convincing, but whatever the reason is, you find yourself inside of that establishment while others sulk away into the shadows.

Which one are you?

"I smell a MASSACRE"

It’s not just black. It’s a symbolic black. It’s a black signaling death. Yep death. As in ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We’re reading the final rights to things such as procrastination, inconsistency, and stagnation. This outfit is signaling the putting away of things like loss of focus, inadequacy, and mediocrity. Deep? Maybe, but I’ve gotten to the point where I crave success. It’s the only thing I want, the only thing that I need and so it’s going to happen. I figured why not show everyone else that there were going to be changes around these parts as well? By the way… those are also my new glasses 🙂

See the rest of the post below the clip

At some point you have one of those moments. You know, the kind of moments where it’s a little click in your head. I’m not talking about any “allelujah” moments, or moments where Jesus comes and sits on your bedside… I’m not even talking about one of those, “I saw my future and my potential moments.” The moment I’m talking about is just a silent voice, or maybe just a soft click. The click sets something off in you and you realize that your lungs are finally beginning to fill up with water. You realize that it’s time to put the kids to bed, and the only way for you to get the water out of your lungs is for you to sniff the pleaseant… oh so sweet fragrance of success.

The moment for me came within the last week. I’m not sure exactly when though. It may have been while reading Outliers[1] by Malcolm Gladwell. Or maybe it was while I was with my family eating at Miyabi’s[2], everyone knowing that I was that kid: The one who sat straight backed, and did not move without a thought out path. The one that you glanced at once you made a faux pas in your table etiquette to make sure he didn’t catch it… Who knows it may have been as I was searching for my lost wallet, or thinking about how I was going to replace it and pay my truck payment as well as get my locks groomed and my car tuned up… all while blogging and looking for “gainful employment”. No no no… it probably was while watching the old film, Signe Chanel[3] on YouTube. Yeah, Signe Chanel… that was probably it. Whenever it was… all that matters is that it came.
Has yours?

[1]Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell-Interesting book that studies success. More specifically it studies stories in which it seems as if someone came from “nothing” and became something. It shows very consistant variables in these instances that indicate that it wasn’t by happenstance nor was it the individual alone, but was a combination of many things working in concert. I haven’t finished it yet.
[2]Miyabi’s- Japanese Hibachi Grill. We waited 45 minutes and then got in. We went for the early bird special which is from 5-6 on Monday-Friday and 4-5 on Saturday-Sunday. My family has strong suspicions that our chef was drunk but other than that service was excellent. Well except for seating… it was a 45 minute wait and it would have been longer if my mother hadn’t gone up there. It seems that they were about to accidentally cross our name off of the list as if we were already seated.
[3]Signe Chanel-Documentary that follows Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel as they create a couture collection and put on the show. Shows Karl’s creative process and just how much work goes into couture garments. It also shows how little Karl and someone of his stature does in a line.


Belt: Pierre Cardin Black Leather
Case: Saddler by Bosca Genuine Leather
Listening to: Soundtrack of Dior Fall Winter 2010/2011 show

So I’ve been wanting to add a personal aspect to the blog for a while. I’ve been searching for someone to do it, new writers and all that jazz. The thing is, I also run a personal blog. I didn’t want to combine them before because I was supposed to be going back to college in Sewanee, and well… my school is alot different from everywhere else. I didn’t really like the idea. Well anywho, I’m staying in Columbia now, and as I wrote a blog post on my personal blog this morning I was thinking… why not just blog on 803 as well… so here I am. Oh, and by the way, I was feeling really photogenic today, so there’s a few pictures.

See the rest of the post below the clip

With this outfit I did try a tad bit of color blocking. I had on a pair of black dress shoes when we went to church and then when my sister and I went to Rush’s I actually went a bit crazy and put on my Sorel snow boots which are black. They were really bulky and chunky, but I love walking in them. Even with my shorts I felt good and I really didn’t care if I gained any stares as we still are in South Carolina heat. I liked my outfit and so that was all that really mattered. It’s funny though that my favorite part of my outfit is the case I use to carry MacQueesha, my Mac, in.

This shot I snapped a few days ago. I still have yet to open the Lady Gaga cover of Vanity Fair. I plan on doing so this week. I am a bit perturbed/peeved that this(besides Esquire which I often forget about) is the only magazine that I’ve received thus far. With subscriptions to W, Interview, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue(all American versions sadly), I am expecting my mailbox to break under the weight of the hefty September issues. Since I’ve seen all of the covers I hope they will hurry along. It’s getting to the point where I am seeing editorials online and I don’t have my issues in hand.

There’s so much in my life going on right now and I’m just looking forward to it all. I hope to grow this blog in a healthy way. I want it to be known, not as a blog that just regurgitates information but that is a curator, and a pioneer in the field. What exactly w’ere going to be pioneering, I’m not sure. Maybe it will have something to do with this meeting that I have today… or maybe some things that are in the works… who knows but I hope you stick around to find out.