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Kanye West VS Taylor Swift, my money is on Taylor

So I’m trying to do work and stay updated on Twitter and Facebook at the same time. My Twitter is then overrun with tweets about Kanye West dissing Taylor Swift. I immediately lope into investigator mode and guys here it is.

Now if you guys know me you know I’m not the BIGGEST fan of Kanye West and his *ehem* *ehem* ego, but I respect the man. This right here has zeroed out my respect.

I made a comment on my Facebook saying if the situation would’ve been in the reverse, the black community would’ve boarded busses and DEMANDED an apology from all parties involved but… well, I’m now wondering what is her community going to do?

I’ll tell you Kanye, if they feel strongly enough, well let’s just say that all these doors that are seemingly open to you can be shut oh so Swift-ly.



CFDA Town Meeting: The Fate of the Fashion Show

New York Fashion Week not valid anymore? I was insulted, appalled and just down right amazed that something would even be discussed among fashion industry executives. As I began to read the articles though, I began to understand.

The thing is that the designers over at the CFDA are not seeing the benefits with showing their designs in the conventional shows. They show their clothing and within the week(sometimes the day) the pictures have rocked the blogosphere before even the major websites like Style and WWD have them for review. This means that trends get confused, and people take inspiration from these future shows. What is on the racks now is old and out of style because we’ve already seen next year’s fashions and that’s what we want!

Also fashions change at the drop of the hat because of style blogs like The Sartorialist that broadcast styles all over the world. One trend catches fire and oxford heels morph to oxford flats! Stores have to restock their shelves quickly to stay in popularity! These are just a few problems.

There are many ideas about solving the problem but I have one that I want to throw into the mix. Why don’t we have two types of fashion weeks. WAIT WAIT DON’T KILL ME YET DESIGNERS… just listen.

Okay have one fashion week that is for the industry only. It’s like ultra exclusive kind of like Hong Kong Luxury Week. Like maybe the only people who are admitted are people who are members of a council… kind of like CFDA. This means the shows would be low budget. You would need to pay for models of course but you could have a central small location and just show your garments. It could even like a show room show. The thing is, it’s only for the fashion industry and the pictures don’t come out. The reason is, this week follows the present fashion schedule of being a year and a season ahead of time. The second type of week would not.

The second type of week would only be a season ahead of time and would be open basically to other people. This would include bloggers, and other journalists who had not reached CFDA status. Also this would allow more general public access to shows because the serious industry top tier would not have to be present. These shows would be conducted like the present shows with fan fare, press, and everything else.

Now let’s see the effects, now trends are not confused because well, we don’t have a year and a season lapse between show and the time the clothes go out. Also designers can personalize the shows so for the fashion executives they really get a sense of the clothing, they get up close and personal whereas for everyone else it is just that, a show. You see clothing, and an amazing show, they are intent on developing the mood and the right scene and would be like I said before very much like the present shows.

I’m a lover of shows so I can never see myself totally phasing them out. If someone declares they are not “in” anymore, when I make it big… I guess I’ll just have to be vintage because I know I’ll want them back! I got to go now though… work in the morning.

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim Week: Miami 2010 Collections

9-11 PM OCEAN DRIVE JULY/AUGUST COVER PARTY Hosted by Cover Model Nicole Trunfio Nikki Beach, 1 Ocean Drive

7 PM TIBI Cabaña Grande

FRIDAY JULY 17, 2009
4-6 PM CRYSTAL JIN Press Preview Penthouse
6 PM ANK by Mirla Sabino Beachway
8 PM RED CARTER Beachway
10 PM L*SPACE by Monica Wise Cabaña Grande

4-6 PM TORI PRAVER SWIMWEAR Press Preview Penthouse
10 PM XTRA LIFE LYCRA® Cabaña Grande

SUNDAY JULY 19, 2009
7 PM VITAMIN A Cabaña Grande
10 PM V DEL SOL Cabaña Grande
11PM-1AM V DEL SOL After Party

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week F/W 2010: Kickoff

You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this, and searching to make sure that I had in my Blogger cache, just the right blogs, so I would be able to get the pictures. I was desperate this morning checking the schedule, and then checking the clock, I even went so far as to pull up a Parisian clock, to see the local time. Then, I arrived at my Twitter to find,

womensweardaily:Marion Cotillard just arrived in a black dress – trailed by bellowing paparazzi – at Chrisian Dior, so the couture show can begin.

And rushed over to my Google Reader to be rewarded with this from The Sartorialist.

I almost peed myself! But, because there wasn’t any actual show coverage, I held it. This must be the beginning of the first Dior show if you check your schedule. So what do I do? I begin to research.

This post though, has been thought out since I saw the pictures for it last week over at Style Bubble. The couture designs were just what I would need to get the ball rolling on this series of posts.

The collection is called “Wound” and that’s what it had me when I saw it. For you conservatives, there’s nothing much to see here, but for anyone who is willing to go out into the artistic side of fashion with Marit Fujiwara(the designer), Susie(from Style Bubble), and myself, let’s go!

The only information that Susie provided us with about Marit is that “Marit Fujiwara is a BA Textile Design grad from Chelsea College of Art and Design.” That was not sufficient for me, so a simple Google run of her name, with a few clicks here and their brought me some more. Her commentary to the bloggers at Homework was, “To create a sculptural fabric, I am experimenting with the printing technique of marbling,in combination with embroidery,bonding and pleating. Applying these fabrics into fashion creates unusual and intricate fashion garments, ” when she presented her work June 20-24.

That was it though: No one else could give me more about the girl. I found her Facebook and Friend Requested but, that was it. On her IQONS account I could only find that she calls Rio De Janiero her home.

After that failed attempt I decided to stick with what I had! After reading reviews calling the line “Watercolor Couture”, “colorful moss over a treetrunk,” and a “reminder of rodarte,”. I’ve decided to let the amazing work speak for itself. I would like to point out though that the work is so tedious, and painstaking, that more than likely Marit, will have to udnersell it, becuase if sold for it’s true value, it will be something that we could only gaze at.

The color of the skirt and neckline in the picture that follows reminded me of the chocolate eclairs Mme. Quave fed us in the french honor society meetings. Or maybe they were puffs….



And my personal favorite!!! With it’s accompanying detailing!

Join us at Posh for more coverage of the Couture Fashion Week.

Slippery Slope Part 2: The FTC versus Fashion Bloggers

The post was about the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, beginning to set guidelines on disclosure in blogs. Whereas I’m all for disclosure, as I expressed in my reply, I don’t think the FTC has a place in this.

The other day I was posting about the FTC and their plan to crack down on the blogging industry basically. I got cut off because of camp but today I’ll finish. Well what I was saying basically was although I do believe that disclosure is the best, the FTC should have not right to tell us so.

My conception of the blogging industry, because that’s what it has become, an industry, is basically a market that is created by the people for the people. We set our own rules and we expect others to abide by them. If they don’t they are exposed for the phonies and fakes they are and we blacklist them, it’s simple. We don’t need a motherly figure coming on here and trying to boss us around. The situation makes me heated under the collar!

Hmm, anyways, yeah the reason you should disclose is well, it’s common courtesy to your readers. I do it, even though people aren’t sending me stuff. I normally start a blog off with, I was looking on my Reader, or I was glancing at this blog when I happened upon this. That is disclosure pure and simple. If and when businesses and brands begin to send me stuff then you’ll read, I was checking my mail to find this, or some friends at XXXXX shipped this over.

Furthermore the status of the item as being free should not compromise the review. The day I began the first part of this post during my research, I found that some people make it a blog value to not write negatively, and this practice is something I’ve adopted. Now a small, I don’t like this, may find it’s way into an article but I’m not going to base an article off of an item that I dislike. (P.S. Now comments are a free for all. If I am commenting anywhere you may find that I hate the entire thing so… well beware hahaha!) Because of this stance if I receive an item that I have qualms about writing a review about I will more than likely send the item back (if possible) with a not detailing this value. Wait, I’m not sure if that would be rude, to send the item back… I’ll think over that.

Anyway I have to go but I’m pretty much done with that… let’s break it down a little into a line or two.

The FTC has no right to legislate on the activities of a blogger but bloggers should have enough integrity and respect for their readers to disclose free items.

Take a moment to remember Michael. One of the greatest dancers to live. RIP


You are going out to check the mail and you notice a box on your front porch. You pick it up, notice that it’s a box from the postal service. After, going to the mailbox to grab the rest of your mail you retreat back into the privacy of your own to have a gander at what’s in teh box. For about a second you debate inwardly on which to open first, the box that you have no clue what it is, or the bills that can be paid any day, and you already know the outrageous figuires of… The box DEFINATELY!

So you rip into the box to find a brand new bag. The note that accompanies it says, “From your friends at XXXXX XXXXX a new start up fashion line in your area. By the way, we love your blog!” You immediately snap a photo and sit down at you computer to begin typing on your fashion blog that has garnered somewhat of a cult following since you started it. As you type, you rack your brain for the connection, how did you know these people. You didn’t remember the name. As a matter of fact you knew you had never seen it before because you would’ve written it down. You stop typiing to tap on your teeth before you realize, this is the first time you’d ever been exposed to the line.

Why I wrote all of that, I don’t know but I was in the writing mood. Anyway, the point is today… we’re talking about FREEBIES!! Recently I’ve discovered, created an account for, and have begun devouring the Independent Fashion Bloggers site. Well today I was presented with a title, “FTC plans to crack down blogger freebies…and what that means to you”. And immediately began to read. In concordance with my normal internet usage as I read, I clicked, link after link after link eating up as much information as possible about the situation. I even commented on it saying..

Now whereas, I do believe that it should be disclosed whether one is receiving and… incentive to blog about a certain person, I don’t like the FTC telling me that. We got into blogging because we were tired of the press right? We were tired of the rigamaroe and we were tired of the regulations. We wanted stories told to us from another individual without the influence of some corporate entity. And now, with this possible legislation, the government is beginning to infiltrate blogger land. I don’t like it and basically I say it’s… even though I don’t really like the term… it’s a “slippery slope”!

I’m going to blog on this now actually… at my blog on http://www.markese91.blogspot.com

The post was about the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, begining to set guidelines on disclosure in blogs. Whereas I’m all for disclosure, as I expressed in my reply, I don’t think the FTC has a place in this.

I have to jet but I will be back to finish this!

Male Couture Pose

There was a post on The Fashionisto about The Infamous Couture Pose and it’s workability with males. Well I commented, and since the photos below had been taking I’d been searching for them. In one of my Google Reader tangents that I went off on, I found myself on the site Project Rungay for the first time, which is a blog about all of the reality fashion shows out there, and found that they had the PICTURES I’D BEEN SEARCHING FOR!

That happens alot though, things just appearing after you’ve given up all hope. Any way below are both Jonathan and Sandhurst giving us couture!


What do you think about their pose?

Oh, and here is the picture of Niklas that came from The Fashionisto.

New Blog

I think I’m going to transfer my fashion to a blog entitled Posh. Whereas I may still put fashion on here if you are only interested in my fashion posts you may want to just visit that blog. I also may put fashion posts on there that are not included here.

Anna Wintour On 60 Minutes

I absolutely love her! One part of me wants to raise itself to her status, because she knows what she’s doing and carries a good bit of clout wherever she goes!

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