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Transcending norms…

Label: Rad by Rad Hourani
Collection: Spring/Summer 2011 at New York Fashion Week
Photographer: Shannon Sinclair

There are some brands that I love but that don’t just… roll off the tongue when discussing brand favorites. Rad by Rad Hourani is one such brand. Since the first time I saw pieces from the brand, which was with 160 Grams by way of The Fashionisto, I’ve developed a deep hunger for the brand then and wanted alot more. I began to follow it loosely, understanding that there were supposedly two different lines; Rad Hourani and Rad by Rad Hourani(although I never saw a differentiation between the two).

The brand is a fave. Multi use, gender neutral, season transcendent clothing is a revolution. It represents what it essentially is: clothing to be molded and shaped by the wearer. Can I have one of every piece?

See the rest of the collection in the gallery.

Kickin it with the Cool Crew

You all know of my undying love for the Proenza Schouler boys. They are pretty much the epitome of fashion cool. Well for the New York scene anyway. I mean yeah Marc Jacobs is(or should I say was because Tom Ford has come back to womenswear and will be showing in NY) the golden boy of NY Fashion and the boys from Proenza Schouler are that cool artsy group. You know the group that’s so creative that everyone secretly wants to be like them or to be seen with them even if they don’t want to admit it… you know the group right? They were the drama kids on Lizzie McGuire! Oh, now you know! Anywho… yeah.. that’s Proenza Schouler.

The latest offerings from Proenza Schouler are set for a girl who has grown up. She’s no longer the rebel in her school uniform, instead she’s become a lady who lunches. Has the art history student aesthetic been lost in the transition? No! The color palette is wildly diverse and the seemingly grainy print that seems to be a signature with the brand is still there. Am I angry that there are a lack of heels on the runway? Of course I am but then again, they aren’t the only brand to not use heels this season. It’s been a trend… one that I loathe, but a trend none the less. Oh and it just so happens that the only pieces that went on sale right after the show were the shoes. My favorite of course would be the laser cut pump.

See the rest of the collection in the galleries.

"We must…Lift It"

Model: Karlie Kloss
Location: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Photographer: The Sartorialist
I began primping for my date at the least, an hour beforehand. I was in the car and I looked in the rearview after I had adjusted it on myself. Say what you want, but I primped. There is no way you can go out on a date with Marc(that’s what I call him sometimes) and not be at your best! Sadly, the date wasn’t in person, but it was so much a priority to me that I pulled up the feed for our date on two computers: MacQueesha, my MacBook, and Cleopatra, my sister’s desktop(Cleopatra won). Marc, being Marc, started exactly one minute after he told me he would. Ever prompt, and ever the gentleman, he allowed me to settle into my seat before ravishing me!

See the collection video as well as images and the rest of my commentary below the clip.

There are so many ways to describe this collection. Whenever I attempt to, I am at a loss for where to begin. I mean, maybe I should start with


or even,

As Andre Leon Talley so infamously put it in The September Issue,’ It’s been bleak street over here in America…My eyes are starving for beauty!’ and Marc, brought a FLOOD!

However I begin it, it always ends the same. It ends with me gushing about everything before rocking back and forth in a corner crying myself to sleep as I wonder how I can one day become one of the “cool kids”. The clothes speak for themselves…as do the hats… and the Grace Coddington inspired hair… and the exquisite floral pieces… I could go on. But I won’t… I’ll just let you feast on the goodie bags I’ve brought in.

See the rest of the collection in the gallery.

Did I Make It?

Talk about hectic. So the day of the Peter Som show I had to work. I don’t know if I explained my job to you guys but it involves me waking at 4:15. Anywho I was at work and then I proceed to begin driving to pick someone up when I realize that it’s after 9:15 so Peter Som should be starting on Milk Made. What do I do? I of course open my laptop while driving and search for Wi-Fi while driving around downtown Columbia. Safe? No, but I do it for fashion! Anywho I finally pulled into the public library and sprinted(I would love to say like a gazelle but I have only just realized my legs are not long enough to sprint like a gazelle and so I just kind of ran fast) into the library and plopped down on the floor only to find that Richland County Public Library blocks Milk Made. I tracked down the feed on AOL, and caught the tail end of a spectacular show!

See our actual coverage as well as images below the clip.

But now that I’ve gotten the discovery of this show out of the way, let’s get to the coverage! Well, everybody may think I’m totally insane for saying this but this collection gave me SO much Dior Couture Fall 2010. I mean this yellow dress reminds me of this dress a little. Of course, more wearable. But then again every time I see a skinny belt that pops I tend to think Dior Couture Fall 2010 because of this WONDERFUL tulip. Let’s move on though. The collection was wonderfully colored, and tastefully so. Taste was also imbedded into the amount of skin shown. While tummies may be bare for spring, Peter Som has ladies covering up their belly buttons with a high waist. The heel is strappy and causes the waif like models to teeter. I guess, for some labels, we haven’t yet exhausted the height of the heel.

See the rest of the collection.

Vena Cava is Lazy at Milk

Yes, it has begun. Nicholas K. was the first official show in Lincoln Center of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and while I don’t yet have those images, what I do have for you are screenshots from the first show in Milk Studios. I’m watching shows live, yes which means that my coverage shall be quick… well hopefully. Anyway, let’s get into it.

See some of the images from the collection, and see a schedule for other livestreams that are happening today.

The collection that Vena Cava sent down the runway for their Spring 2011 collection was soft in color, fabric, and mood. Even the models walked at a slower pace than normal making everything more about leisure. While the conceptual art that was hanging in the middle of the runway did catch my attention, I was more distracted by the flowy fabrics, and muted color tones. Again we find no stilettos but instead more wedge like heels. I loved the style of the show and even though I wasn’t physically in attendance I could still feel a relaxation that flowed from the entire collection.

P.S. Don’t miss the rest of the shows. Here are the ones being live streamed today:

Whip Your Hair!

Collection: Willow
Season: Spring 2011
Location: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (New York Fashion Week)
Song: Whip My Hair by Willow Smith
And it has begun. Like a whirlwind, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is upon us… ohkay maybe the whirlwind part has yet to hit us but three shows are up and out at least: Willow(featured above), Organic by John Patrick, and Sanchin + Babi. Now we’re not going to say for sure that they are barometers for the industry but I would like to point out the distinct similarities in Organic and Sanchin. I mean muted colors, draping… the pretty much absence of the actual stiletto..it seems as if the fashion pendulum is taking a hefty swing away from the stripper heel, as well as the bodycon that had oh so quickly taken the industry by storm. But out of all of the collections I saw tonight… Willow was the best.

See more information about Fashion Week below the clip

So with fashion weeks upcoming there is undoubtedly a MOUND of catty-ness to be had. I mean fashion is high school, and September is like the August of school. It’s the time that the lines are drawn, cliques are formed, and we find out just who everyone is who’s important. Yeah yeah yeah, there’s the fashion weeks in February but those are like our return from Christmas Break. You know who’s who… and besides a few changes, everyone stays in their lane. But what some people don’t realize about New York is that unlike most other cities that have ONE fashion week… New York is blessed with two. Mercedes Benz fashion Week, that everyone fawns over, has a edgier, artsier… more presentation/culture driven counterpart: Milk Made, a series of shows sponsored by Milk Studios and MAC. Their SS10 video had me feeling like a giddy school girl wanting to run from the cheerleaders and into the shadows to her true friends.

But now onto the things that our industry is more known for… DRAMA. Yes, that is a screenshot of the new Vogue.com which is now no longer associated with Style.com. I’d like to say that while the layout is VICIOUS, it can never replace Style.com which is more of a resource to me, while Vogue.com is something that I would lazily peruse. But this isn’t to say that Style.com doesn’t feel any pressure… I mean they did happen to release their iPad app today, which happens to be the same day that Vogue.com officially relaunched. This isn’t the only drama though, I mean it’s Fashion Week! There’s things like the Jews who are on holiday until Friday at sundown, so they can’t attend shows, models who accidentally blab to WWD that they are walking womenswear for designers like Tom Ford who haven’t yet confirmed that they are showing womenswear, oh and the front row… the coveted front row! There have been so many masthead changes that PR companies are going to find it a nightmare to sit everyone in a seat that shows their importance but doesn’t place them by either a former employer or employee that may or may not ruffle their feathers.

P.S. What are we going to do with feathers for Spring 2011?? I say leave them on the birds!

Fall 2010: Yigal Azrouel(Men)

Have him try it. He doesn’t try it, he doesn’t know, but when they wear it once, trust me, they want to wear it again. It’s very effortless

says Yigal Azrouel in reference to getting straight men like himself to wear leather pants. After some more scenarios he ends with the last resort:

Tell him no sex. No sex until he wears the leather pants

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Yigal has decided that it’s now time to play with materials for men. Women wear leather pants… not regularly but you know it’s not crazy talk when they wear them, so why not men?? And why just stop at pants?? Why not have leather socks that we can tuck our pants into so that we can show our socks off?? What’s the problem with that?? Well for Yigal, paired with an oversized collar, there’s no problem at all.

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Fall 2010: Yigal Azrouel(Women)

Looking at the pictures for this show again made me rethink.. how am I going to cover all this goodness in four pictures?? Thankfully Yigal did me a favor and put the menswear and womenswear into the same show and so now I can just pull them apart although some of the clothes drew off inspiration from the other. Maybe this was his idea all along but showing menswear and womenswear together showed just how much they correspond and flow. It didn’t really seem to be two separate shows but one. Anyways, I’m splitting them up so I can post more pictures of the items that are SURE to become staples!
See more coverage under the clip
Yigal is known for his the since of ease he brings to his work, and that’s not lost in these designs. This year he even manages to bring in an architectural aspect. Most cropped, structured, architectural jackets are very rigid, very straight looking. This one above has a softness, a suppleness to it that is only increased by the pants. The military influence has been all over the shows this year so, you might want to go ahead and invest in a structured jacket like this.
Embellishment, embellishment, embellishment, it’s back again! And we’re not talking your old pair of jeans, and some beads from the local Hobby Lobby(although I did that for my sister when I was younger, but you got to make the money you have work for you right?). We’re talking tasteful embellishments done on a neutral solid color, preferably black, that uses cut outs that at times make the naked flesh seem like an embellishment. That’s how you do it Yigal Azrouel style. Oh, and the structure on that shoulder… it’s missed by many people but sometimes beauty is in the details.
With the advent of the jegging, and the trend of just wearing a leggings with a shirt, females should definitely look in to the oversized sweater. I love them, always have and always will, and paired with these leather pants instead of leggings, makes it that much otter to me. A deconstructed collar, knitwear with a lot of substance… Rachel Zoe say it for me… I Die!

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Fall 2010: Jeremy Laing

Silhouette and texture is what I immediately thought looking at the Jeremy Laing fall 2010 collection. While one should note that there is an ongoing focus on outerwear as in other shows, it’s more important to notice the various materials incorporated into this line. From beaver and muskrat fur, to maxi and some type of skin Laing has diversified his material choice. He makes the various pieces work well together and they are definitely garments that will be treasured.
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FALL 2010: Ruffian

In Ruffians eyes, there’s nothing wrong with a little embellishing, or alot. Especially if said embellishing comes with leggings, on some sort of outer wear, and is surrounded in black or some other neutral color. This collection of Ruffian takes us into the atmosphere, and we’re not talking the ozone layer. We’re in the Milky Way, looking at star constellations that have morphed into blouses and crescent moons that have become the embellished center of a shirt.
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Take these ideas, throw in the rigidity of peacoats, and a wool dress, and even a bow or two and you have the hodgepodge that is Ruffian. The collection seems to be taking classic ideas of strength, with hard, solid, appearing outerwear that includes some blocks of leather, and spicing it up with softer bouses beneath, as well as embellished pieces. All in all, it’s a look I like. Plus I could definitely see Blake Lively rocking it!

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