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Beyonce X Dazed&Confused

Yeah that just happened. Beyonce looking BEYOND amazing on the cover of Dazed&Confused July 2011. Shot by Sharif Hamza she appears in Givenchy Fall 2011, this time not styled by her official stylist, Ty Hunter. Instead she’s styled by Karen Langley.
After seeing the image it only made me recreate the “Why Don’t You Love Me” video in all Givenchy Fall 2011. And then I heard “Countdown”(from the leaked album) I just knew it. The next video from the 4 album should be to “Countdown” and the artistic vision of it should be the same held within this image. Beautiful, striking, with just something a little bit gritty about it.
Just another reason haters gone hate.


Song: Devil Horns To All

Artist: D Why

Song Originally by Wiz Khalifa
My musical tastes are eclectic and yet distinct. If you’re going to try to just rap about what you have, what you own… then either own something or know the labels. If you’re from the burbs, don’t lie and say you’re from Southside Jamaica Queens, state where you’re from and keep it moving. So an artist like D Why is surprisingly right up my alley. With a style that in no way denies where he’s from and surely makes evident his talent at label dropping in a way that’s in no way awkward or forced, the artist occupies his share of slots on my iTunes (8 to be exact). His latest freestyle, to Wiz Khalifa‘s Black and Yellow entitled Devil Horns to All, in no way deviates from this proven formula and has already been put on repeat. While I play that a few more times my own self, why don’t you get into some of his previous work.

Song: Wasted(Freestyle)

Artist: D Why
Song Originally by Gucci Mane

Song: Runway Remix

Artist: D Why
Originally by Kanye West

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MUSIC: Kanye West "My Dark Twisted Fantasy"

USTREAM Interview
Interviewee: Kanye West
On: Def Jam DJ Conference Call
Subject: New Album, My Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West

I saw the blazer, which I’m going to go out on a limb and ID as 3.1 Phillip Lim. Look at how luxurious and lax it is. Do you even realize that only one lapel has a notch? Well the mixtape has leaked and I just downloaded it. I haven’t listened to it… haven’t even unzipped it yet. But I’ll be back, right when I finish listening to this interview.

Grab the album, My Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West here.

PS I heard that Kanye has changed the tracks and will continue to do so after every time it leaks.

Skillz and His Cypher


I didn’t watch the BET Hip Hop awards… and the reason I didn’t will be kept to myself. I heard about parts of it, but the only part I really wanted to know about was The Cypher. I heard about it… and investigated for myself… and as you can see the official Cypher video isn’t posted. But what I did hear before I heard the official Cypher, was this verteran MC from Virginia doing what I feel needs to be done in hip hop: utilizing the internet to take Hip Hop back to it’s roots. He wasn’t pleased about something, he put it in bars. They didn’t give him a voice or a platform, he created his own… and what do you know, he kicked the door so hard, they opened it and gave him his invite.

"Whip it Real Good"

Music Video
Song: Whip My Hair
Artist: Willow Smith
Director: Ray Kay

Where do I begin???

  • The styling was just right! Wardrobe that was done by Mariel Haenn gave me the right mix of Lil Mama, Rihanna, and individuality in this video to show that Willow really isn’t one to play with.
  • The beauty… I ask for glamour and they delivered! While I was unsure about the heart in the opening scene, Marcia Hamilton did end up giving me what my heart needed, wanted, and desired for the video. You guys know I love a good mohawk and pompadour! And the nails… oh those nails! And the eyelashes, and the lips… although I feel weird saying these things since she’s only 9… she murdered the industry in one video.
  • The choreography… who I’ve yet to get a name on(while most are saying it’s J.R. Taylor it didn’t look too similar to his choreography video on YouTube, and he hasn’t claimed it on his blog.) gave me EVERYTHING! It wasn’t too old for her, and yet it was still ageless so if and when I want to… I can do it. Plus the cameo by Leiomy(the teacher)… to die for.

All in all the video was officially a breaking story. Oh and now that I found out that my dreads can move…


SM Entertainment artists’ new music videos

Lately there’s been a lot of new music videos coming out from SM’s artist:

  • BoA is back in Korea taking her place again after she has been here in the US for over a year with her American debut and in Japan taking her place there also.
  • Kangta, former member of the group H.O.T from the 90s, is taking on the Chinese market with his new song.
  • SNSD is in Japan moving up the Japanese charts and now have a Japanese version of their song Gee along with a new video that also stars MinHo from SHINee.
  • SHINee is out with another video called Hello that everyone started loving within a minute of it being released.

BoA’s new song ‘Copy and Paste’

Kangta 愛, 頻率’

SNSD ‘Gee’

SHINee ‘Hello’

Le Langue D’Amour


The Nickleodeon Theatre in Columbia, South Carolina showed the film Coco Chanel + Igor Stravinsky last week and luckily, on Thursday I got a chance to attend. I’d been to the Nick before, it’s a small independent theatre with only one screen but it’s nice. For those who are of age, there is beer and wine that can be purchased, but for those who aren’t there is popcorn and candy. To be honest I totally forgot that theatres carry food and so I stuffed my face with Reese’s Pieces before. Don’t judge me.
Anyway, the movie, which runs 118 minutes, is in French. Luckily for me I know a bit of French, but I didn’t really use it that much since there were subtitles. The movie is not a “fashion documentary” per se. Actually, it’s not even a documentary as it was based on the fictional novel Coco & Igor by Chris Greenhalgh. Set in the Paris of 1920, the film traces the love tryst between coutouriere Coco Chanel and composer Igor Stavinsky. Without spilling too many of the beans, Coco Chanel becomes enraptured by Igor Stavinsky and invites him and his family to live with her since they have pretty much been exiled from France. The tryst begins and results of this come in the form of Chanel No. 5, as well as Igor Stravinsky’s new works.
While I don’t want to say more to spoil it, I will say that this film is definitely NOT suited for everyone. If there is any prude inside of you… as there is in me, parts of the film will cause you to clutch your pearls. Other than that… c’est encroyable!

Guzzle some Dari

So I don’t just like fashion. My love for fashion is actually apart of a greater love. A love for art. Because I see fashion as art, the love for fashion falls into this. Anywho, another love that falls over this is a love for music. I mean now that I have been able to find actual runway soundtracks, I’ll play those while flitting around the internet. If I tire of those I play the other music I have from artists like Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Alja Jackson, and Dari!

You guys may remember Dari from the track that he gave to Que, Shake Dat Sh*t. Well, apparently Dari will be coming out with his own mixtape/EP soon, and here are a few of the tracks that have leaked.

http://www.divshare.com/flash/audio_embed?data=YTo2OntzOjU6ImFwaUlkIjtzOjE6IjQiO3M6NjoiZmlsZUlkIjtpOjEyNTk1NzkwO3M6NDoiY29kZSI7czoxMjoiMTI1OTU3OTAtMjY3IjtzOjY6InVzZXJJZCI7aToxNjQzMDA0O3M6MTI6ImV4dGVybmFsQ2FsbCI7aToxO3M6NDoidGltZSI7aToxMjg0OTEzODEyO30=&autoplay=default“Guzzle Me” by Darihttp://www.divshare.com/flash/audio_embed?data=YTo2OntzOjU6ImFwaUlkIjtzOjE6IjQiO3M6NjoiZmlsZUlkIjtpOjEyNTk1NzkxO3M6NDoiY29kZSI7czoxMjoiMTI1OTU3OTEtNDM4IjtzOjY6InVzZXJJZCI7aToxNjQzMDA0O3M6MTI6ImV4dGVybmFsQ2FsbCI7aToxO3M6NDoidGltZSI7aToxMjg0OTEzODQxO30=&autoplay=default“Shorts” by Darihttp://www.divshare.com/flash/audio_embed?data=YTo2OntzOjU6ImFwaUlkIjtzOjE6IjQiO3M6NjoiZmlsZUlkIjtpOjEyNTk1NzkyO3M6NDoiY29kZSI7czoxMjoiMTI1OTU3OTItYmFmIjtzOjY6InVzZXJJZCI7aToxNjQzMDA0O3M6MTI6ImV4dGVybmFsQ2FsbCI7aToxO3M6NDoidGltZSI7aToxMjg0OTEzODU2O30=&autoplay=default“Smooches Remix” by Dari feat. Gucci Mane
What do you guys think?

The Gazette new Music Video "Red"

The Gazette is a jrock band that has been out for awhile. With the members, Ruki (vocals), Aoi (dark-haired,guitarist), Uruha (brown-haired guitarist), Kai (drummer), and Reita (bassist w/nose covered).Yes they are all men. They just released their new single “Red” and the music video just came out. They are still working on the album as we speak. By the way Ruki’s neck stripes are back in the video and some more of his wonderful gloves. So click below to enjoy.


another video from earlier this year “The Invisible Wall” (Ruki’s stripes aren’t on this one and he has a different hair color)

Whip Your Hair!

Collection: Willow
Season: Spring 2011
Location: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (New York Fashion Week)
Song: Whip My Hair by Willow Smith
And it has begun. Like a whirlwind, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is upon us… ohkay maybe the whirlwind part has yet to hit us but three shows are up and out at least: Willow(featured above), Organic by John Patrick, and Sanchin + Babi. Now we’re not going to say for sure that they are barometers for the industry but I would like to point out the distinct similarities in Organic and Sanchin. I mean muted colors, draping… the pretty much absence of the actual stiletto..it seems as if the fashion pendulum is taking a hefty swing away from the stripper heel, as well as the bodycon that had oh so quickly taken the industry by storm. But out of all of the collections I saw tonight… Willow was the best.

See more information about Fashion Week below the clip

So with fashion weeks upcoming there is undoubtedly a MOUND of catty-ness to be had. I mean fashion is high school, and September is like the August of school. It’s the time that the lines are drawn, cliques are formed, and we find out just who everyone is who’s important. Yeah yeah yeah, there’s the fashion weeks in February but those are like our return from Christmas Break. You know who’s who… and besides a few changes, everyone stays in their lane. But what some people don’t realize about New York is that unlike most other cities that have ONE fashion week… New York is blessed with two. Mercedes Benz fashion Week, that everyone fawns over, has a edgier, artsier… more presentation/culture driven counterpart: Milk Made, a series of shows sponsored by Milk Studios and MAC. Their SS10 video had me feeling like a giddy school girl wanting to run from the cheerleaders and into the shadows to her true friends.

But now onto the things that our industry is more known for… DRAMA. Yes, that is a screenshot of the new Vogue.com which is now no longer associated with Style.com. I’d like to say that while the layout is VICIOUS, it can never replace Style.com which is more of a resource to me, while Vogue.com is something that I would lazily peruse. But this isn’t to say that Style.com doesn’t feel any pressure… I mean they did happen to release their iPad app today, which happens to be the same day that Vogue.com officially relaunched. This isn’t the only drama though, I mean it’s Fashion Week! There’s things like the Jews who are on holiday until Friday at sundown, so they can’t attend shows, models who accidentally blab to WWD that they are walking womenswear for designers like Tom Ford who haven’t yet confirmed that they are showing womenswear, oh and the front row… the coveted front row! There have been so many masthead changes that PR companies are going to find it a nightmare to sit everyone in a seat that shows their importance but doesn’t place them by either a former employer or employee that may or may not ruffle their feathers.

P.S. What are we going to do with feathers for Spring 2011?? I say leave them on the birds!