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Song: Devil Horns To All

Artist: D Why

Song Originally by Wiz Khalifa
My musical tastes are eclectic and yet distinct. If you’re going to try to just rap about what you have, what you own… then either own something or know the labels. If you’re from the burbs, don’t lie and say you’re from Southside Jamaica Queens, state where you’re from and keep it moving. So an artist like D Why is surprisingly right up my alley. With a style that in no way denies where he’s from and surely makes evident his talent at label dropping in a way that’s in no way awkward or forced, the artist occupies his share of slots on my iTunes (8 to be exact). His latest freestyle, to Wiz Khalifa‘s Black and Yellow entitled Devil Horns to All, in no way deviates from this proven formula and has already been put on repeat. While I play that a few more times my own self, why don’t you get into some of his previous work.

Song: Wasted(Freestyle)

Artist: D Why
Song Originally by Gucci Mane

Song: Runway Remix

Artist: D Why
Originally by Kanye West

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"Whip it Real Good"

Music Video
Song: Whip My Hair
Artist: Willow Smith
Director: Ray Kay

Where do I begin???

  • The styling was just right! Wardrobe that was done by Mariel Haenn gave me the right mix of Lil Mama, Rihanna, and individuality in this video to show that Willow really isn’t one to play with.
  • The beauty… I ask for glamour and they delivered! While I was unsure about the heart in the opening scene, Marcia Hamilton did end up giving me what my heart needed, wanted, and desired for the video. You guys know I love a good mohawk and pompadour! And the nails… oh those nails! And the eyelashes, and the lips… although I feel weird saying these things since she’s only 9… she murdered the industry in one video.
  • The choreography… who I’ve yet to get a name on(while most are saying it’s J.R. Taylor it didn’t look too similar to his choreography video on YouTube, and he hasn’t claimed it on his blog.) gave me EVERYTHING! It wasn’t too old for her, and yet it was still ageless so if and when I want to… I can do it. Plus the cameo by Leiomy(the teacher)… to die for.

All in all the video was officially a breaking story. Oh and now that I found out that my dreads can move…


SM Entertainment artists’ new music videos

Lately there’s been a lot of new music videos coming out from SM’s artist:

  • BoA is back in Korea taking her place again after she has been here in the US for over a year with her American debut and in Japan taking her place there also.
  • Kangta, former member of the group H.O.T from the 90s, is taking on the Chinese market with his new song.
  • SNSD is in Japan moving up the Japanese charts and now have a Japanese version of their song Gee along with a new video that also stars MinHo from SHINee.
  • SHINee is out with another video called Hello that everyone started loving within a minute of it being released.

BoA’s new song ‘Copy and Paste’

Kangta 愛, 頻率’

SNSD ‘Gee’

SHINee ‘Hello’

The Gazette new Music Video "Red"

The Gazette is a jrock band that has been out for awhile. With the members, Ruki (vocals), Aoi (dark-haired,guitarist), Uruha (brown-haired guitarist), Kai (drummer), and Reita (bassist w/nose covered).Yes they are all men. They just released their new single “Red” and the music video just came out. They are still working on the album as we speak. By the way Ruki’s neck stripes are back in the video and some more of his wonderful gloves. So click below to enjoy.


another video from earlier this year “The Invisible Wall” (Ruki’s stripes aren’t on this one and he has a different hair color)

TRAX & FT Island new mvs

I decided to do two posts in one. First off FT Island has another mv out called ‘Love Love Love’ which is basically a break up/heartbreak kind of song but the video is very creative and the lyrics are touching where people can relate and TRAX just released a new mv called ‘Oh My Goddess’ featuring SeoHyun from the popular Korean girl group SNSD, which is another love song, of a guy expressing his feelings towards the one he loves, It’s a mix of pop/rock with lyrics others can relate to. Both songs are catchy. So click below to enjoy both mvs.

note: They are with English subtitles so you can understand them if you don’t know Korean.

FT Island’s “Love Love Love”

TRAX “Oh My Goddess”

Gackt’s new music video

For those who don’t know Gackt, he’s been in the music business for over a decade and is well known all over the world. He’s even going to be in an American film that was in the process of being filmed for the past year and a half. Just when you think he has come out with enough things to keep the music world talking he comes out with more and more. He was on tour recently in Europe for his Yellow Fried Chickenz (YFC) promotion. Yes like KFC but different I might make a post to explain that more in detail. But as of right now he’s back in Japan and came out with a new mv (music video) called ‘Ever‘ so enjoy~

Here’s the mv

 I don’t think he even ages just get younger looking instead and You (the guitarist on the left) is looking great also. ^.^

VIDEO: Keys "Go Off"

“Pause, somebody better #TellemBoutMe” Baltimore artist on the rise Keys almost yells in her new single, “Go Off,” and apparently everyone has been doing exactly that. With over 19,000 views only hours after the release of the accompanying video, there is more than just a buzz that now surrounds the artist. Being managed by Violator West Management, Keys seems to be making all of the right movies in her career, from performing on stage with the one who most view as Queen of the Rap Game, Lil Kim, to limiting just who she gets on a track with.

See screen shots from the video as well as our coverage.
Keys makes sure it’s not about people in the industry that she’s collaborating with as she harnessed the power of her fans for this video. Very much like the official video for the now infamous “Nicki Diss” this video features alot of screenshots of her fans and surprisingly, she takes the time to show their talents as well as her own as some of them have dancing cameos. In addition to collaborating with her fans and the industry she even goes so far as to bringing in up and coming designers. SBShades, which are no stranger to 803, are featured in the video. From what I count there are definitely 2, maybe even 3 different pairs.
The concept of the video is very much in the vein of the image Keys is procuring and has created for herself. It’s very raw and there’s something about the black and white that speaks deeply into what she represents. It seems, atleast to 803, that Keys views the rap game in a very definite and distinct way, very defined. This relates to the color palette of the video and the rawness that it evokes. Whereas I was ready for the camp fire roast, I was happy to be able to rock out by it. I don’t really expect to ever expect to sit around and sing kumbaya though, and neither do any of the rest of the Spartans.
What Keys has in store for us next, I’m not sure but we’re ready for the ride. Although I haven’t heard much about it lately, earlier this quarter there was talk of a “Keys to Your City” tour. Also this single is available for purchase so maybe, just maybe that means that there’s an album in the works. No matter what she does, I’m almost positive that she’ll atleast keep us sustained with a couple of singles or features in the meanwhile, like this one off of Ron Shulant’s mixtape entitled Set it Off.

Check out the rest of Ron Shulaunt’s mixtape, When It’s All Said & Done here.

MUSIC: The Pretty Reckless

As I consistently look back over my stats, my most viewed post is the one I did on The Pretty Reckless. Right after that comes the one I did on Keys for the Sponsor video. Now that I think about it maybe I should start doing more music posts if that’s what you guys like. Anyway, the new The Pretty Reckless music video, Miss Nothing just came out and I decided to do an update. I’ve been getting so much information about Taylor and her band and I’ve developed so many opinions I thought that it may be time to spill it all, so first let’s discuss Miss Nothing.
Miss Nothing as a song is something that I can get into. I mean I like Taylor’s vocals because to me it kinda sounds like she’s using her voice for something it wasn’t purposed for. The lyrics are also something that I can get into. But what I can’t get into is the raccoon-esque eye liner. I mean deciding to do basically one set for the entire song and pretty much making it evident that it’s all about Taylor Momsen and having the rest of the band sit arond to be what amounts to mere props, is a personal decision but… don’t influence little girls to make themselves look as if they have two black eyes… we understand you fired your stylist to find your own aesthetic and style but… you don’t need to use the money you used to pay her to buy new eyeliner every day because you used it all the day before.
See the rest of our coverage below the clip

I feel like Taylor takes so much ownership over the band “I’m with my band The Pretty Reckless!” I don’t know maybe it’s just my critical self doing what I do but I feel as if it’s being positioned as Taylor and The Pretty Reckless not just The Pretty Reckless. Anywho, I do love the band and their music. They are performing at Warped tour now. Things worked out great for Taylor because they arranged for her to be absent on Gossip Girl while the filming for the tour was occurring. Isn’t it nice to have so many things in your life going on in your life that you need to request to have a break from one so you can pursue the other?

Taylor Momsen at Warped Tour(a friend sent this to me)
From the songs that I’ve heard so far from the band, Blender is still by far my favorite. I’m not positive why, but it is. There’s not much else I want to say about them except that they are talented. I just hope that they don’t intend to coast off of Taylor’s celebrity and rebellious attitudes. I look forward to the album, and of course Jenny returning to the Upper East Side.

Really Taylor? And you’ll be 17 in like 5 days!

VIDEO: "Sponsor" by Keys


She said it in the intro to her mixtape, and now it’s evident: “The Infiltration has begun Michelle, the infiltration has begun…” Yes, Keys is back with her first video from her mixtape The Infiltration to her version of the track “Sponsor” originally made by Teiarra Mari. Some of the over 14,000 that have seen the video already within hours of it’s dropping, may feel “what where is she going with this, why is she all done up?” And I’ll tell you my feelings and you can take it or leave it.

See the rest of our coverage below the clip

For her first video Keys tackles the issue of gold diggers basically. I liken it to a campfire. Keys calls all her Spartans around the fire for a story, and a lesson to learn. She explains how she was told to be really pretty and to act really sexy so that a “sponsor” will basically underwrite her. She does this, but finds that the relationship is shallow, and that he has no depth. She decides that she can’t settle for a relationship, dumps the guy, and makes a resolution that “Kei Kei looks for a King!”

The video, styled by Jet with make-up and hair by Jaya Jstar, Keys’ natural beauty becomes apparent. We see that she has a completely different side from the original “Nicki Diss era” and that she can truly market herself. Whereas some may watch the video and think, isn’t she doing everything she said she didn’t want to do in the industry, everything she is supposedly standing against, we understand that those people haven’t listened to the song close enough to find that she is flipping the song on it’s head. She’s saying she’s been there, done that, and it’s not what she needs.

My favorite part hands down is the small exiting clip of “Butterflies and Bellies,” also from the mixtape. After our campfire story, Keys brings out the stokes and puts a few artist over the fire, for a quick roast. Even through the hardness of the video, an all black backdrop, shades and a black cap, Keys shows a natural beauty. In one video she makes her versatility evident, as well as her passion for this industry. I for one, will be waiting for the next move by her camp, and I’ll be saluting all the way.

Note: All pictures courtesy of TeamKeysLA

VIDEO: "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga


For now… enough has been said. I’ll comment later. If you want to know what I think… just rewatch the video….. it’s just… UGH! I’ll be back!