CONTEST: Help Smalto CAST!!

River Viiperi for Smalto Casting
Soo… I’m not quite sure how I found out about this poll, but I did. I just know that I find out about alot just watching my timeline. It seems I have an uncanny knack for following important people who lead me to more important people… for example I just found out about a casting for the Shanell video tomorrow night… But I digress. This specific competition places US in the seat of Casting Director. As that IS one of the many things I’ve wanted to do, I know if the time comes for me to croak I can atleast pretend that I’ve done it!

See the rest of the information after the clip

Nicolas Bemberg for Smalto Casting

I’m not sure of all the specifics but Smalto seems to be allowing people on Twitter to pick the line up for their show. Anyway, I love just LOOKING at pictures from castings and pretending that I’m there so imagine how excited I was when I heard I got to vote! The top 5 were posted before I voted, the order being Nicolas Bemberg, Bastian Ninaber, Jakob Weichmann, Kevin Flamme, and ending with Adrien Brunier. Of course I’m saddened that River didn’t get put into the top five but I’m hoping that’s where my FRIENDS *wink* *wink* that means you *wink* *wink* will rally as citizens of 803 and atleast get him into the top 5.

Kevin Flamme for Smalto Casting

Enough talking, let’s explain how it works. Go on over to Systeme Diaries and check out the posts with all the casting photos in them. One is here and the other is here. Peruse ALL the faces(I wasn’t aware that there was a second page so when I saw two names that I didn’t recognize I searched them on Google, and used other pictures… this is not acceptable since you’ve been informed!) and select your top 3 or 4 and tweet them to Smalto. The people over there are REALLY nice and will send you a little confirmation back when they get your tweet. Don’t be like me and vote too quickly. Like right now I want to change my order of preference to the order they are featured here on the blog but… oh well.

Jakob Wiechmann for Smalto Casting