FIXATE: Noma Han

Model: Noma Han
Photographer: Sean Watters

It is true, normally there is a showcard to open up a Model Spotlight post. There are extenuating circumstances though! I mean Noma Han has only recently gone blonde(or blond if you prefer). When I say recent I mean like, after Fashion Week recently. I think the blonde hair has only been in maybe one photoshoot(that has come out) which happens to be in the latest issue of Fiasco, “The Lost Issue”, which I haven’t blogged about yet. Oh get your panties out of a bunch, I’m getting to that! But until I do, let’s fixate on the Korean creation that is Noma Han… It’s so sad that I can’t just download my adoration for him into you… you must get your own!

Name: Noma Han
Place of Origin: South Korea
Age: 19

Red (NY)

Noma Han booked like 8 runway shows his first season in New York… so I’m not even going to try to cover every show. I’ll post alot of them but don’t expect this to be a complete list.
Petrou Man SS11

Noma Han has exploded “underground” and “indie” circuit so again… I do not expect to have a comprehensive listing of all of his editorials.