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Ch. 5: 10 Men

I am introducing this new component now. I’ve been supposed to introduce it for a while now but it’s finally done. This video is just me rambling in reflection of 10 Men magazine. I am aware that this is not immediately after the issue came out.. I have actually seen the cover for the next issue. I’m saddened it’s taken me this long but I don’t have a subscription and so I just got the issue actually and I finished as fast as possible. I have now started on WAD so that magazine will more than likely be the next that I do a video about but I hope you enjoy these videos.

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EDITORIAL: The Nomad of the Golden Sand

Nothing is going to dampen the Spring color scheme for Nicola Formichetti. We can clearly see this from the latest editorial he has done with Mariano Vivanco(they make an amazing team! I love the work they’ve done together) for Vogue Hommes Japan’s 4th issue. Playing with an eastern influence, the editorial just popped across my reader twice so it’s fairly recent in coming out. Anyways I think Alejandro Rodriguez from Ford looks stunning.
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