Naomi Campbell, Bankruptcy, YBF, and Fashionologie

So this post should’ve gone up before but.. It didn’t so it’s going up now. Today we’re talking about Ms. Naomi Campbell. If you’ve been anywhere around fashion, a newspaper, or magazine for any amount of years you undoubtedly know about Supermodel Naomi Campbell. She and Tyra Banks have as much name recognition… as Beyonce I think. She’s been in every major magazine and rocked the runways of the greats. She is a true supermodel. Too bad she doesn’t make everyone happy.

YBF reported from a “reliable source” Ms. Campbell would be filing bankruptcy in 2010. The source apparently eavesdropped on a group complaining to publicists about how busy they would be since Naomi would be filing bankruptcy. My ears perked up and then my eyes narrowed as I began to remember various things I’d read and seen in other blogs.

I thought of this video and how I’d read about this same show in a few other spots. But it could still be entirely true… she could be going broke and doing the show for the money… but why would she still file bankruptcy? Maybe the show had fallen through. I continued to think.

I thought of this picture as well as the editorials that had appeared in Flaunt, British Vogue, and the editorial she did for DSquared. All that considered, I was sure that YBF had their facts wrong and that Naomi was NOT going to be filing bankruptcy… then I forgot about posting… Well they’ve released a statement now. And Ms. Campbell is NOT going to be filing bankruptcy in 2010.