Kell On Earth 1×1: We’re all Hookers


So for all the fashion people out there… well you probably all are fashion people but for all the people who want to know about the inner workings of the fashion business, there’s a new show in town, and it’s taking no prisoners. You’re probably already familiar with the subject though, People’s Revolution, a public relations firm run by none other than Kelly Cutrone, a force in the field. The company has been mentioned on The Hills, The City… and a couple other shows so if you’re up on your fashion pop culture, you’ve undoubtedly heard about it and if you’ve been up on your blog reading you’ve more than likely already heard that the show would soon be coming out, but I didn’t want to start blogging until I saw an episode and knew I was in love… and in love I am.

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This episode of Kell on Earth basically has us getting acquainted with the small team at People’s Revolution and the way they work. It wasn’t heavy on exaggerated drama as like The Hills or The City, but instead the drama happening was real drama. The cliffhanger at the end happened to be the fact that they couldn’t get the invitation list to print correctly. Reality television it’s not… well what we have come to see as reality television(which actually has become soap operas that happen to start with someone’s true life). Anyways, like I said, low on drama, high on introductions and building a platform. That’s what I got out of this first episode.
Of course there has to be a personal spin on any good show and Kell on Earth is no different. We learn that Kelly Cutrone is a single mother with a daughter who already shows the publicity minded brain of her mother. They live on one of the floors that People’s Revolution owns as well as one of Kelly’s business partners. The picture above is of Andrew, Kelly’s new assistant who at times finds himself in over his head. Kelly functions as a mother to him in personal cases and even attempts to fix him up with a model of one of her clients… sadly, the model is already taken.

Like any GOOD show about fashion, there was of course a fashion show. We are at the beginning of Mercedes Benz Fashion week on the show. The pictures above are from the Davidelfin Spring 2010 collection. The line has pieces that are light and airy as well as harder pieces. The spanish designer has no problem in going for the edgy, and does so with halters for men(I know I know it’s not that edgy nowadays but let a man reminisce on the times when it was).

All in all, it was a good show that definitely met my expectations. The previews for upcoming episodes seem to notch up the drama(which is expected… we are talking about Kelly Cutrone and fashion week! I think I once heard she fires an intern every fashion week). Hopefully the show will eventually surpass my expectations but even if it doesn’t I’ll definitely be tuning in… oh and hopefully someone will start uploading the show in it’s entirety online so you guys can watch from the sanctity of the blog but until then… you have to find it over at Bravo.